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August 25, 2006


Mistakes on a Plane

(Thanks to fivver)


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FIRST! seems so cliched.

I'd have eaten the crew if they kept me cooped on a plane that long.

For me, SN, it would depend upon how cute the stewardesses were. *rim shot*

I would have gone totally batsh*it being cooped up on a plane for that long.

Another passenger said if she didn't shut up she'd punch her teeth in.

Wait - this is unacceptable behavior? Hell, it's business as usual during rush hour

*Snork* @ Drew. Good one.

Primate on a Plane!"

Why wouldn't they just let them off when they knew there was an engine problem?

It's like a psychological experiment.

What's the standard for kidnapping?

The one thing they didn't mention is how hot it gets on those planes when they're on the tarmac. I'm thinking that many people exceeded the number of hours for which their deodorant is guaranteed.

I think I'll switch to trains.

Yeah, but you WERE first, Drew. So, now you're the cliche.

No trains to Havana, morgana.
But if there were,
you can be sure
that they'd run on time.

True CH, but being an American I can't go to Cuba anyway ;)

Steam ships it is.

*SNORK* @ Clean

Ya beat me to it, buddy.

how is it that no one's remarked yet on "Peter Sidebottom"?
Oh, I forgot, this blog has way too much class for that...
*cough* *hack*

Sorry, Mary & kids. :-)

You know I knew as soon as I wrote that someone would mention the "over the water" drawback... but you guys are FAST.

Thanks, Betsi, for pointing that out. Some observations:

- Folks going to Havana could hardly be expecting air-conditioned comfort once they arrived; perhaps Virgin was just trying to acclimate them?
- If I were named "Sidebottom," that would be reason enough to riot, right there.
- Were the bobbies called because a planeful of people going to Havana might be considered a greater risk for rioting for some reason?


Um, blogkids, what Mr. Clean Hands meant was that cute stewardesses taste better serve better food.

*hangs head in shame*

you mean there was a time when they served food on airplanes??

actually I do remember that time, but I can imagine my kids asking me that someday.

*snork* @ blurk. Hey, thanks for helping out with the clarification there, buddy.

Betsi, there was a time when stewardesses were served on a plane. Of course, I am too young to have experienced that time.

I'm there for ya, Clean. Always glad to help.

CH - at least put a Mary alert out when you're going down that road.

I would probably have organized a riot, initiated a jihad and then blamed it on the terrorist and during the melee I could have eaten all the carry on snacks everyone smuggled aboard.

That article reads eerily similar to an experience I had trying to fly into Germany from Dulles. Toss in smoke and flames coming out of the engine and an East German woman in hysterics because her visa was expiring in 24 hours and you are there (well, except it was a Pan Am flight).

Nice to see how flying has become so much more pleasant over the years.

If that's a perk of stewardessing, somebody get me an application

*zips in with application*

No, really. I'm starting this new airline...

when do my benefits kick in at BlurkAir?

I miss steaks on a plane too . . .

Depends upon who your pilot is, kitten.

*burnishes wings*

*checks watch*

In about...now!

um, blurk and clean, do I really have to say "coffee, tea or me"? That is so cliche.

*SNORK* at Mahatma

Kitten, is that one of them rhetorical type questions?

kitten, just don't ask "do you want the whole can?" when somebody orders a soda. *resents being treated like a 12-year-old*

and if I had known the uniform was this small, I woulda reconsidered the job

Them's the rules on BlurkAir, kitten.

And Betsi, I've found if you order a beer on an airline they automatically give you the whole can.
Just sayin'.

yes, boss

betsi - I would give you the whole can!

i'm just too cheap to pay $5 for a can of beer.

and thank you, kitten.

We all have our priorities, Betsi. We all have our priorities.

besides, betsi, you only need 1 at that altitude

that is definitely true, and i'm a lightweight anyway.

now all the blog boys will be plying you with liquor. Moonshine in Blurk's case, probably

I accept any and all donations, but I don't guarantee results.

Did somebody mention White Lightnin'?

Thank goodness SW airlines sends me booklets full of coupons for beers. They tend to pile up though, as how on earth are you supposed to show at the car rental if you use more than a couple? Booklets?!

Once played poker from Seattle to Anchorage with three friends and the stewardess! We were the only passengers on the entire wide-body jet, so she just parked the drink cart and joined us; we played for free drink coupons [she was supposed to hand them out singly to de-planing passengers, but just gave us each a stack].

just the fumes will get me drunk. Only you hillbillies can handle that stuff, I fear


When I was a kid my grandpa made White Lightnin' all the time. It was so strong I used it for fuel for my motorcycle. It burned so hot that it eventually burned the top out of the piston.
I wonder if I'm gonna have stomach problems?

I would say it's a safe bet.

Hey all...back in Miyami!

oh well...I get here and everyone leaves!


I'm still here, Siouxie. Glad you had a safe trip.

Welcome home, Sio!

Oh! Now you're gonna play hard to get.


people!! whewww....

missed you all! Thanks, blurk & CJ!

blurk, in case you missed my post...I did miss ya too!

me?? play hard to get??


even give ya a simul!

Well, I did miss the simuls. I feel much better now.

I missed them too, blurk...

I'll just to double up to make up for it...

Sorry, Sioux. I was calling a game on the other thread.
How was the trip?

I saw LOL and very funny!

It was good...emotional..but otherwise OK...just part of life...I'm good though - for now LOL

Wyo kept tabs on me in IM's...he's a sweetheart

I saw you were speeding. *shakes finger back and forth* tsk...tsk...

hmmm not that fast...just following along

welcome back, Siouxie

thanks, kitten!! sorry was off to dinner

Speaking as someone who is slightly claustrophobic, let me just say: “AAAAAAAAAGH!!!”

Gads, go away for a little while and I get posted!

In January I took a 13 hour flight from NY to Tel Aviv. It was dark when we left NY, spent all day in the air and landed at night in Israel. I was never so ready to get off a plane in my life!

BTW blurk, SouthWest flight attendants used to wear hot pants. Those were the days!

WTG, fivver!


Somebody had to say it.

I'm just sorry it was me.

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