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September 28, 2006


Watch out.

SPEAKING OF EXPLODING THINGS: The cow debate continues to rage.


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Wow. That almost scared the crap outta me...

first, and teeeheeee. i think 'flushmate' is a funny name.
flushmate and the exploding johns wbagnfarb.

"...that lid became a porcelain projectile..."

Ahhh....reminds me of the bad old days fighting with my EX to put the seat down...

Single-purpose account?

LOL! I can't believe some of the arguments to delete it! The one guy says it should be deleted because it is "not funny". Since when did he become a member of the Humor Police!

"Porcelain Projectile" and "Cow Debate" (or "Raging Cow Debate") WBAGNFARB.

The pressurized toilet is an inevitable result of the low-flow toilet mandate. Since the approved flush volume of a legal toilet is often insufficient to clear the bowl, manufacturers try various means of utilizing what water they are permitted to use to accomplish that goal.

Have a problem with exploding toilets? Write to your congresscreep and demand that the silly, instrusive and noxious low-flow mandate be flushed.

Me, I'll be in the corner, chewing a gumball, waiting for the squirrels to strike again.

"I think they're dangerous. I really do."

Tag line for the soon-to-be-released CBS reality show When Toilets Attack.

"Well they think it's funny I guess,"

Think this lady might be a little humor impaired?

Things can be funny and dangerous at the same time, consider the giant squid, or the government.

...and don't even get me started on the Federal regulations regarding showerheads. Somebody in DC wants us all to smell like Dave on a plane.

I plumbed my own house from the ground up. Toilet is from 1936 (the tank hangs on the wall), flushes about 2.3 gal/flush, and will knock a cow tird through a 1/2 inch pipe. I also built my own shower with three shower heads which were slightly modified. No feds are gonna tell me how to wash my ...

and no silly "encyclopedia" is gonna tell me what to think.

God, bless America, and pass the ammunition.

Wew! I thought this was goingto be another methane gas story and I was about to get grossed out.

Clean Hands- I am glad I am not the only one who is continuously frustrated by the idiot legislation that continually FLOWS from our government.

"Dave on a Plane" Hmmm... someone oughta make a movie....

Better yet, imagine the comic possibilities of Daves on a Plane. Combine the trippy fun of that last scene in Being John Malkovich with Samuel Jackson braying "I want these @!*&#! Daves off my #$@*&! plane!"

This is gonna be big, I can just feel it.

Sometimes one to many things get dumped in your lap and it just makes ya' want to explode.

lets just be glad the exploding cow wasn't on the toilet.

I hear ya' clean hands....the enviromental wackos want to save water by making us flush twice. I got news for everyone out there trying to save water. Where I live the water falls straight from the sky.

so I gotta ask, is Dave makin' a play to replace Oprah on the "Most Influential People of the Century" list?

He'd sure as h3ll get my votes! (Wyoming has interesting voting systems)

He'd get my vote too Wyo, But Oprah would still win the "angry victimized overweight female age 40 - 52" demographic.

lance, clean and I have communicated off the blog about politics. (this is a humor place, after all) We discovered we have much in common. I suspect you'd fit right in.

meanwhile, back to the humor... wait a minute, what could be a bigger joke than Oprah being one of the most influential persons of the century?

Well come on. This century is only in its 6th year. We have no idea who will be the dominant voice of the 2040s yet.

Good morning my fellow blog peoples!

Wyo, I want three showerheads too!!! (Swedish Massage anyone??)

Okay, so say were making the movie "Daves on a Plane" - who should play the 'Daves'? Should it be a variety of actors, or one actor digitally reproduced a la Deep Roy as the Oompa-Loompas?

I'm leaning toward Shemp Howard. They could do that with special effects. Or that girl from the "skinny black pants" commercial.

hey guys, don't you be dissin' oprah. oprah understands. and no, i'm not angry, victimized or overweight.

I apologize to everyone for my rants...exploding toilets just have a way of making me think about what really matters in life. Maybe the toilet needed to "snaked".

cg, you can love Oprah all you want, (she does a great show)I'll still love you. I simply don't believe she was as influential in the 20th century as someone like Winston Churchill or Henry Ford or Bill Gates or Adolph Hitler. (that last link's just a funny cartoon, btw. not sure why it's flagged)

Wyo, morning! when's the hitchin'?

Friday (tomorrow) at 1400 Mountain Time

Oprah - just another cog in the snivelization of America.

gotta fly, have a good day, y'all, and mind them turlets an' cows. (and snakes)

"Pedantic Meat Whackers" WNBAGNFARB, but it accurately describes the Wikiphelia crowd.

"i thought i was going to die in that stall, my whole dinner passed before my eyes..."

Hey wickopedia...Dave never ASKED us to do anything like "do whatever it takes to get it done"

can someone tell Wicko that...i cant creatr an account

"This blog is calling on everyone reading this blog to do whatever it is that needs to be done."

uh..Chaz..I think he kinda did...just sayin' :)

Frankly, I am dumbfounded that Wikipedia appears to be governed by commitee - and that the commitee's composition is whoever decides to post on their blog? (The Blog once described a similarly FUBAR organization as having the order and unity of purpose of "a tub of live bait" - that seems to apply here as well.) Does anybody believe that a "consensus" will emerge, or that one side will eventually back down? Does anybody smoke some really powerful shit?

And the debate hinges on the interpretation of (their "Rules and Guidelines") some document, which admittedly I did not bother to look at - who is the arbiter? Why don't you arbit already? Blow the whistle, make the call. No one cares.

If Wikipedia is actually an attempt to create something coherent, that has value and credibility, then this debate is meaningless, for certainly, the "tub of bait" approach will not yeild a product of value.

Lighten (har!) up, Wikipedia people!!

Exploding cows are funny to a lot of people, but that may or may not make it "worthy" of a place in the Wiki. It will remain funny to those people whether it's in Wiki or not.

Dave "encouraging" his fans to influence the decision to delete or not IS funny, and Wikiheads should look up their own entry on satire (which, BTW, contains a monstrous omission).

Well said, guys. Maybe they (Wiki) should include an entry on 'gumballs' and, while they're at it, take a few.

Well just to be on the safe side i just "dumped" out of all my shares of "American Standard" stock and bought up "Depends". Before the exploding toilet recall.

oops....I guess I was taking the high road...alone...Heehee


Who cares?! As long as exploding cow has an entry in urbandictionary, all is right with the world.

After all, it is the internet authority.

Allright, so we're agreed then? Shemp Howard should play Dave(s) in "Daves on a Plane?"

I've been an occasional contributor to the Wikipedia for years. What I really like about it is that, unlike Brittanica, when you come across something that makes you say, "hey, that's not quite right," you can fix it, right there, on the spot, no lines, no waiting.

And, if you're wrong, your changes can be undone just as quickly, with no lasting harm. Vandals get bored pretty quickly when their handiwork is wiped out nearly as quickly as they can commit it - unlike the moustaches and eyeglasses drawn into portraits of unpopular figures in the library's copy of Brittanica

In matters of opinion, rather than fact, you do tend to get a fair amount of back-and-forth, and there are referees who give a quick tweet, tell everyone to take a timeout, and chill out a bit.

I don't regard Wikipedia as being definitive, and I'm concerned that the folks who run it are starting to aspire to being definitive, rather than just useful. At its best, Wikipedia is an incredible tool for enabling people all over the world to record the stuff that they know - kinda like a global, adult version of show-and-tell.

At its worst, well, it's made up of people, and is sometimes seen as being a good place to grind axes. (Most of the articles on current political figures or events are locked down for this reason.)

Its management is a pretty good approximation of a meritocracy -- those who make good contributions over time gain greater access and control, and have a greater voice in shaping the future of the whole undertaking.

Can you tell that I'm a fan? *Grin*

"Toilet is from 1936 (the tank hangs on the wall), flushes about 2.3 gal/flush, and will knock a cow tird through a 1/2 inch pipe."

Wyo -

How'd you train your cattle to use the toilet? And why on earth would you do you let your cows come inside to take a crap anyway?

I can't seem to figure out how to leave a comment on the debate about Exploding Cows, but Google gave me 956,000 hits. If this many people are talking about it, then it must be valid, right?

How do I get to be on the most influential list? I'm an "angry, victimized, overweight female, age 40 - 52" . Just don't have a television show or most of the other stuff Oprah does... Sigh...

Marcie - I wasn't able to leave a comment there until I registered as a member. It let me edit the page, but when I tried to save the edited page my comment wasn't there. After registering, I reentered my edit and it was accepted.

Kathy, start by giving everyone in the room a car. Not that I don't look cool driving my minivan. Chicks dig guys in minivans right?

"... the enviromental wackos want to save water by making us flush twice."

Wow, lance, you only have to flush twice?

I make more frequent trips. Got to stay one step ahead of the cows.

Lance, out here in socal we don't regularly get water falling out of the sky. We have to steal our water from the Sacramento River delta and the Colorado River (which almost makes it to the ocean, these days) so having low-flow toilets makes sense, here (and they seem to work fine for me, a person of large BMI). I agree that a federal mandate seems a bit over the top for places with no water problems (coming or going) but incremental improvements are (almost) always a good thing.

BMI = Body Mass Index, not what else you might be thinking.

After my sister had to replace her old toilets with the new "low flow" variety, she asked me to cross-stitch a sign that said "Please Flush Frequently".

My nephew needed to be reminded.

CH. Thanks for the explanation. I am a frequent user of Wikipedia who has never taken the time to dig up it's origins or how it is run.

Oh, and thanks for your endorsement of the Shemp Howard idea.

Lance, your comment reminded me of this:
"Where do you think water comes from? The SKY?" -- From an overheard argument about water conservation.

mud, here's a few Shemps for the movie...


Wait, mud, you want a dead guy to play Dave? That's not very flattering...


I would wager Peta has something to do with the proposed deletion.

Boy, Whackopedia really doesn't like Dave!!!

How could that be?

Just don't put Dry Ice in a tiolet like in that episode of CSI. They really do explode.

Toilet, not tiolet. Arrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhh.

Just an idea: What if a manufacturer made a toilet that had one tank with the amount of water needed for liquid waste plus a reasonable amount of toilet paper (less than the gov't 's allowed amount), and an additional tank with the amount of water necessary for other situations (more than the gov't's allowed amount)? Since most people pee more often than they poop, it would probably be possible to get the average flush down to the allowed amount. Would this be allowed?

What is the recommended daily allowance Beth?

Beth - like this?

Chris, sort of, except that the toilet in your link uses only 1.6 gallons for a full (solid-waste) flush. That's the amount a regular low flow toilet uses on it's one flush-type. I would really like to make the solid waste flush exceed 1.6 gallons so that the toilet actually flushes.

mud - oh please tell me you were kidding about not knowing the name of the girl in the "skinny black pant" commercial. If it's the commercial I'm picturing (with her dancing all over) then that would be the inimitable Audrey Hepburn. You are excused. Now where's my token for the geezer bus? I can't see anything without my bifocals.

Beth - I remember a water-saving mantra from my hippie commune days: "if it's yellow, let it mellow. if it's brown, flush it down." Simple to remember, simple to perform. I don't think I could have managed the multi-tank thing in those days...

Blue: I have a toddler. I refuse to let anything mellow.

Muffles, I suspect Mud knew that the initial image was the amazing AH, but [as with Shemp] the now dead thing precludes the commercial being all her. I nominate Claire Forlani [you may remember from 'Meet Joe Black'], as her heiress.

Meanwhile, I just checked by flushing my 1950s era commode and observed that the water traveled in a cycle, yes it did.

I remember a water-saving mantra from my hippie commune days: "if it's yellow, let it mellow. if it's brown, flush it down."
Blue, let us not forget the classic, "Save water. Shower with a friend."

I thought hippies didn't shower, no? Well only when it rained.

"Wash away my cooties, wash away my stains,
With the rain in Shambala"

(my apologies to 3-Dog Night)


Short answer: Click the "Edit this page" tab at the top & scroll to the bottom of the text box. Type & click Save Page.

Long answer: Wikipedia:How_to_edit_a_page

Who knew that I could get POed reading this blog?

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