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August 29, 2006


(Via Gizmodo)


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Now THAT's a sure bet not to encourage your dog to drink from the toilet, isn't it?


Hi Dave.

Dave, is it lo-flo?

All that training flushed down the toilet

isn;t this along the same lines as giving him a toy show to chew up? How is he supposed to knwo the difference between real and toy?

Let's try that again:

Isn't this along the same lines as giving him a toy shoe to chew up? How is he supposed to know the difference between what's the real thing and what's a toy?

Finally! A waterbowl my dog would actually drink from!

Now, if you could figure out some way to hook it up into the household water supply, my dream of never having to fill a waterbowl again will come true.

We'll ignore the fact that just not having a dog would also fulfill that dream.

You gotta be sh!ttin' me, right?

And, kitten, you okay today?

As companion pieces they could offer a a doggy food dish that looks like a cat's litter box, and a bed that looks like rotting entrails.

It works on gravity. What keeps it from overflowing?

I'm not sure, blurk. Some illiterate seems to have taken over. I think I'm better now.

Off topic sorry

You won't believe this but the office next to ours burned down yesterday and we've spent all day cleaning up the freakin smoke and water damage.

Me: Okay, Wisp. Don't drink from the toilet. Drink from your watertoiletbowl.


Me: Don't drink from the toilet, Wisp. Good girl.

Wisp: (Goes for the toilet)

Me: No, Wisp! Drink from the toilet, not the toilet!

Wisp: (whimpers)

Put it in your kitchen, your friends will be amazed.

*hands kitten a beer*

Sorry to hear that DavetheRed. And you're in Fla too, right?

What's to stop Mr. 24 from using this in the middle of the night? And if he makes a mess, is it the dog's responsibility to clean up?

Probably not a good item to have around the house when you are potty training your toddler.

I'm not worried about my dog drinking from the toilet it's people peeing in this thing!

On the contrary, artchick. It's the perfect height.

Yep, Tampa, everyone is ok, the people in that office are jewelry retailers/wholesalers and they use these little alcohol torches....we have lots of damage.

Snork. Lets take bets-how long will it be before these turn up in frat houses filled with beer?

I'd get one...it's hard to keep my two stooopid dogs from drinking from the real thing so what the heck...

Oops, sorry DavetheRed, I wasn't snorking at your misfortune, but at Kitten's comment!

Not to bum you out or anything but I can tell you from experience that it will be months or maybe over a year before your office will smell right again.

sorry about your yukky day, DaveTheRed

dtred, go ahead and bust out the windows, a good strong wind and some rain should set you right.

Not to make light of your situation, DavetR, but what's an alcohol torch?
Is this sumpthin' the bloglits need to learn about?

DavetheRed-Hopefully you'll be able to get it sealed up before the rain hits.

I don't think so blurk

Thanks for your comments, and yep i know it'll be awhile before the office smell right again, and lets hope the hurricane season will be somewhere else for awhile.

blurk, why on earth would I need an alcohol torch? I got plenty of flashlights AND wine...

I'm totally prepared.

*snork @ siouxie

Yikes, DavetheRed...

I'm also hoping hurricane season would move elsewhere...oh I dunno...somewhere like MONTANA...


Journalistic Twit of the Day:

Speaking of windy events (not a fart this time) remember last night I told you that there was a tornado in Columbus? Today's paper has a photo of a funnel cloud with the caption "Forbidding Sky".

Oy vey! Where's the tylenol?

*battenin' down the hatches*

Wait...what are hatches and how do you go about battenin' 'em down?

I'd better drink another hurricane stash beer and think about this.

Yes this happened about 1:30 pm yesterday that's why I wasn't online blogging ... er ... um working till late into the evening.

That's Hot!!

Isn't it the same thing as 'hunkerin down'?

I'm not sure I bought hatches to batten though...

oh cr@p!

*runs off to Publix for hatches* more BEER anyone????

I have lots of beer, but isn't asking someone if they want MORE beer sort of rhetorical?

YAY, beer!!!

DaveTheRed - beer is your answer. Drink enough and you'll forget all about the smoke smell!

Asking this blog and the bloglits is, blurk...

I got this for my sister's dog and my little 2-year old niece crapped in it.

Siouxie, is it too early for us to break out the wine?

DTR --was it a preemptive measure? "I'm not letting Ernesto take this office! I'll destroy it myself!"

Seriously though, bummer!!!!

He!! no, Suzy...it's never too early for hurricane therapy. I got a HUGE bottle at this wine tasting I went to on sat...GREAT stuff too! If you run out, come on over.

OK, what's the big problem with dogs drinkin out of the toilet? i figger if it doesn't bother the dog, why should it bother me?

2 buck chuk - perfect for hurricanes - especially in Montana :-)

Seriously FL bloggers - hope you don't get too wet

Hurricane therapy! That's the ticket!

*pop* Wine anyone?

*throws a "c" to chuk*

Gypsy!! nothing wrong with getting wet...no??


tasty wine

perfect therapy

How've ya been, Gypsy? haven't seen you in a while...

*pours self a glass of hurricane therapy*

Here's to Ermundo Enrique Estevan uh that Tropical Wind...


Getting wet - no problem
snakes in the house (after Charley, Frances and Jeanne) at my mom's - problem

Thus, the wine therapy :-)

Good Siouxie - I've actually had work to do - imagine that!! Wishing for some of the rain from a tropical depression to clear the smoke out of the valley though!! Hope you've laid in enough adult libations to see you through this major ordeal (according to the whale bone pen!s reporters)

I'll BLOW Ernesto...uh...your way!

Oh and I have PLENTY of libations here...enough to share ;)

I'm sure Ernesto will appreciate that Siouxie..LOL

We used to stock up on enough beer/wine/booze as soon as a depression would form - no matter where it was forecasted to go - don't have any excuse now.

Not to point fingers, but if certain people put the lid DOWN on the toilet, dogs would not be able to drink from it.

I just got extra, Gypsy..always have plenty in stock - Hurricane or no Hurricane :)

instead of us trying to foil it
we'll allow dogs to drink from the toilet
but some bloggers point out
if there be toddlers about
they'll find the toy toilet and soil it!

Now I am expected to do actual manual labor, oh the humanity...

*sends DavetheRedWhosSmoking a scented lavender candle*

After reading all the comments, I think I'll stop and get some wine on the way home, even though there are no hurricanes in the forecast.

hey, mud, I just saw a breeze - can you pick me up a magnum, too? just in case.

sheesh you guys...

We're all about to die down here and all you can do is JOKE????

*remembers to haunt the bloglits*

I just heard on Fox News that Ernesto is "packing winds of 45 mph." That's a friggin' breeze on the Montana plains.

signing off for the day, enjoy your libations :)

Hanna - all the more reason to not put the lid down - dogs gotta drink too ya know

bye Dave!

blurk, I know you're not escared of little wittle whimpy Ernesto...

Shhhh...I'm not scared, Siouxie, but it gives me an excuse to buy more beer.

like you need one ?

ohh...great ...now there's a tornado watch too...


*gulps down wine*

TCK...I knew we had things in common. And what could be more common that lettin' yer critters drink outta the big porcelain snifter? My cats turn up their noses at the water in the cat bowls; it's gotta be a fresh-running stream (i.e., dripping from a faucet, or in the oft-flushed pond).

As for the horror of 45 mile an hour winds, I wonder what those folks'd do in Chicago? At 45 mph, we don diaphanous garments and twirl around singing "Welcome, Sweet Springtime."

self-serving snork @ insomniac!!!!

10 to 1 thats a low-flow doggie toilet bowl.

Oops! I see Alien8 beat me to that. Well, this group has probably forgotten it by now. Senility is a good thing sometimes. For instance, you can hide your own Easter eggs.

Actually, TCK, I usually just check because sitting on cold porcelain can produce loud screams.

One good thing about these virtual libations is that we could all pass a breath test if we have to drive home...

Pouring a tall cold white zin...

LBFF - gravity lets the water run out of an upside-down bottle, but when the water level rises (!) above the opening (mouth) (!!!), the air that gurgles into the bottle can no longer do so ... and the flow stops ...

A (semi-)factual answer is that air pressure stops the bowl from overflowing.

When the air pressure on the outside equals the air pressure on the inside of the bottle, and no air can get into the bottle, the flow stops.

... merely ... wonderin' where ASK might be, so he can check my recollection of the Physics of this experiment ...

Our dog (Judy) used to have a model like this, but didn't like the glurgle, so attacked and pierced the bottle regularly. Once pierced, air pressure didn't do a darned thing, and I'd end up with just shy of 2 liters of wah-wah on the kitchen floor.

Momz' ... one of our dogs did the same, but that wuz when we were livin' on the farm, and her water bottle wuz in the barn, so the mess wuzn't really noticeable ... and she wuz ... merely thirsty ...

I was thinking, the cat might want to pee in that one. Now I'm sure.

BTW *changing my name to Ernesto* at least for the next day or so.

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