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September 18, 2006


Tomorrow, as you surely know if you follow world events, is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a day on which all of humanity, except we hope airline pilots, joins together in the vitally important yet all-too-often-neglected task of talking like a pirate for a day. You should also know that Mad Sally Baur, the wife of one of the lunatics visionaries responsible for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, is featured tonight on the TV show Wife Swap.  This blog has no doubt that this event will some day be considered the high-water mark of Western civilization.

Meanwhile the pirate movement (thanks to Nightingale) is gaining momentum everywhere, including in the field of ladies' fashion accessories (thanks to Amy).

UPDATE: In case you do not know how to talk like a pirate, here is a useful training film (thanks to Clean Hands).


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I am Pirate Angelina the Periwinkle. I wanted to sound a little tougher - anybody wanna trade?!?

I am Puffy Shirt Sandy. Will join you swashbucklers tomorrow. ARRRRRR

PAngelina: a periwinkle sounds less tough than it is; it's a snail in a tough shell living in the rocky intertidal. Here's a family portrait:


My Mafia name is Autistic Guido Moretti?

See what you started?? Tomorrow on our site we even have a NASCAR commentary article in FULL Pirate!!

I hope you are happy with yourself!!


Hi guys! Think my kid's teacher will notice at the field trip if I come dressed as a Pirate? Maybe I could just talk like one instead. I bet they will act like scurvy knaves. I saw a great t-shirt the other day that said "Kiss Me, I'm Pirish..."

Gee, thanks, Siouxie. My pirate name is Tripod Lindsey Scarrrrrr.

Sorry, Ducky :)

You can use difference combinations of your name to get a 'better' one. I did several before sticking with Cap'n Helga Beerbong!~



Strangely, one incarnation was Eve the Infected, like ddd. Coincidence??? Will keep trying...

Nah, Helga, just anxious, huh? Had fun generating Cap'n Brett Roughknuckles and directing the link to the office so everyone will be prepared for tomorrow. I will have trouble with the phones, tomorrow, as most of my business calls come in over trunk lines, so caller ID just displays 'Unknown Caller.' I can't very well answer 'Avast there, ye scallwag,' to Unknown Caller....

OK, when I used "Just Ducky," I received Cap'n Abigail Birdbrain!!!!

LOL that's a good one! very appropriate

Well, I hope not TOO appropriate! :-)

Siouxie became Pirate Flora the Infected. Think I'd keep Cap'n Helga Beerbong, personally.

Awww....I e-mailed that video in on, I think, SATURDAY!!!! I guess someone got it in ahead of me, alas.
All I have to say is YAAAAARRRRRR.

Arrrgh, that silly video has me conjugating verbs. I hate conjugating anything. Walk the plank!

ARRR, I be "Machete" Yvette Hacke, this pleases me...the families on Wife Swap, however, make me tremble

I find it particularly amusing that you mentioned airline pilots. I actually work at a major flight school and we've been trying to think up ways to talk like pirates to air traffic control tomorrow.

Maybe people should stay on the ground. :-p


I tried a few, and then with my maiden name, I came up with

"Poop Deck Sophie".

Me likes it!


GREAT one Cat!

ARRRRRRRRrr back at ya!

*popping up on the poop deck*
yo scalleywags....AAAARRRRrrgg...
nothin' more...

Sorry, Liana; didn't mean to steal your thunder. I told Dave when I sent it in that I expected a million other people to submit it, too.



ARRRGGHHH! I be "Black Death Laura! Ought to be a fun day.

The daily Woot Podcast has a funny TLAPD theme for this Grest Day. Woot Link

The podcast is a link on the right side.


Cap n Randal Chumbucket

Arrrrrrrrrrr. Avast Me Fellow bloggers, This be Me at me place of business.

Arrrh! The Flying Spaghetti Monster has touched ye with his great Noodly Appendage. Don't let 'em make us walk the plank~

A belated ARRRRRR to all!

They are very cool, they didn't even ASK why I was taking a photo of a toilet full of, um, grog.

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