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August 29, 2006


Ernesto has landed. This blog will hold out as long as it can.


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Good luck to ya!

Dave, I think it's safe to say that you and Walter will be OK. Although I'd keep consuming the Hurricane Therapy ...just in case.

Well if anything has gone right this week it is---Woo hoo y'all! FIRST! I now get this whole "first" thing I must say.

Hang tough Dave - it may be time to crack open the emergency beer!

We're drinkin' 'mergency beer here for ya all. Just in case.

where's Mothra when you need it/him/her??

*joins Wyo in the consumption of 'mergency beer*

*drinking emergency wine now*

I *hic* love 'mergencies!! I think we shold have 'nother tomorrow!

Nope. That's his cousin, Ernestine, you can tell by the bumps on her chest.

*Drinking emergency "oh sh!t, the smoke won't go away and now the wind's stirring up the fires" tequila*

woooooo hoooooooo it's blowing and raining now!!!!

hang on Siouxie!!

*snork* @ Gypsy!!

I had one of those, except it had little cymbals it would crash together when you wound it up. I guess that tropical storm must've blown them away.

Keep safe, folks.

well fellow boogers (yes, I just e-mailed Wyo my entry), I must leave this labor camp and force myself out into the smoke - but wait, an hour and a half massage awaits me. Then...wine and comfy jammies. Will join you again later (unless I am a complete noodle).

See ya Gypsy!! I'm jealous of your massage!!

Yay Gypsy, welcome.

Steve, after all the hoopla and hype and promises of 5 to 10 inches (of rain, that is), all we got was a wet noodle puddle...

YAY Gypsy!! HOT lookin' :)

we are just a buncha smokin boogers huh?

All except that blurk guy.

Too bad Gypsy went out for that massage. Sammiches to be made 'round here.

nah blurkie, I already told you ...you're a hunk! you just love it when we say it :P

*swoons over a man in uniform or a cowboy hat*

or both!!!!

time for another 'mergency round! :)

Ernesto sent a ransom note to us here, it says:
Ya'll, just passing through, please send $118,000.00 to the address you see at the top of this note.As Mr. Twain said, I'm only about nine bones and six hundred barrels of Plaster of paris.Dont let my bad manicure fool you though, I'm sCaRy!Arrrrrrgh.(courtesy CNN)

Paris? That girl gets around.

just catching up, I see I get to be Sec. of the Interior. Don't really care what that job is is the Salary and brew promised come through!

I'm honored to serve. My first official action is to place Gov't. subsidies on emergency brews for hurricane tropical storm tropical moth fart affected areas. Drinks 1/2 off on Uncle Sam. Life is good.

Hang on folks! The Maine contigent, and recently appointed head of the CIA, is boarding a ship for Bermuda on Sunday. Will wave from the Lido deck as I pass by... What? Miami is further south?
Oh, then you're on your own. Damn DHS, that's the last time I let THEM book my tickets....


On a more serious note, my Red Cross chapter just asked if I wanted to be deployed to Orlando tomorrow. I had to (sheepishly) explain that I couldn't go onnaconna I'm gonna be on a boat in the south Atlantic. Duh.

Siouxie, you little minx. I had to pour a glass of wine, so you wouldnt be drinking alone while Ernesto blows you. Cheers. clinks glass.

Wyo - Knew you would fit right into the Cabinet position. Thats kinda like your job, eh? Like your ideas on govt as long as the beer isnt PBR. Would send over a request to be a booger, but worried you would use it for darts or stall mucking after the OSU Cowboy dart. ;-)

Med. send away, I sold my darts long ago. All are welcome. (and the beer is New Belgium Brewing's Sunshine Wheat. add yer own trademart thingy, I'm too lazy to look up the html code.)

btw, Punkin, have a nice drift. sounds fun.

Dang Wyo, you keep postin' the babes and I'll have to hide. I look about like 40 miles of dirt road up against the babettes. I'll see if I can pass myself off as Valentino. O, and the guys are handsome too, and I mean that in a totally no sexual, non threatening way. NTTATWWT

I gotta sign off - the kids keep wantin' to know what's so funny? Where do I even start?

Punkin' - take sunscreen. don't fall off the boat. have a super time. oh, for a little joy ride on a big a$$ boat.........

Hmmm...Wyo, I have a bottle of that New Belgium in the fridge left by a guest this weekend...scuze me while I go hoist one for Dave and the Floridian bloglits.

*back from neighborhood bunko game*

Beppe (way up there) YAY for your first FIRST!!!

Siouxie-What's happenin' now? Ya'll are a preview of what's coming to us tomorrow.

Punkin-Have fun for us!


Ernie was a dud! You'll get a sneeze if you're lucky! I shouldn't be bad at all!

Punkin - have a great time and we know you'll be safe...you've got built-in flotation devices :)

IT shouldn't be bad...

I'm NEVER bad :)

Well for all the girding (and there was an AWFUL LOT OF GIRDING)Ernesto turned out to be a typical summer thunderstormmmmmm.

Glad to say I didn't have to stand or wait in any lines.

Neener, Dave!

oooo...I'm soooo relaxed now - I just love massages!!

Siouxie - did you make it? Ernesto didn't get the best of you did he?

Gypsy...I made it alive!! and still having Hurricane therapy!

btw...you are beautiful!!!

Siouxie-Thank goodness. Oh well, at least we're stocked up on wine for the next one.

Geez - a massage and flattery - wow!! Thank you and I think I'm pretty good company. btw, please ignore any typos as I'm now at home w/the laptop - itty bitty keyboard...aaggh

Yes, I'm having wine therapy myself - I find a reason everyday to require therapy :-)

Gypsy...I'm still having wine therapy!

Lisa, priorities...always have wine in stock!

Punkin'....If you plan on sunbathing nekked, they sell sun screen in 55 gal. drums.. just sayin'

Serious moment alert:

I would rather spend the time and be prepared and have NOTHING happen...EVERY time!

/end seriousity

Ganbatte, Dave!

Hooray for the wet fizzle Ernesto!

Much consumption of adult beverages, and no one much the soggier - sounds like a typical South Florida weekend, but y'all got to do it on a weekday. Bonus points!

Mrs. H. sent me home for the night, which I wasn't real happy about, but she promised to call me if it appeared that there were immenent surgery going on.

Prayers to ya, Clean....And an extra one for the missus and little one

Thanks, Jazzzz.

well, good that it turned out to be a dud - but it explains why people dont necessarily evacuate the areas ... they ramp up the fear so far in advance that people are tired of the hurricanes that cried wolf...

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