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August 28, 2006


Not us.

(Thanks to Ted Habte-MulletGabr, a student of heavenly bodies)


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How's the hair these days, Ted?

I wanna be a student.


May I be the FIRST to point out that I am?

Thank you.

I like Mickey's dog too...

"I believe in Pluto"...ah-HAHHAHAHAHHAHA

Pluto IS a planet.

So is Ceres. And Qaoaraahr (however you spell that), Xena and probably Chiron.

Stupid narrow-minded IAU beancounters.

Ted is STILL getting mileage outta that pic, huh?

that was in '99 or 2000.

Got any good Horse Nebula T-shirts? I like horsies...

I belive in Pluto! *starts clapping*

Pluto is not a FAIRY, SarahJ.....it's a PLANET! Read the T-shirt. READ THE SHIRT, PEOPLE!!!!

I blame galactic warming.

Wow, Punkin. Pluto seems so much... larger on your shirt.

Well it would help if they told us why Pluto is no longer a planet. As it is there's only rumor and inuendo.

My goal is to bring Pluto's plight to the forefront, CH.

I know pluto isn't a fairy, I was just hoping the clapping worked for planets too

eleanor: I too, am. I think. I think I am, therefore I must be. Unless I am delusional, in which case it wouldn't much matter what I thought. I am what I am. Whoops, that sounded pretty close to blasphemy... I am Sam. (No, that's the retarded guy) Sam I am. That's it. Green eggs. Peace.

OK, so here's a partial explanation:

"Much-maligned Pluto doesn't make the grade under the new rules for a planet: "a celestial body that is in orbit around the sun, has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a ... nearly round shape, and has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit."

But who among us hasn't felt a little square from time to time? Huh?

Nobel effort, dear Sarah......*wipes tear from eye*

BTW: The sirens stopped blowing about ten minutes ago - still no sign of wind. Everything in apple-pie order at the Chateau Mudstuffin.

Lisa, I agree....dumb stoopid scientists...now little kids all over the world will be traumatized. I mean my @SS has sufficient mass for it's self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a nearly round shape...but do I WANT my @ss to be deemed a planet??? I don't think so!


The pinheads have been gunning for Pluto ever since its discoverer, Clyde Tombaugh, passed away a couple of years back. (They didn't have the guts to do it while he was alive.)

Their contentions are manifold; they claim that Pluto's orbit is too far skewed from the rest of the planets, and that it's too close in size to other objects subsequently found in the same neighborhood.

The crux of the argument is that Pluto failed to sweep clear the region around its orbit, and so it's not really unique there. By way of comparison, the asteroid belt (of which Ceres is the largest member) is made up of a large number of bodies of similar size and composition; those objects have long been considered "minor planets," rather than full-blown members of the planetary family.

The definition that seemed to be gaining acceptance (until a last-minute switcheroo) would have based the definition on whether a body had enough gravitational pull to form at least a rough sphere, and whether it orbited the Sun. (As an example of a non-planet, our Moon orbits the Earth, which in turn orbits the Sun.)

Uh, anyone still awake and reading this?

great news, mudster!


huh?? what??



do you live in central oHIo?

'cause we had a tornado warning here in Columbus 'til 8 even tho' the "weather" was mostly south of us.

or my @ss, CH! I totally "get it"!

izzat the same Rick from iowa? How the hell r ya?

CH-Are you saying that Pluto is in the age of Aquarius? If so, I hear ya dude!

Punkin-Let Sarah J clap if she wants to. We want to encourage all forms of ProPlutonion expression. :D




In other news...Paris Hilton launches off into space and gives us a view of Heranus...

BOT - sorta!

Belated *wave* to El and a YAY for being first!

My very easy-going mother just served us nine... WHAT? NINE WHAT?!!

maybe we should run a little contest to see how best to make kids remember the 8 planets....

and has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit.

So...because it's not good at housekeeping, it got kicked out of the plantetary fraternity?

Oh, and it was explained to me this weekend that the memory hook now is:

My very educated mother just sent us newspapers.

....and before "they" go kicking anyone out of the planetary fraternity, can't they make Uranus change its name? And the only reason I want that done is because at my age, I feel silly when I giggle like a 12 year old when Uranus comes up.

er....uh.. oh well. You know what I mean.

Hey, Ted Hobbity-Grabbity is back! Where ya been, Ted? Campaigning?

Pluto will ALWAYS be a planet to me. I don't care what those so-called "scientists" say. Hmph!

yeah Ted, it's me. older balder and fatter

but still me.

Good point sly. Ted, maybe renaming the planet Uranus should be part of the contest. That is, if everyone can stop giggling long enough to think.


Did I spell utterred right?

It didn't look right with one R.

Doesn't look right with two T's either.

*off to watch the 30 second hurricane update*

Wow. A 30-second hurricane. They could have used one of those last year.


Okay, it's moved 15 feet northwest. So I'm still good.

It's facism...facism, I tell ya.....

First, they came for Pluto...

Next, they'll come for Uranus...

Welcome, mud. :)

c'mon, Punkin, Lisa and the rest of you, you know you want to. ;)

Okay, I hosed it up.

Many very EAGER mutant junvenile squirrels utterred nothing.

Still doesn't look right.

Undid nuts?

I just found the perfect shirt.

Jollymon, I believe it's "uttered"

I think

? do we care?

Interestin' (to moi ownself, NEway) quote: ... Pluto was spotted in 1930. ...

I did not know that. I thot he wuz always that sorta pukey yellow-brown color ... merely, more knowledgeable, now ...

Make very egregious mullets? Just say utterly no!

Sigh . . even though it's not the one my husband created, one of my favorite CafePress Pluto shirts proclaims: "My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Up Naked." I had to snork. If anyone's interested in the shirts we did, check out classicgeek.com.

BLT, *snorked* binary choices at above site.

why make life tougher than it is, right?

Shirt??? (Sarah J)

Now THIS is a shirt

AFK, got an error msg. sorry.

Access denied?

Must be in metric ... or Canadian coin ... (we're all a little Looney here ...)

Strange, it worked for me me when I clicked on it in the thread.

Ah, well, it was just a pic of a white T-shirt that said:

First, they came for Pluto

Then they came for for Uranus

*reaches up and removes one "for" from the above post*

O the U welcome

Absolutely, Wyo!

My hubby is a self-proclaimed math geek - he came up with most of the ideas for that site, including the "binary choices," although I helped with the execution of several. "Software problem" is all mine . . .

We want Pluto back - our son, who started 1st grade today, is both proud to know a science trivia fact that most of his peers don't and yetweirded out that a planet can be reclassified. My mom was teasing him that he'll have to rewrite the Blue's Clues Planet Song, and he told her with great seriousness that he didn't think that was possible.

*clicks Wyo's link*

*feels really really young*

*thinks it's funny that so many bloglits have kids older than Sarah J*

Those are not planets, they're stars!

BTW, do you think she'll sell those shirts for sea shells, seeing as how she's not selling T-shirts for the money?

sarah j makes joke
at expense of old bloglits
her time is coming

it was yesterday
when i fell asleep i was
a child. today also.

i passed a milestone.
i no longer look like him
- my wedding photos

Pluto has feelings too.......

mud' -

I wuz gonna say somethin' similar (tho less articulately than your post, I'm sure) and then I wondered (to give a really young person the benefit of doubt) whether she meant funny "ha-ha" or funny "odd" or funny "wierd" ... so I din't ...

O: I had similar thoughts about our physical appearance. Is it just funny or is it ?funnny?

All I'm going to say is...we were ALL really really young once as well...

Newsflash: You don't stay that way forever!

also, I respected my elders....

Wyo - you're getting quite a collection of bloglits there.

Is the weather getting you a little fiesty, Siouxie? I've always believed you are only as old as you feel - sometimes 20, sometimes 100

Hey, good morning kitten!

Nah...just giving out a little wisdom...

I don't think of age as a problem :) you're right..it's really how you feel.

Siouxie....I'm watching the news..Looks like Ernie is headed your way! Get extra water wings and hydraulic sandwiches. Praying that all is well and safe.

Thanks, Jazzzz!

It won't be too bad though. I'm all set and my house is VERY safe - got those accordion shutters that go up in 10 mins if need be.

Sarah J must be in High School 'cause I just turned 21 last week.

Mornin' bloglits.

Morning, blurk!

That would make me...uh...a lot younger too!

hmmm...blurk, how do you feel about older women? I'm just slightly older than 21


Hola everybody. perhaps a national day of mourning for pluto would be in order. it would revolve around a worldwide concert. people could share their memories of pluto. and there's a big sale at barnes n nobles on books about the solar system. i am crushed, you know.

Like the song says, kitten:
Older women know just how to please a man

we do?? oh yeah...or so I've heard...:P

Siouxie - it must come from our fondness of younger men. They do motivate, you know.

ummm...yeah...motivate *eg*

I am officially changing professions. I am no longer a military cop-type dude.
I am now gonna be a motivator.

And when will you be conducting motivational type seminars, blurkie??

just askin...

Are these hands-on seminars?

Semenars to begin immediately. Did I misspell that?

I apologize to the blog.
That was just bad.

Do we need to warn Mary again??

... um ... it wuz so bad, it wuz good ... merely ... smirkin' knowingly ...

blurk - that was awful!!!!!

I said I was sorry!

*fires up the hellbound bus again*

it's ok blurk...I'm riding shotgun on that bus...

It's getting HOT in here!

Don't know what Sarah J's talking about, I think you all look great!

Thanks Lisa!! I think so too :)

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