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August 30, 2006


(Thanks to Schadeboy, who notes that this is a snake-free item)


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Holy crap....jeez, put something in the doorjamb next time flyboy

there's gotta be a snake in here somewhere.

...at no time had the plane or passengers been in danger.

Yeah, right. If missing a pilot isn't dangerous, why do they make the money they do? I suspect pilots really do serve some purpose, after all, airlines may not be too bright, but they ain't stupid.

er sumpthin'

I didn't even know I owned an airline.

I was wondering about that.

Thereby making the pilot a member of the mile-cry club.


i am not enamored with air travel in the first place. yeah yeah i know it's faster cheaper etc etc than driving in all but a very minimun of circumstances but i just don't like to fly. thanks to a wonderful invention called beer i can tolerate the experience.

a few more stories like this one and the unbelievable series of errors that led to the recent crash (warning-NOT funny) in Lexington KY i think i'll take my chances on the highway

i'd like to do my dean martin impression. 80-!< kitten don't bother replying, just get the door. It's your order from the escort service.

for some reson I keep seeing Clouseau " Open the doer you fewel!" and then doing a little soft-shoe when the passengers stair.

So let me get this straight, this is a story about a plane. And there's no venomous snakes on this plane? OK, I just wanted to be sure.

Not only does this not have snakes, it also involves toilets that remain relatively intact.

I'm with Schadeboy!

Bright side: the Snake-B-Gone® worked!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your co-pilot speaking. Has anyone seen the extra key to the cockpit?”

That's what happens when you fly Jazz Airlines....the door was jammin'.


*Is thankful it wasn't Opera Airlines - no happy endings*

like it, Sly...like it

If only CNN had broadcast his pee break, he could have called for help sooner.

Of course this could all be due to Pilot error. Sometimes The Pilot is at fault.

Unlike our lovable CBC, CNN doesn't mention it, it was the co-pilot joining the mile-high club with a flight attendant.

Yeah, sometimes the news doesn’t tell the whole story. It only takes small mistakes to bring the whole airline down.

There are now two thing I don't understand about commercial airliners. The first was why either the pilot or copilot doesn't have an ejection seat so that in the event of something catastrophic, he might be able to eject, survive, and tell us exactly what went wrong. The second is why the pilot and copilot don't have their own bathroom. It's bad for a passenger when you think it's your turn (finally) and Mr. Pilot sweeps out the cockpit door and into the bathroom with the cockpit copy of The Wall Street Journal.

Never mind the pilot, I think we should all have ejection seats, and we should fly with the top down for quicker deployment.

change the title to "Pilot goes to drain the snake, finds himself S.O.L."

panic in the cabin? i prefer panic! at the disco.

If they don't have room to put an entire bathroom in the cockpit, at least they could install a little ... um, cock pit or something.

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