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September 27, 2006


This blog is shocked, shocked, to learn (thanks to Claire Martin) that the Wikipedia entry on Exploding Cow is being considered for deletion. Is that wise? Do we really want our children, and our children's children (assuming our children have children, which they better not) to be deprived of reliable information about this topic, so that they have to learn about it on the street, the way we did? This blog thinks not. This blog is calling on everyone reading this blog to do whatever it is that needs to be done. As Abraham Lincoln Albert Einstein Raymond Burr a great man once said, "All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to sit around on their butts doing nothing when the Wikipedia Exploding Cow entry is being considered for deletion."

UPDATE: Wow, Wikipedia is fast. This blog's position on the Exploding Cow deletion issue has already been noted. We think the US Tax Code should be written by Wikipedia.


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How very sad!

At least the exploding whale will still be around!

I guess I rang the blog's alarm clock. :-D

Look at the valuable information that will forever be forgotten:

one of his cows produced such a high quantity of methane that the flame shot back up into the cow and caused it to explode. The farmer, as a result of this, was killed when a flying femur bone hit his head at over 80mph.

Interestingly, the exploding head article is not marked as a candidate for deletion, either.

It's OK, there are still plenty of Wikipedia entries on exploding things. Sadly, "Exploding Wales" redirects to "Exploding Whales" which, while interesting, is not the same thing at all.

As Ridley Pearson Walter a great man once said: "If they delete this entry, I will kill this defenseless toilet."

Finally! A cause I can get behind! (tee hee)

Alas, (and very possibly, alack) our children will have to find out about exploding cow farts only after much trial and error experimenting with their OWN farts, and the farts of other drunken freshmen innocent children. Who knows how many baby soft buttocks will be charred unnecessarily, when, if they had only known, they could have gone straight to the greatest source of methane ever known - Barry Bloglits the American Dairy Cow!

I am writing my Congressman....

What I have learned here is that in order to get the cow to explode I must first insert an oxygen tube down its throat and then light the methane in it backside. Is this correct?

(Pretend the above bold letters are actually strikethroughs - thank you, the Management)

As a chemist, I must say that I think it's cool that a wiki article about exploding cows has (correct!!) chemical equations in it.

Also, Bovine Intestinal Gas WBAGNFARB.

Er, I would not consider that an improvement to your moniker, Punkin. Just sayin'.

Holy cow!!

The End - yes. Or you could undertake a breeding program that would develop cows with a cross-connect between their lungs and their colons. Where is our marketing department? We need a catchy slogan for a cow that includes its own BBQ grill. Light it's butt; it explodes, cooks the meat, and delivers the steak to your plate all by itself.

For those of you who have not yet seen it...

Behold! The Exploding Whale of Florence, OR.

And the government does NOTHING????

Watch that exploding whale video, Siouxie, before calling on the government to Do Something.

Sometimes, it's better to just ask government to stay the hell out of things.


-"I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

-"Run away!!!"

the exploding whale was hilarious...

as for the cow, there are easier ways to make a milkshake

OH I've watched it LOL funny as heck! But you'd THINK they've learned something about exploding mammalia by now??

Exploding Mammalia GNFARB?? or just something really really painful!

All I know is that whenever there's a news article involving the Oregon Highway Department (now the Oregon Department of Transportation, so that they can concentrate on everything but building highways... but I rant digress) and high explosives, it really makes me want to be somewhere far away.

The whale video is a hoot! Sometimes I have to wonder if we really are the smartest creatures on our planet.

FIELD TRIP! Everybody to the wikipedia exploding cow comment board!

I like the

See also: BLOAT

Too funny!

I'm scared. What do we do?

I just added my entry:

If Dave Barry writes of exploding cows, then this topic does indeed serve a purpose.
It becomes an anchor point for those who seek to research his works of comedy and parody. If we start deleting topics simply because someone thinks they are "pointless", then soon it cud lead Wikipedia into udder chaos. I say this: Let the exploding cow remain! (And if we attemtped to create an entry for every joke Mr. Barry comes up with, we would need to add at least 7 additional entries!

"Abraham Lincoln Albert Einstein Raymond Burr" ~ "Bill Clinton ate my brain. Arrr, he be a roundsman."

Why couldn't that have come up a week ago?

Wow... Those people at Wikipedia are really anal about their articles, aren't they?
Seriously, though, there is a possibility that they will attach the article to the Dave Barry page, so it is better than deleting it entirely.

Added the following:

Pirateboy is right, as I believe this so-called myth has gone past the tipping point. It behooves Wikipedia to maintain this entry, even if there is legitimate grounds to question its technical accuracy. As Mr. Barry might say: Burger!

bravo, MiK!

Isn't there a Federal Law that makes it a crime punishable by having to read about EVERYTHING Paris Hilton does for 24 hours straight, if you delete anything written by Dave?

Just askin.' Let me look it up. There aren't THAT many Federal Laws are there? I'll get right back to ya.

Meanie, I think you mean "Booger."

Meanie, be careful. You never know who you might meat.

Now I've got an earwig of "Will he ground round in circles".

Could it be mad cow?

I think they're lying. It really is a vote. Post away.

Those darn cows keep exploding,
But their Wiki is eroding,
Us bloggers 'll keep on posting,
Til it's done.

/ soapbox /

Personal experience
on Wikipedia has been that whether or not the votes are 10% for / 90% against deleting a Wikipedia article, it may still be deleted if someone gets a bug up their a "special" group of people decides it should be deleted. No, not the people that "run" Wikipedia, but you know those people in the office that tend to micromanage? They also seem to on Wik.

/ end soapbox /

This itself is funny - exploding Tree?

Exploding animals and other exploding organisms
Bat | Bird | Chicken | Cow | Dog | Donkey | Human
Rat | Sheep | Snake | Termite | Tree | Toad | Whale

(My Wikipage)

I can't seem to figure out how to add a comment.

Yeah I once wrote an article about a personal website on wikipedia. It stayed up for six months and was even picked up by other encyplopedias. But then it was dastardly deleted on the one day I couldn't defend it (Saturday). So I know how Dave feels.

Well I found out how >_>. This is what I wrote:

This article does no harm. It's not hurting the site or anyone who uses it. If you believe it to be nonsense, just ignore it and be on your way instead of insisting on taking it down, for which there is no valid reason anyway.

If we let individual's opinions decide which articles remain and which are deleted, Wiki would be in chaos, at least what would be left of it. I saw people arguing that a page on some aspect of physics (the specific one eludes my memory) needed to be taken down because it was "irrelevent."

To those who consider this to be inappropriate, obscene, disgusting smut, let me remind you that many of Wiki's most viewed pages are lists of porn stars. This article is much more appropriate than any of those, yet this is the one that gets marked for deletion. This article also serves more of a purpose. It may just save some farmer's life by, say, teaching him not to light up a cigarette next to a cow that has just flatulated.

We must be making progress! There now is a big, hairy reddish box at the top of the page, warning all the Dave Barry Bloggers that "this isn't a vote".

Me? I'm waiting for that page to feature the flashing button marked "Do not press this button!" from the HHG.

At the risk of starting an exploding cow explosion, allow me to point something out to those of you who have been adding your comments on the Article for Deletion page...

You can actually edit the article too.

If you guys can edit this article to make a convincing case, (while maintaining what we call Neutral Point of View, or NPOV,) why this is an important issue that needs to be preserved for your children's and your children's children, we'll probably keep it.

Wikipedia is not a democracy. Just because a screaming mass of people start showing up with pitchforks and torches, doesn't mean we won't kill a bad article. But if they put down the pitchforks and pick up hammers to rebuild the article into something good, we'll stay our hand.

Listen Mr. Roninbk or heydjrbk at editedaddress.com, whichever you prefer to be called. There are only two points of view: Ours and the wrong one. THere is no such thing as a Neutral Point of View. And you'd better back down. Your precious stuck-up article on the Adzhimushkay quarries in Crimea is looking pretty vulnerable right now.

"We'll stay our hand."

Good one. Proves my point more than anything.

Fytin' wurdz:

"Interestingly enough the article currently doesn't mention Dave Barry. If he is the only reason to keep it, than it must be Delete. 20:23, 27 September 2006 (UTC) "

Links from the exploding cow page to the dave page and back have appeared. Which one of you did that?

Wow. Fracking wow...

I try to help you, by telling you what could save the article, and not only do you personally attack me, but you toss my E-Mail address out there for the spam bots. Classy.

Roninbk- remember that this is a humor blog and all must be taken in jest

Yes I was only kidding, and alas I did not realize the email address was real.

Wow. Fracking wow...

I try to help you, by telling you what could save the article, and not only do you personally attack me, but you toss my E-Mail address out there for the spam bots. Classy.

Your sarcasm and condescension only reveal your contempt for us. Obviously you don't know the meaning of a humor blog. Now go watch Battlestar Galactica.

i'll edit the email address out of there. (not sure if it does any good at this point, but i did the best i could) sorry roninbk.

With apologies to Ogden Nash:

I never saw an exploding cow
And I never hope to see one
But I can tell you anyhow
I'd rather see than be one

"Exploding Tea Bats" WBAGNFARB. "Expandable's got it!"

The comments in response to roninbk weren't even funny. Ergo, they do not belong on a humor blog. Just sayin'...

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