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August 07, 2006


There's still time to blog about Speedos. Err... Speedos. Aaaargh... SPEEDOS.

(Thanks to K. Colber)


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Around his TORSO? Just how big was this thing??!

ARRRGH! All THREE of those links were HORRIFYING.

*claps fins in excitement*

Cetaceans of all varieties (including, emphatically, the human variety) are advised to NOT wear Speedos™© at any time.

Most especially size Large Speedos™©.

I'm a libertarian at heart, but this is one case where there really ought to be a law.

OH gawd...I'm sorry, everyone. I had NO idea what I was starting when I invoked the Speedo (tm thingie)™ name yesterday!

*goes to time-out corner and hangs head in shame*

Sharon share-alike may have shared too much

Noooooo!!! not speedos .... ever .... ever.

What if Scrappy had a contract with Speedo™ ? Would this void it? How's he gonna feed the baby bottlenose?

Dang, some of those models need to make a little more effort to tuck stuff away. There was one speedo that was pink and floral, WTF??

Pink and Floral wbafnfa ... um ... nevermind ...

Knowing Judi as I do, I had a pretty strong suspicion the links wouldn't be to this Speedo.

Whoops, forgot to give you the Geezer Alert!

wow, pretty easy to gauge the water temperature with some of those.

I think I've found my activist calling; I've maintained all along that Speedos (tm thingy) are a *danger* to the Earth's gentle creatures. (Myself, and now, dolphins). They are a *hazard*.

Save the dolphins! Ban Speedos!

Speedo™, heck, looked like the models for Aussie Bum™ were a bit more excited about their work....

Judi, thank you. Where are our femaie bloglits ?

You'll notice the distinct lack of boys' swimmware on that link.
I bet not one of them was wearing one of tthese.


at the water park
though too big to wear speedos
i may have farted

to please the ladies:
the potato goes up front
you know what i mean

Allow me to post an enjoyable (at least to us women) speedo link. Ladies: David Beckham in a speedo. Yum.


But the bigger questions left unanswered: How did the Speedos wind up in the water? And has their original owner found other cover?

2 words - skinny dipping

The dolphin was probably grossed out by the site of a human in an extra large Speedo and doing a dolphin's version of civic duty, pantsed him. As we all know, in the mammal world, no good deed goes unpunished.

Holy hell, the things dolphins will suffer just to wear the latest fashions! Next it will be high heels.

I don't think Judi should be posting pictures of Dave in his bathing suit's when he's not here.

Um, Straw, I went back to look at that link after what you said about pink and floral, and I'm thinking you had to do do a lot of scrolling to get all the way down to that one. NTTAWWT.

Hahahahah - I was using the page down key to skim the page. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The chain is no stronger than its weakest link... Manasses

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