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September 18, 2006


Tomorrow, as you surely know if you follow world events, is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a day on which all of humanity, except we hope airline pilots, joins together in the vitally important yet all-too-often-neglected task of talking like a pirate for a day. You should also know that Mad Sally Baur, the wife of one of the lunatics visionaries responsible for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, is featured tonight on the TV show Wife Swap.  This blog has no doubt that this event will some day be considered the high-water mark of Western civilization.

Meanwhile the pirate movement (thanks to Nightingale) is gaining momentum everywhere, including in the field of ladies' fashion accessories (thanks to Amy).

UPDATE: In case you do not know how to talk like a pirate, here is a useful training film (thanks to Clean Hands).


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Ahoy, maties!

hmmm...choices, choices, Pirate Lady or Prison Break?

Yarr! Here be another few fun links...tis a fine couple of pages at that. Hope ye enjoy them:


Yo ho ho,
Captain Jack Flint

Mad Sally Baur - hey! Does Jack approve of this swap?

Woo-hoo! Thanks for the cite, Dave!

Ahem. I meant, of course, "Arrrrrr! I'll be thankin' ye fer the kind recognition, me matey Dave!"

"Pirates are like the new cowboys."

Wyo, they're takin' over yer booty!

LOL great training video, CH!!!


Girls, you be the judge:

Cowboys or Pirates ?

24, can't I have both???


24, I'll guarantee you that Stetson guy ain't a real cowboy. He's still got all his fingers, for one thing.

wyo - you don't think Matthew McConaughey (sp?) is a real cowboy? Dang, I've been deceived :)

ARRRGH- I'm with ye all mateys.

sure is...a Texas cowboy! and gorgeous one at that!

but I can't pick him over Johnny Depp...maybe alternating days?

Living in France, Talk Like a Pirate Day will be a little tricky, but I'll give it my best shot.


siouxie, let's put them on rotation, you can have matthew tuesday/thurs/sat and i'll take johnny on monday/wednesday/friday AND sunday!

Living in France, talkin' pirate lingo should be easy. The only word be ARRRR and that sound's bein' the mainstay o' the French tongue as well.

Et maintenant, sheevair ma timbairs.

Marie in Kourou - you have Johnny Depp there in France - get him to teach you how to talk like a pirate...

crossgirl, DEAL!!

Anyways, Kourou may be part o' France but it is still in the Caribbean so it must be infested wi' bucko mateys , scurvey swabs and whoreson forepeak scum.

Given my nickname's history, I feel a little like this is Christmas Eve. Can we just cut open the gifts now, daddy?

I remember it so well, the games we used to play! My sister and I would beg mom for weeks to be able to play "Boil the Mayor" before TLAPD Sadly, she never allowed us to. The mayor, meanwhile, had little comment. (And no comment afterwards, if ye catch me drift...)

And the food! The best meals we's could steal! Imagine going into the best markets, and asking the serving wench for the finest meats, ale, grog and wine. Then, when the sacks were all stuffed, tellling her that "Naturally, this is all on the house". Usually, this resulted in a terribly ugly scene, often involving law enforcement. However, the cutlass must prevail ('tis in the Pirate Code) and we always had more than enough bounty to share with our pirate brothers and sisters.

May you and yours have a wonderfully swashbuckley (?) day!

Remember: Just say Arrrrrr!

It is not, technically, in the Caribbean. We're a little too far east, so what I see from the beach here is the (Amazonian) Atlantic: brown and muddy. It's not exactly St Bart's.

But the beaches are clean and nearly empty, so come on down! We always have the rainforest when you get tired of acquiring new, exciting melanomas while lying on the sand.

The problem is that my SO is French, and I don't know how to speak like a pirate in Molière's fine language. I could sprinkle my sentences with AAAAARRRRRs and YAAAAAARRRRRs, but how do I get "Avast, ye dirty scallawag, ye're home late agin!" across?

the training film was harrrrr yarrrr! and gave me cause to have a good yarrr harrrr! (sigh think i'm gonna be in big trouble tomarrrrr-ow)

Oh, I almost forgot... Sorry, Kathybear, but Johnny Depp's not my kinda lad. I tend to go for guys like Noah Wyle, or France's very own Mathieu Kassovitz, Romain Duris...

Avast me hearty buxom wenches!

Pass the grog bowl!

CH, me hearty! 'Twas a fine bit o' video findin' there. Me timbers were so loudly shivered, me neighbor came asking as to me well being.

(Translation: he was returning a borrowed tool and wondered why he could hear me laughing like a lunatic from the sidewalk.)

**off topic alert**
Just want to say thanks again who wished me luck on the GRE. It went great--720 on both verbal and math.
Despite this, it took me three tries to spell "alert" just now.

Pirate-simul w/ Punkin? Me timbers are really shivered now!

I told the Mrs about tomorrow and she went all out. She bought patches, fake beards and moustaches and pirate bandanas for her office, She printed out little phrase books and as of right now sent all of her co-workers a time delay email of the how to talk pirate video (thank you CH).

Congrats, betsi!!

And to all who have benefited from the video: Aw, shucks, it were nothin'.

Bonus simul with Betsi, too. Think I'll buy a Powerball ticket today.

Congrats on the test, Betsi!

heh heh writer said "bonus"

YAY Betsi!! ye smart wench!!


also, Punkin?? I be heavin' after looking at that grog!

arrrrr! betsi be a well-rounded wench!

What's a mattah Siouxie-gurrell? You be a lilly-livered, yellow-bellied coward? Arrrrrrrgh!

To get your pirate name.

accck..I'm Filthy Jan Drake

WD - An yer buckles be swashed quite vig'russly, too! Arrrrrrgh!

And I'm "Fubar" Amy Hornigold.

Marie, something like this, maybe?

"Zut, alorrrr, tu canaillllllle sale, tu est en retarrrrr à la maison encorrrrrr."

I be "Burnin' Laura Morgan" - my boss is "Pirate Glynnis the Malformed"

Hehehe. I'm "Pirate Harley the Staggering Drunk."

Hey... I resemble that moniker.

Tee-hee, betsi said "horny."

Ok - I say we all remember our monikers, and use them as our blog names tomorrow....then we can see if we remember ourselves. (?)

Punkin, my thoughts exactly. :-)

Punkin, that pic looks as though someone fell victim to both the saran-wrapped toilet and the Ex-Lax brownie stunts. It definitely crosses over from the "icky" to the "gross" column.

Thanks for sharing. Sorta.

although "Fubar" sounds a little too twentieth century to me...

So we be pirates tomorrow ey???


Arrrr, Punkin, ye personification of buxom wench, don't be forgettin' that ye swashed the buckles of none other than... Frownin' Skyler Scabb?

Skyler?? Every Skyler I've ever met was either a preppy or one of my kids' classmates. I may have to try again.

We had a Skylar running around the island yesterday, I wanted to hang him from the flagpole. I cannot stand annoying kids or the parents that seem to sense annoyed adults and send said annoying kids to play near us.

Yarrrrrrr and I'm Blind Angie - Avast and blimey ye scurvy barstids yarrrrr.....

I do not like my pirate name:

"Cirrhosis" Aurora Cutty

24, try a combination of names...I did my daughters names and mine and came up with

Lazy Eye Shannon!!

So I'm Norm the Fashionably Late.

and to Cap'n Randal, formerly known as Juggler, amen on the other people's kids. We really did hang one from the fence when I was workin as a wrangler on a dude ranch. We thought it was terribly funny, but his mom became kinda bitchy. Oh well.

There is a great 'pirate' video at:
The song is by Reliant K, and I think it describes most pirates on "Talk like a pirate day" (keep listening to the third verse; it is funny).

Linky thing for those (like me) who don't want to go hunt up a free browser, cut/copy/paste and all that jazzzz.

is it the veggie tales one? the pirates who don't do anything?

SO i am "cap'n casey what's his name" ...

I like it.

CH, you're a good man.

Arrr, I be astounded that none of ye salty dogs has noticed that "Scurvy Barstids" WBAGNFAPirateB.

Arr.. y'all be calling me Cap'n Rupert Roughnite if ye namin' gods be worth their salt.

TLAPD has it's traditions, like all holidays. One of me favorites is to get sick of the whole blasted thing 'fore the day ever arrives.

Arr, I need some grog and a couple of Tylenol.

Oh, yeah, Siouxie, this is much better:

Pirate Laura the Dagger


I sorry ia have not been in teh spirit of things... I be "Cap'n Casey what's his name" and me name demands respect. Wench bring me an ale!

LOL I did my sister's (lorena) and forgot to click on female:

Cannon-Balls Dick

female form - Cannon-Balls Xena

Dave - Cap'n Skyler Greasepalms

judi - Nervous Marcy Teach

And just who is Dyspeptic Carlos Jones?


I LOVE The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything!!

Val - kung pow?

ok..ya'll know how it takes me FOREVER to find THE perfect name...this is IT!

susy - Cap'n Helga Beerbong

a thick cloud caught a piper clubs tail
The match struck blue on a railroad rail
The old puff horse was just pullin' thru
and a man wore a peg leg forever

I'm on the bum where the hoboes run
The air breaks with filthy chatter
Oh I don't care there's no place there
I don't think it matters

My skin's blazin' thru
and my clothes in tatters
and the railroad looked
Like a "Y" up the hill of ladders

Ohe shoe fell on the gravel
One stick poked down
Gray of age fell down on a pair of ears
An eagle shined thru my hole watch pocket

a gingham girl baby girl
Passed me by in tears
a jack rabbit raised his folded ears
a beautiful sagebrush jack rabbit

an oriole sang like an orange
His breast full of worms
and his tail clawed the evenin' like a hammer
His wings took to air like a bomber

my rain can caught me a cup of water
When I got into town
"Odd jobs mam, ah yer horse I'll fodder
I'm the round house man, I once was yer father"

a little up the road a wooden
Candy stripe barber pole
and above it read a sign "Painless Parker"

licorice twisted around under a fly
and a youngster cocked her eye
God before me if I'm not crazy
Is my daughter

Come little one with yer little dimpled fingers
Gimme one and I'll buy you a cherry phosphate

Take you down to the foamin' brine and water
and show you the wooden tits
On the Goddess with the pole out full sail
That tempted away yer peg legged father

I was shanghaied by a high hat beaver moustache man
and his pirate friend
I woke up in vomit and beer in a banana bin
in a soft lass with brown skin
Bore me seven babies with snappin' black eyes
and beautiful ebony skin
and here it is I'm with you my daughter

Thirty years away can make a seaman's eyes
a round house man's eyes flow out water
Salt water

- Captain Beefheart

Siouxie - it's so YOU!

And, Judi - If I worked with Cap'n Greasepalms, I'd be nervous too...

I think I do resemble that one, Punkin! LOL

"Arrr, I be astounded that none of ye salty dogs has noticed that "Scurvy Barstids" WBAGNFAPirateB."

Aye and yarrrrrr, WD laddie; don't ye fret. old blind Angie be ignored, she is - harrrr harrrr - 'tis no matter, no, so don't ye be a-frettin' son. Yarrrrrr. and blimey.

Pirate Carmen the Periwinkle


trainging video is great

I be Apathetic Gwyn Straw. Can somebody give me that link again on how to actually talk like a pirate? I need to bone up, er, I mean practice.

Talk like a pirate day always has a special significance to me as it is my birthday and our wedding anniversary.


ISIANMTU: Cap'n Dan buttwipe

Were your vows in Pirate speak??

"Do you take...?"


Arr, me hearties!

Pantin' Doloros Straw, here.

Yarrrr, we be needin' some grog, aye?

Art.....I fear ya won't be bein' a Cap'n fer too much longer...arrrrrr.....

Well done, Art, ye be the Cap'n now! We canna beat that fer all the world.

(Irish Pirate, maybe)

KDF - did you say GROG????

LOL that pirate name site is pretty fun!!
See signature.

No, Punkin, no! Bleargh.

Arrrrr- Pirate Eve the Infected be talkin' to ya, and I just be tellin' Clean Hands HAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!

Maybe I'll try for another one. Doesn't seem to suit me...

I just blurked a little.

I dunno, 3D, it seems kinda medical an' all.

At Punkin's link, that is... That's not my new pirate name or anything.

Ah, ye went an' clicked on th' evil Burnin' Laura Morgan's link, dinna ye?

Yeah, CH you're right- after med school, I developed a healthy respect for sh1t!

I be too smart of a cap'n to fall fer that ol' grog link!

oh and ARRRRR

after several tries with the pirate name generator, I came up with one that I can live with, and also fits:
Almost-Crazy Dora Bligh.

I like it.

I took that photo yesterday at this fun store in Downtown Portsmouth, NH - Macro Polo. They are SO cool, they didn't even ASK why I was taking a photo of a toilet full of, um, grog.

LTTG, but then Cap'n Brett Roughknuckles was busy amassing booty.

Avast 100th Arrrrr.

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