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August 27, 2006


Suddenly, it is more interesting.

(Thanks to Charley Delaney)


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Damnit, I can't believe I was the first person to miss this!

"isn't illegal in the town of 13,000 people, unless it's done to arouse..."

Obviously, lawmakers in this town don't understand men of the male gender.

OK, well the constitution protects the right to bare arms (and legs, and ahhh you know).

Uhh......posting will be lite from me today, as Vermont is only 2 hrs away, and I feel the need for a field trip.

Betcha ten-to-one the ratio of guys to girls is ten-to-one.

Punkin, please remember to take a crapcam and report back to your fellow blog gals....(only cute guys k??)

Okee dokee Siouxie!! I hope all the treehuggers aren't hugging trees....causes bark imprints in the goody bags.

"Bark imprints in the goody bags"...lol, P-poo.

Watch out for that treeeeeeeeee!

"Bark imprints in the goody bags"

Isn't that the title of K-Fed's CSI episode?

ouchie, punkin!!

*tries to book a flight to Vermont*

Drat, all flights sold out. Wonder where I can find a train station...

"expressing our RIGHT"....*thumbs through US Consitution*...little help here..Bueller, anybody?

Nekkidity in Vermont?

Ayuh ...

I'm currently bookmarkin' all the Vermont web cams I can locate. Just call me Mr. Crime Buster!

and here's another thread blurk is perfect for and he's missing it!!

blurk's already on a flight to Vermont. Bein' in the Air Force can have some advantages.

anybody know how to Zoom this thing in?

he's probably flying the plane!!

*checking out the link*

was that blurk I saw streaking through the lawn there??????


*trolling for blurk*

No, jolly, like this... (*)(*)

I forgot. (Ever forget? Happened to me.)

BTW, nice view from the top of your horse there.

( * )( * )

more like this!!

show off, (.) (.) is more realistic.

* * <---mine :(

I think our society lacks the proper descriptive term for the age group that participated in this activity. I would be willing to bet much money on the position that there were no 13-year-old males or females among the "teens"; I may even extend that to the 14-year-olds too. We need a term to differentiate between the beginning, pubescent, teen stage and the young adult, sexually matured, teen stage.
I think nowhere, except at perhaps naturist clubs, would one find all ages in such a stage of undress.

HOLY Shrinking wienies! Why would anyone want to go nude outside in Vemont?

Their day of summer was August 15 ! It's winter there again!!!!


At least they won't interfere with the installation of your hurricane shutters.

Vermont heck, at least in Budapest they have panache . . .

I didn't know Tron was filmed in Budapest.

Wiki on streaking (okay, no, I haven't read it yet . . . )

Oh yeah, Ray Stevens! Man I hated that song . . .

As seen on French topless beach:

| | | |
| | | |
{.} {.}

MKJ ... I beg to differ with Wiki on the date attributed to "first streaking" on a college campus ... I know of a person (whom shall remain NAMELESS, to pertect his ownself's reputation and standing (!) in the community) who streaked @ the U. pool in 1966 ... merely ... um ... nevermind ...

(Siouxie - at least * * is better than [*] [*] ... more natural, eh?)

OtheU, Jollymom - there ARE some advantages...I definitely agree!

Somehow I think this is a temporary problem. As soon as they get their first six feet of snow (next week?) it will all be moot.

...the guy's 'points' will be moot anyway...

... HOWever ... some "points" are made "perky" by a little "nip" ... in the AIR, you PREverts!

"in a related story, New Hampshire's state motto was changed from 'Live Free or Die' to "Pass the Binoculars, Myrtle, Those College Kids Next Door Are Outside Again'."

Hmmm, a naked hula hoop contest might be fun to watch if it's done by members of the male persuasion. But not teen-agers. Any volunteers?

So if nudity is illegal if it arouses sexual gratification, and given the quick responses of most teenage males, who gets arrested when the nude male stands at attention?

*buys high-powered binoculars and google earth software*

geez, time for a road trip... it's only how many days away from portland???!!!

I think I may have talked about this before, but nudity is not uncommon in Vermont; I was driving some members of our college jazz band to a festival in downtown Burlington last summer, and, as we were stopped at a traffic light, the local edition of the World Naked Bike Race passed right in front of us. The bandmembers were still talking about it days laer. And while we were in a downtown Starbucks, we overheard a police officer tell someone that there were in fact certain parts of town where it wasn't illegal to be naked.


Kev said "members" ...

"We have a nuclear power plant a few miles away and a ridiculous war in the Middle East, countries getting bombed," said Ian Bigelow, a 23-year-old who had gathered with some of his friends outside a bookstore. "So why's it such a big problem if we chose to get nude?"

This young man's prowess in logical thinking is staggering. Or so it would seem, not quoted in the paper, the next thing he said was "I think it might rain, therefore, let us all whistle dixie out our a$$holes."

As a card-carrying nudist (really) all I can do is shake my head at people who get upset by such things.

Where does the card go?

Wait, strike that.

As a former card carrying nudist (really), I can tell you that the only thing remarkable about social nudity is how quickly it becomes unremarkable.

Around town, though, I dunno. Lotsa narrow minds and leather furniture out there.

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