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August 25, 2006



Just Read


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Cap'n Hook looks more like Captain Morgan to me. ;-)

*packing up and moving to Florida so the kids are required to read Dave*

Read it - picture of Dave with Captain Hook was worth a thousand words and better though.

Why is Dave wearing a white glove on his left hand?

*Dave and Ridley's note to selves*

Next book, let's make the main characters the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

...and strumpet only at Hooters

Peter is WAAY too perky, Dave. He's throwing my "Up-With-People O'Meter" off the charts.

Whoo Hoo Dave! Way to go!

When I was in junior high in Florida the required reading was 'Alas Babylon'.

Captain Hook to Peter Pan: Peter and Gordon have aged well, haven't they?

So is the little guy in green Jeb Bush? Those TV cameras are misleading. I always thought he was a little taller.

yes, who else but Dave can get thousands of kids to simutaneously...oh wait...

Lol, P-poo. I think P-pan is resting his elbow on an invisible dwarf.


That's pretty wonderful!!!

WTG Dave and Ridley!

Attention old fart bloglits: your wisdom is needed back on the "neighbor" thread.

I think the Pan kid has a future in musical theater. NTTAWWT

Dave looks like he needs a beer.

Ridley looks like he's had a beer.

"I think the Pan kid has a future in musical theater."

Looks like he's practicing for the lead in the Broadway remake of "I Dream of Genie."

Reading will always be my first priority

I'm confused... Why is the Governor of Florida making a small town in Pennsylvania his first priority??

But WOW - Dave may just become the Guiness Books' first pulitzer prize winning semi retired columnist with a prequel (that has a sequel) that he co-wrote being involved a record he might HE not even be present for... I think thats a safe bet.

Students will read an excerpt from Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson.

Excellent choice, even though it may be further proof that Florida is going to h3ll in a handbasket.

Despite Jebbie's efforts they rank number LAST in scores. This can only help.

Peter looks more like he's auditioning for "I Dream of Ridley" - NTTAWWT.

Okay, officer. I'm pretty sure the tall guy with the goofy hat who assaulted me with a giant hook is the one on the...well, wait a minute, officer. Can you have them all turn to the left and say, "Avast, ya mangy dog?"

Who's that guy in the picture with Ridley?

Anybody else see the Virgin Mary in Captain Hook's bib?

So Haley Joel Osment has to play Peter Pan for his punishment.

Just Pirate.

Well cbol, he's no cheerleader, but at least they did get their picture taken with a Hooker.

So is Peter played by a girl or a boy here? Hard to say.

I am currently reading this book to my children. They love it. (I am enjoying it as well).

Now I can discipline my children by threatening NOT to read a Dave Barry book to them.

My how times change.

Where is the giant Leetie-head? Is this like a "Where's Waldo" picture?

Congratulations to Dave & Ridley!!

*thinks that Peter has had one too many gumballs...*

*just sayin'*

Either Dave photoshops these, or he really owns nothing, but blue shirts.

CJ, there is a shortage of blue shirts here in Miami....coinkidink??? I don't think so!

*scurries off to open chain of Blue Shirt Stores [BS, for short], in MyJammies*

YAY Dave and Ridley!!! WOO HOO!!!

And to think it could have been the exerpt from Ben Franklin's autobiography they print on those eye-charts... Congrats! (Is Sophie's school going to participate?)

i've gotta admit... that's pretty stinkin' impressive.

And that's a boy Peter Pan, and he's doing a good job.

Dave...how about a strumpet stop on the ever popular Pirate Ship at John's Pass, Madiera Beach?


note on the picture - Peter is really annoying Dave for some reason, maybe he's had too much sugar?

Our school librarian has Dave and Ridley's book as a recommended must-read for our school. Maybe Dave and Ridley could come do a reading for us??? that would be HOT.

For me, that polite-and-smiling-but-a-little-puzzled-and-maybe-uneasy expression Dave usually has in these photos says
"Why is it always the crazy people who want to pose for pictures with me? How on earth did this come about? What ever could I have done to attract the attention of the loons? I just don't understand it. I'll be polite, of course, but really, why me?"

A beer? It's nine am! Oh, wait, it's Saturday... never mind. Ka-toosh!

I think Jeb's "Just Read" message should be more on the lines of "Learn How to Read & Promnounce the Words Correctly or Else You Will End Up Sounding Just Like My Brother Trying to Make a Speech."

of course, I should probably proof read before I post!

I meant to type Pronounce, not Promnounce. But I take full responsibility; I shouldn't mix alchohol with pain medication. My bad.

Sly, Ridley looks so happy because that is not where Dave's left hand is.

You guys need to go to Las Vegas next time. You look WAY too good for Disney.

I heard Tinker Bell feeds the pigeons there.

Yeah, yeah, but I want to know who the h3ll Jel Bun is. Anybody? Huh?, oh...., well, never mind. Return to your regularly scheduled activities.

I'm still impressed that Florida's much-touted "latest research-based reading techniques" (Jeb's intro) means going for a Guinness world record by reading a Florida author's book aloud.

Who was the researcher? What reading techniques were tested against this technique?

How come no other states conduct research that results in having this much fun ... or in making cool people look even cooler?

WOW, captain Hook and the Lost Boys....Hmm...A couple of The Lost Boys have been eatin' a little too well, haven't they?

Are you sure this is a good idea ? Remember what happened the last time a Bush read to children !

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