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September 25, 2006


Guys never stop trying to make the world a better place.

(Thanks again to Elon Weintraub)


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I want one!

Many, this guy's not dreaming big or anything, is he?

Cartoons? Theme parks? I just can't see it.

Or maybe I'm just jealous because I really can't see a TPeashooter™ cartoon going anywhere.

Can you squirt yaks milk out of this thing? Just wondering.
and oh yeah...First? and oh yeah. Missed me.

AWESOME!!! If only I had one of these (coughahemcough)ty years ago!! Maybe I wouldn't have always been the one shoved in garbage cans...... On second thought, it probably wouldn't have decreased my geek factor any.....

But it would have been cool!!

This is just a stealth part of the brilliant irrigation system in the previous post.

Well, folks, I may be missing for a little while... utility truck just pulled up behind my office, to work on our power.

Carry as best you can, without me.

Office Space, anyone?
"It's a mat, with different conclusions on it... that you jump to!"

This guy is really setting his sights high on this one... I'm surprised the fast paced industry of condo inspection didn't do more to hang on to this Edison-in-the-making.

Water travels in a cycle, yes it does.

snork @ Meanie

He should name it El Nino

Notice the date on this article--Feb 2004.

Guess it hasn't gone the way he planned...

i'm wondering how long since he took his lithium.

"Water Wheels will do for bikes, squirt guns and extreme sports what Peter Fonda and the film Easy Rider did for Harley Davidson and motorcycles."

Many of the target audience will not know who Peter Fonda is.
Good use of the word "unabashedly".

Elon Weintraub ==>
It blew a neuron
A new Tribune lo

*snork* at Brian

Psstt...MOTW....Elon Weintraub also ===> Edgar Greenberg

(If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place) Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change

Clearly the fast-paced world of condo inspection pays well, if he could afford to blow sink a cool quarter-mil into this.

CH, there may be hope for the TPeashooter™ after all...

Maybe we can ask this bozo entrepreneur to invest in it??

Noitce that you have to point the bike in order to fire this thing. I foresee lots of summersaults over handlebars due to this. How big is the guy's legal defense fund?

its like playing chicken to get the person....he needs to rethink that

Considering the blow-back possibilities, don't put anything into the sprayer tank that you don't mind wearing.

*hums: And they say you don't tug on Superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off that 'ole Lone Ranger
And you don't mess around with Jim

Now, if they only could make cars with water cannons on front and back for drivers in Miami. Good drivers in Miami. I've heard they will need about two. One for Judi and one for Dave.

Now, Beppie, THAT would totally sell.

and one for ME, Beppie...

I've NEVER been caught involved in an auto accident.

this is so cool!

it's like that motorcycle that chuck norris rode in that delta force movie, cept with water cannons instead of rocket launchers

rocket launchers would be way better than water cannons, sure - but still


Now if he would make one that would blow a mist into the face of the rider to cool him off while riding, that would be something i would get.

Yeah, I know the article is two years old. But I only found it now, during the course of my research.

And I suppose my cover is gone. Such is life.

Reminds me, and I am not making this up, of the first armed aircraft. They tried rifles, too hard to hang on to. Mounted machine guns, shot their own propellers off.

Testosterone poisoning at its worst.

"Elon Weintraub" ~ "in trouble anew" and "I won't be unreal."

Not to mention "lower bean unit", whatever that means.

Yes, but you neglect to tell the rest of the story, how they rigged up a machine gun timed such that the bullets flew between the propeller blades. A fine moment in engineering!

Necessity is the "mother" of invention! Tell that tale about the cool engineering to the guys who crashed... : )

*SNORK!*@Danceswithvowels (the anagrammatic name, especially).

Test pilots are... well, they're test pilots. They're the sort of person who used to a volunteer food-taster for royalty. One day, your number might come up -- but in the meantime, you eat like a king.

"...used to be a volunteer..."


My friend Steve, whom I love to bug with stuff like this says the following:

Design flaw: Should use rapidfire or gripshift-type shifters rather that old lever style that you have to reach over the guns to shift. He's an engineer? Steve.

Of course, now why didn't I think of that?

I don't think that there's an engineer alive who completely approves of another engineer's design choices.

And don't even start on the architects, who "design" stuff that can't be built, but the engineers have to redesign and never get any credit. Used to work with a bunch of engineers, great guys. Usually can't spell worth a d***.

from a builder's perspective, I don't hold a lot of love for either architects, or engineers. When I build a kitchen for either, I automatically add on a %20 stupidity surcharge.

Some things will work, some won't. Unless you actually build things, it's all theoretical.

Just sayin'.

Huh - I need to make that a practice whenever I have to work with a graphic design person to build a Web site, Wyo. Would save me a ton of trouble, or at least make it worth my trouble.

*Snork* at wyo, from a recovering carpenter. I'll bet you know the one about how many architects it takes to change a light bulb...

one, they just hold the light bulb while the world revolves around them.

(cowers, waiting to find out which bloglits he's offended this time)

None, but if you tell me how many poets it takes to screw in a light bulb, I'll give you a cookie.

Come on, I'm waiting.

Just what we need, another tool for 'drive by shootings'. GEESH!

mud, they're all cowards too, aparently.

Siouxie and Clean Hands, I shall get on my invention post haste and get those to you! I shall make millions of pennies for sure!

Whoo says enginears cain't spel?

The car-version is already available; all you need is to stop by a pet store and get a splitter and some tubing [turn-off valve helps] for an aquarium.

*holds garage door open for bloglits to see completed effort*

What's that? Oh the baby-car-seat with the bungee cords? That was another good one. We attached it to the roof rack of the jeep, with a doll in it, the idea being to drive two cars, with the second car filming the first. We never tested it on major roads, but the idea was to accelerate hard, sliding the 'baby' precariously back, stop hard slinging it forward, and wave back nicely to the people in other cars trying to get our attention.

CJ, that's just WICKED! Where's the footage?

He's a structural engineer and it took him 12 years to design a friggin' squirt gun??

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