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August 30, 2006


What can a guy do about it?

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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A fine way to save money. First!

I love capitalism.

I read that too quick, I thought it said pimp prices at first.

JofG - Freud would be proud

Discounted prices on the oldest profession....

I could tell a really embarrasing story about a brothel and gas, but I'll let it go.

Sounds like you let it go in the brothel, mud.

fill up the tank, then fill up the skank!

oh, crossgirl, that was *snorkariffic*

Genius I tell you just Genius.

Talk about your service stations...

What do you get when you order "premium"?

Gives new meaning to pumping Ethel.

Please forgive the newbie: what exactly is a snork?

Is it the laugh that sounds like a pig?
Is it my incessant giggling? (while the kids ask what's so funny, and I am desperately trying to come up with anything other than hookers, boogers, gas, et al.)

I agree with kitten, I think.....

I always wanted to visit Australia...

1. Lift handle.

2. Insert hose.

3. Begin pumping.

Meditrina, a *snork*, in the strictest sense of the word, is laughing while some type of liquid comes from your nose and onto your keyboard and/or screen. However, we also use it simply to indicate someone posted something funny or witty. No liquid required.

stevie w that is so wrong and not just because my grandmother's name is Ethel.

Med, you may also find this to be helpful.

Thanks, blurk. Just don't get confused in Australia and try to rassle a cow. ;-)

Bye hon, I'm off to fill up the car. Back in a couple hours.

Pumping for Prostitutes...

This story may cause you to scoff
But if your clothing you're willing to doff
An Aussie bordello
Allows you to mellow
And a discount goes along with the boff
And your petrol is 20 cents off.

This is just so cool.

Fill 'er up and then...well...fill 'er up.

um, women drive, too. where are our discount studs?

*jumps up and down*

I take coupons!!!

Or green stamps, or scraps of paper, or...

with me you get gas for free!

I save a few bucks by going self-serve.

yeah...where's our hosehouse??

I mean friendly neighborhood gas discount place...

i mean, wait, you can get gas, i have gas..... oh nevermind

stevie - my co-workers are giving me bizarre glances I'm laughing so hard

blurk, mud's got a pretty attractive offe on the blog table

Just wonderin', I spend $6-700 on gas each month. Hmmmmmm.

blurk, i got a chuckie cheese coupon, a $2 lottery ticket and some loose change in my purse. what'll that get me?

*snork* stevie...

I heard that the women were going to have speed-pass sensors installed on their arses...

Gives new meaning to "Full Service Station"

But does it have a food-mart?

Wednesday are 5¢ off premium (both gas and services)

Hey Big Boy, can I change your oil?

Fill her up....

crossgirl, for that you get 'round the world!!

Hey, it IS a chuckie cheese coupon!

Wyo - Customer of the Month @ Ethel's House of Ill Repute

Do they sell Cuban ceegars? ya know, fer later on.

Blurk, you just made my wife Snork, She is now quoting Ron White "Coopins.".

JofG - your wife has good taste in comedians!

Wyo, with all the pumpin' you do around there...those ceegars are on the house!

JofG, tell the Mrs. I'm sorry. Hope it wasn't carbonated.
And if she likes Ron White you got a good woman.

Blue Collar all the way. She has excellent taste. I still do not know why she married me though, or stayed with me for 15 years.

she's looking over your shoulder, isn't she, JofG?

JofG's SO gettin' lucky tonight.

She was, now she is snuggling the one of our kittys
Shepherd Book

and he didn't even have to pump gas for it :P

no kidding - 15 years and he's still mooning over her? *sigh*

as long as he's not mooning her....nttawwt if that's what ya like...

whatever turns ya on, I say...

Thank God for free enterprise. Perhaps they'll throw in a free lube job.

a woman's arse is a thing of beauty and shouldnt be covered up...

a man's arse is just a "thing" and should be covered up

So is it pay at the pump ?

I've got an uncle who used to call gasoline "motion lotion"
He was ahead of his time.

In some cases, pay before the pump. (I am just guessing, I saw Pretty Woman last week).

Makes me wonder how many Hummers there are on the road down under.

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