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August 23, 2006


As you know if you have no life are a regular reader of this blog,  we have continued to follow the plot of the amazingly stupid hugely popular TV show 24, even though the show is not actually going on. A key element in this effort has been the amazing Steve (real name: "the amazing Steve") who each week in the comments section of our weekly 24 post has provided a minute-by-minute account of his random neural firings the latest developments. It turns out that Steve, along with pretty much every other member of the vertebrate family, has a blog, and he has collected all of his summaries here. We have no doubt that some day, Steve will be recognized for his work by a panel of Nobel Prize judges. "Hey!" they will say. "That's Steve!"


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I'm working my way through season 4 now, but I may head into imaginary-24-land afterwards to get me through the drought. Thanks, Steve!

Steve, when you win your Nobel Prize, will you please introduce me to Kiefer?

Yay for Steve! They make as much sense as the screenwriter's offerings. Steve for screenwriter on the show!

Yay for Steve! They make as much sense as the screenwriter's offerings. Steve for screenwriter on the show!

ISIANMTU: A friend of mine (and fellow 24 enthusiast) ran into Kiefer at the Dresden (the bar where they filmed part of Swingers). Not surprisingly, Mr. Sutherland was three sheets to the wind and informed Mike that it was up to Mike to save the world.

Steve ~ without your weekly episodes to fill in the hiatus, I would have tazered someone in a bar by now a la my Chloe.
Thank you.

Sorry about the double posting. The robot made me do two verifications that I was a person.

Betsi - the charm of Kiefer is his utter loyalty to the drink and absolute refusal to apologize for it. Gotta love a man who sticks to his guns vices

We wanted him to become a doctor. But this is okay too.

"We wanted him to become a doctor. But this is okay too."

Amazing Steve's Amazing Mommy is a Jewish mother!

My parents wanted me to become a doctor, too. Obviously I didn't.
But I played it a lot.

I say Steve is a mole. He's a screenwriter on the show hired to blog pseudonymously (don't know if that's a word) as someone who gives a crap.

Speaking of 24:

Question: Everything I'm reading suggests Wayne Palmer will already be president when 24's sixth season begins. But now I'm hearing he gets elected later in the season. Do you know which is true? — Michael

Ausiello: Unless Season 6 takes place on Election Day, I think it's safe to assume he'll already be the president. When I ran into exec producer Evan Katz at press tour, he explained his decision to install David's bro in the Oval Office. "It's a great choice. It's RFK. It's the slightly less-polished younger brother who has something to prove and is living in the — 'shadow' is too strong a word. But living with the martyred, heroic older brother is very powerful. What I think we need to remind people is that we're not just [making him the prez] because he's [David's] brother. He was [David's] chief of staff in Season 3. He's a big part of politics."

Yay! for Amazing Steve! I'll bet that the person asked to award the Nobel Prize will be Dave, the Pulizter-winner.

I posted this earlier but on a thread that had mostly been deserted:
Kal Penn has signed on to play a terrorist.

Steve, I consider it a tremendous social injustice that the likes of Paris Hilton, Madonna and Tom Cruise have become so well known for their "work" and you live in relative obscurity.

Wait a minute? Who wants to be famous, and no longer be able to frequent the local pub? I want to be obscure from my relatives.

I take it all back, 'cause I wish the best for you.

Wyo - it's about "Faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, and more money", (Thank you, Mr. Hall)

Talk about a shamless plug. Now Dave's shilling for him!


pogo, while at 25 I'd agree with you, at 45 I've been bucked off too many times, the younger women won't be seen with me, older whiskey just puts me to sleep so I miss the last half of the movie (again), and the IRS takes all the money anyway.

*awaits pitty from kitty*

Er...shamEless...but shamless works, too, I guess.

Wyo - an old(er) cowboy is still sexier than a young metrosexual

Hoorah for Steve!!! His summaries are always the highlight of my Tuesday mornings. :)

kitty, I knew you were blurking out there somewhere. And a woman ain't worth hangin' with till at least 35.

Works every time, boys.

I was just waiting for the right bait.

I've seen 35 and I feel better now than I did then...


I agree w/Wyo and kitty - older cowboys/outdoorsy types beat urbanites of any age at any time. I wouldn't have dated myself until my current age, so yes, I cling to the notion that experience trumps perky bazoomage

hey - I was 24th on a 24 thread. I'm going to buy a lottery ticket

Somebody mention bazoomage?

I'd like to thank the academy for ....

Ha! I'm away from my web browser for a little while, and look what happened! :-)

Thanks, everyone!

When David writes something like this,
"As you know if you have no life are a regular reader of this blog . . . "
He communicating much the same concept as when William Shatner said on Saturday Night Live sometime back,
"For all you Trekkies out there who spend so much time on Star Trek . . . GET A LIFE!"
Except that David is giving us a gentle jibe (and a hint) whereas Mr. Shatner's approach was, well, more straightforward.
It gives one pause . . .

It's pretty cool when DB plugs your blog.

Sounds like a plunger will fix that.

High-fives Steve!!!

Dr d - then don't visit

Go Steve!

Hi Dr. Doug,
Thank you for your analysis. I notice that you stop by the blog quite often. Whatsa' matter, Honey, no life?

Hmm. Dare I point out that I beat Dave to the punch by linking to Steve's blog from my blog several eons months ago, and that Steve also linked to mine using its stupidly yet amusingly long entire title/name/blog moniker?

Uh, yes -- yes I DO! feel that daring. But hey, Dave, you can take consolation in knowing that you beat me with the whole Pulitzer-winning thing.


I’m eagerly awaiting the next series of “24.” Advance releases indicate that Mr. Spermblow has developed even fresher scenarios for our drooling ingestion. Opening episode shows heinous plotters in the Vatican arranging Jack Bowwow’s public castration. A team of plainclothes Swiss Guards is dispatched to America to release a Mortal-Sin virus. Insiders at CUT, led by the Holy Ghost in human form, thwart countermeasures by revoking all laws of Physics. Audrey and Chloe abandon ship to live as a lesbian couple. All this from the creative keyboard of Noel! What a guy.

Bwaahahaha! I always said I had "no life". Now I have proof ;)

Take a bow, Steve!

Anyone want to comment on 24 winning best drama last night? Incredible. But even more incredible is that Gregory Itzin didn't win best supporting!

And I wonder how Kiefer celebrated...can you drop trou at Hollywood parties and get away with it?

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