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August 11, 2006



(Thanks to hennessy)


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It was captured under a bucket? Is that an official squirrel catching contraption?

for the residents of Winter Park, the long national nut-mare is over...

why did the guy let the squirrel loose? under a bucket is a good place for a crazy squirrel!

Oh my. My apologies.

you want me to delete a couple o' those? ;)

Negative for rabies huh. I guess we're back to PMS.

Them Winter Park residents must read this blog. Didn't we already cover this?
Crazed squirrel=Blow. It. Away.


Judi, if you wouldn't mind. It's Friday, too much caffine...and squirrels give me the jitters.

I think that the squirrels have been in the server -- it's been nutty around here all day, so no wonder it attracted them.

amen, blurk!

that squirel is just mad cause that mouse won the audition over him....


Pissed-off Marauding Squirrel?

Off topic, but important.

This just in.......

TSA adds Wet Farts to list of banned items.

Well, for God's sake, keep mudstuffin away from the airports!

snork @ spike.....how about wet willy's

Don't even think about it Chaz-man!

All it takes is one poison nut...

Or a dog.

Or a good BB gun.

Or, dammit, just a heavy stick. Jeez.

Oh wait. This is Floriduh, so just get one of them wild gators in there.

seems as if Punkin is always wetting somehting herself...so she is now on the "no fly" list...

trying to board plane
holding my breath lest i squeak
and set off alarms

'tis not for nothing
that i am known by the name
the detonator

if i can't hold it
i promise that i will sit
with the cell phone guy

Judging from Punkin's story on the other thread, she'd never make it through the metal detector.

Snorks @ spike

snork big time @ Blurk for that comment

Flight Attendant: "Are you carrying an illegal liquid, sir?"

Passenger, Unstraining: "Not until I tried to put my bowling ball in the over head compartment."

I used to have a belly ring and every time I would fly the darn metal detector would BEEP! I would have to explain every time and they'd check near my stomach to make sure it was that. I got so tired of it that I'd just lift up my shirt a bit and show 'em before the thing started beeping...IANMTU

Or, relaxing: "Not any more..."

Thanks, Chaz.

Yeah right, Siouxie. Stick to that story.

TSA Agent: next

Punkin: That would be me

TSA Agent: do you have any weapons of mass destruction, knives, liguids etc etc

Punkin: uh..NO!

TSA Agent: Miss...what is that buzzing I am hearing? do you have any electronics on your person..an iPod maybe...?

Punkin: no (weakly)

TSA Agent: Miss I am going to have to ask that you declare ALL electronic or we will be forced to strip search you and do a body cavity search!

Punkin: Please do...lemme tell you what happened....

geez...it's true, blurk

you think I just flash the security guys for NO reason??? what kinda girl do you think I am?? HUH?

Siouxie, sorry, I don't know that one... Illuminate those of us who are acronym-impaired?

wow - I have never laughed so hard in my life! Chaz, thanks!

Siouxie, I'll bet thats one cute....well...

I am not making this up (CH)

me? can I get a snork? that would make my weekend!

Geeze, Chaz! Some of us have coffee in our mouths while we're reading this blog!

Now I need a new keyboard.

*SNORK with a twist* (it's almost happy hour, after all) Chaz

*snork* @ Chaz!!

CH - I am not making this up

Thank you, 24. Now I am better able to cope with the comments on this blog.

Some of them, at least.

24 - you and I think alike!! Cheers

i miss my belly button ring...

can someone tell me what ROFLMAO is? or whatever that acronym is

I miss it too Betsi...mine just fell off and I never replaced it...course I was thinner back then too. UGH!

24 - Rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off

yeah thats what happened to me too. it was a birthday present from two of my friends, they were pissed.

rolling on the floor laughing my ass off

then there's ROFLMAOTIPIMP

rolling on the floor laughing my ass off till I pee in my pants

24-Rolling On the Floor Laughing My A$$ Off

I miss both of your (not you're) belly button rings. *Leer*

well...have a great weekend Blog Pals. I have to go pick up my explorer which decided it wasnt going to charge its battery anymore...$295 dollars later, my new alternator is in and ready to be picked up...

have a good y'all

thanks blog babes

That's a new one on me, Siouxie -- I like it. :-)

And how appropriate for today, too.

have a good one, Chaz!

C-ya, Chaz.

nite, Chaz!

I must be off as well.

It's Happy Hour!!!

oh would that it were 4:52 here...

ok...ALMOST ..I'm already home so it is for moi :)

Max-Snorkage Chaz!!!

Breathing Puppies WBAGNFAGB. :-D

CH - yes they are... :)

HEY! I share my most intimate secrets with you guys and you use them to humiliate me.....oh....wait,
I guess I kinda deserve that. Carry on.

Oh! Butt first - I could really make a good WAND joke in there somehow!!

<. . . heading out for some ammo for his 22 . . .>

"Violent Squirrel" WBAGNFARB!

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Were all doomed!!! The squrills are rebelling.

And Washington DC is there HQ. I know this becuase I canot walk ten feet without seeing soem squirll staring at you.

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