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August 28, 2006


Now they're using giant burritos.

(Thanks to horde of alert people, led by DavCat14)

Update: After reading the comments, this  blog decided to actually read the story, and it turns out to have been written in, like, 1953. This blog apologizes to anybody who was unnecessarily alarmed by the giant-burrito threat.


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When burritos are outlawed.....

It makes sense if you think about it. The energy contained in a 30 inch burrito would certainly be enough to cause serious damage and possibly loss of life.

Yo quiero una handgun, y ocho los grenades....mas or menos....

"The kid was sitting there as I'm describing this (report of a student with a suspicious package) and he's thinking, 'Oh, my gosh, they're talking about my burrito.'"

Oh, snork!

Okay, but this is a year and a half old news.

Setting that aside, isn't the school taking their zero-tolerance policy a little far? That burrito wouldn't be a weapon of mass destruction until after it had been consumed.

Holy Terrorist Taco, Batman!!

You can't be too careful. I've had some giant burritos that were weapons of ass destruction.

The kid is now know as Burrito Boy, Ithink that's enough punishment.


the tragic misadventures of "Burrito Boy"
I would be interested to know what grade he got on the project...
he certainly generated interest in the product

To the right of the story is an article about snakes on toast which I fully intend to ignore.

year and half old news? Man, the blog server lags....

A giant burrito? Where? Where?

beer supply at all time low by now. consider succuming to tropical storm. just let us know you all right in 5 words of less.



I had a giant burrito for lunch and the only danger is to the people sitting downwind of me.

Um, Dave? Not only is this story older than algae, it's been previously blogged.

Also, I have a box of FULL-FAT Cheez-Its. Neener!

yeah, well, "burrito boy" is a whole lot better than "vienna sausage boy".


"Still fun-ny, after aaaallll theeesssee years."

While this is indeed old news, at least it answers the question of how "Beany Boy" got his name.

For those of you not brought up in the early 60's, Beany Boy was the sidekick of Cecil, the Seasick Sea Serpent, one of the better cartoons of the day.

Special treats on the geezer bus for all who remember: And your obedient serpent is...a Bob Clampet car-toooooon!

Forgot to include the picture of Beany, Cecil and DJ:

Cecil and Friends

P.B. "D.J., you dirty guy!"


The Leakin' Lena is the cleanest ship on the seven seas!

No fair! This story made me miss living in San Diego. There just ain't no good Mexican food in upstate NY.

Well it could still happen today. And if it a school burrito it was probaly made in 1953.

Sophie - Daddy we had burritos today at school.

Dave - That is great honey when I was your age we had burittos in school to.

Sophie - I know daddy mine had your name on it.

Dave - And someday your child will have it to.

El Indio is still the greatest dining spot in San Diego!

Hey, maybe living in Kalifornia ain't all that bad! :)

Bob Clampett produced Beany , however, IMHO it wuz the genius of Stan Freberg that gave the show its extra verve and appeal ...

... and ... didja know that Albert Einstein wuz a big fan of the show?

Isn't "giant burrito" an oxymoron?

> The energy contained in a 30 inch burrito

And only try to imagine if that thing is used as fusion reactor fuel!! () That must be stopped!!~!! We can't allow more harm to our children as already done by Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Donald McDonald!!!!!

stevie ... well, sorta ... but it doesn't sound nearly as appetizing if one says they're gonna dine on a "burro" ...

PirateBoy: "Nyeh-eh-eh! It is I - Dishonest John!" But I don't think even Dishonest John would've been nefarious enough to dream up a 30-inch burrito.

When Dave blogged this story (the exact same link) in Spring 2005, the comments focused on the theme of "is that a burrito in your pocket...".

So what happened? Have all the bloglits gone tame?

Nah ... we got old ... fergetful ... um ... whut wuz the question?

*=* héhéy *=*

my name is holy-terrorist

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