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August 30, 2006


Guys do what needs to be done.

(Thanks to Steve Lancaster)


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Ahhh....did that really NEED to be done?

Wait ... Lesbian Barbie needs to be done?

What was that? Like 121 t-shirts? I gotta try that. . .

of course, Punkin...NOW we know how many T-shirts an idiot can wear.

Punkin, you're such a girl. Of course it needed to be done!

Talk about your wardrobe malfunctions.

Somehow I don't think the bottles they're drinking from really contain Gatorade.

And yes, it's definately a guy thing. Girls prefer to wear clothes that don't make them look as big as a Mack Truck.

I wonder if they tried that with pants too...THAT would have been funnier.

maybe I shouldn't encourage this type of behavior...

did you see how much he was sweating? who had to wash all those shirts?!

"Ogres", and guys, "are like onions".

The guy on the right looks somewhat unpleasantly surprised....like maybe a Brazilian lesbian Barbie just got jammed up his (fill in the blank)

wyo - they both smell and make us cry?

as usual, alcohol was involved.

I don't think I even OWN that many t-shirts!

... oh, wait, maybe I do ...

Oh, should'a pointed out ...

It's a D.C. thing.

*snork* kitty.

They have layers, kitten, layers. don,cha ever get out to a Shrek movie? But then I'll be you knew that. What I'd really like to know is how you knew I like Eliz. Shue. eversince the babysitter movie.

Karate Kid! Wyo! She was totally a vision of beauty in Karate Kid!

mud, still itchy???

after the babysitter movie came out was when it was commented that I look like her!

And I got your Shrek refernce *wink* just teasin' ya!

well kitten, then you are beautiful ;)

awwww...shucks...thanks Siouxie

I figger kitten's real pix is probably here

nope - I'm a brunette

so was I, kitten ;)

I was auburn forever and got tired of all the red...now I'm back to my natural color...blonde would not look good on me

I've been blonde, brunette (my natural color) and redhead...as you can see I am easily bored...Now it's brown w/some highlights.

I'm not sure if I should be pleased he included a wolfie shirt or appalled that it was the base to soak up all the sweat.


wolf, I'd take it as a compliment. I suspect he started with a familar old favorite.

Me too Siouxie. Except I haven't gotten the highlights yet, but I'm planning to. :)

You women are such... women!

Are there any guys here that didn't say to himself, "Cool!"

And *none* of us worried about sweaty shirts afterward.

Um...I need a babysitter.
Just sayin'.

someone call for a babysitter?

blurk, are you mis-behaving again?

blurk, dearie?? are you misbehaving again???



Just sayin' I need a babysitter is all.

*waits for the call from kitten Elizabeth Shue*

Yikes, can you say CLAUSTROPHOBIC?? The bazoomages would be crying out for release.....

blurk,and we were just wonderin' why, is all...

What a waste of tuition....

'Cause I just do, Siouxie. I don't have young kids or anything...I just need a babysitter.

blurk, I have a feeling the services I'm generally hired for are not what you have in mind....

That's what keeps a business thriving...diversity.

Heck, I just thought he was trying to save on his carryon space -- I think I sat next to this dude on my last flight.

CH??? I asked you on another thread...

How's the Mrs?? baby news??? why are you here??? :)

okay, blurk! but keep in mind, I spank those who don't follow the rules!

Been done before.

Oh, and you better get ready 'cause I don't care too much for rules.

*goes off to her corner now since CH has clearly been ignoring her*


*crack* I see that

I don't think CH would ignore you, Siouxie.


Now we're gettin' somewhere!!

uh...what crack are you seeing, kit..er...babysitter?? :)

*snork) Siouxie...has my alter ego been disovered? damn mask kept slipping off

yeah well...I had to get rid of the Mrs. Doubtfire getup...damned stockings kept falling and the Punkin-sized bazooms were suffocating me...

*free now*

Kitten, zat you?

Refer to 12:00 PM post.

oh and btw, blurk...thanks for that "nooner" nookie simul...

I thought Mrs. D would have been like a bucket of cold water on our blurk but he's unstoppable

Oh, and Siouxie...GOTCHA!!

the one and only *wink*

yes, kittten...he is unstoppable when he gets going ...

blurk, keeping me flexible I see...

oh and oopsie...CH did answer me :)

he didn't ignore me!!! yay!

*jumps up and down with joy*

Just tryin' to keep you in shape, Siouxie.

See, I'm always on the job.

and may I say what a fine job you're doing, blurk!

*gets all the cardio she needs right here on this blog*

We did this as a school project when I was in 8th grade, and I'm pretty sure we had some kids wearing more layers than that. However they did it with pants and hats as well. Plus they were smarter and dressed in lighter layers first like leotards and such (the girls did, anyway). So I guess it's not quite the same thing.

... um ... Forbidden!


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