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August 28, 2006


Snake at a Secret Location


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First horn

"The snake will be kept undercover until it is moved to Dublin later in the week..."

Of course, "Undercover Snake" would be a... well, you know.

If he really has a 9" snake, it won't be kept undercover for long.

oh. Guess I misunderstood the story. darn

Yes, to confirm, it is hard to keep a 9 foot snake undercovers...I had to get a bigger comforter

"...the presence of mind to move it to an empty box."?

I would have had the presence of mind to scream and throw tiles at it.

You know, in a manly way.


Everyone here by now probably knows what I'm gonna say. Two words:

So what if a few tiles get maimed in the process?

Since becoming a DB Bloglit, I have become educated as to the stealthiness of snakes, scorpions, spiders etc., and their abilties to travel incognito - or in your pants-o. That is why I no longer shop, swim, open boxes or bags, garden, accept mail of any kind, stay off planes and rarely use the toilet.

I'm safe, and it's all because of Dave Barry.

".. it is to be examined by a team at Dublin Zoo."

shouldn't this read exterminated?

Why does the snake need to be kept in a secret location? I think I'd want to know where it's being kept.

That way I could make sure I didn't go there.

"On second thought, a public bathroom was rather a silly secret location. We apologize for any inconvenience suffered by those who are now, well, dead."

The problem with a nine INCH snake, is that I probably would have deemed it too small to be of any menace...and woulda just picked it UP, like an idiot.

{thinks back to standing at the San Diego Zoo, holding fingers dripping with Popsicle juice, so that some cute little furry thing can lick it off, while slowly reading the sign that said: DO NOT COME WITHIN TWENTY FEET OF THIS DANGEROUS ANIMAL, IT HAS BEEN KNOWN TO EAT A HUMAN IN SECONDS.

In my defense, this was in 1968, and I was still, legally, a child.}

*snork @ unca roggie

CLARIFICATION: make that FLOWER child, which would splain things better.

Kewl, man: I get my snork cherry popped, and its within column inches of something the great Christobel wrote.

Send it back to Greece please.

Why am I not surprised a horny 9-inch snake was in the posession of construction workers?

A long, long time ago I worked on a carpentry crew. We had shirts that read "It takes studs to build houses."

The sad part is that we thought that was funny.

It's in Ireland for crying out loud!!! Call St. Patrick!!! DUH!!!

Please tell me it's the same secret location that Dick Cheney disappears to.

I'm with blurk on this one...get the shotgun

yeah, shoot the slimy b@st@rd

Snakes in a Blog - sure to be a hit

billinbossier - My thots exactly ... and we're goin' over there in about three weeks ... thot I be safe from snakes fer a few days ... wrong. Wrong. WRONG.

1600 years without snakes,and some ungrateful Greek tries to reverse the hard work of St. Patrick

A new test

photo of crab


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