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August 16, 2006


Men, it is best not to click here.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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To quote Daffy Duck: "Of course, you know, this meanth war."

*snork* @ winky

and ouchie for the boys!!!

Woo-hoo! A TRIPLE simulfirst.

Blazing new ways to have a first all morning here... :-D

trimul first!

I'm sure all women want to do that to thier husbands at some point in thier life.

And two triples in a row, too. Okay, I'm going to take a break now and get some work done.

"...she stabbed him in the winkie at which point he decided to leave"

a decision he probably should have made before he started beating her

wowsa...and yet another one!

I'm done for the day...*smoking*


Three triples in a row? That's against the law in most jurisdictions, ain't it?

"22 News Uncut"? bit personal, innit?

Oooh! My first simul! I feel a strangely pleasant tingly sensation!

Clearly false advertising in this case, too, judi.

I'll repeat... OUCH.

(So, did she get her Home Circumcision Kit from eBay, or what?)

The Winky? Who was this guy giving a report to? A preschool class?

Holyoke Winky Batman!!

obviously, that would be a technical term

That's MISTER Winky, to you.

doowaddles everywhere are cringing

To view the entire interview of Chief Scott, click here to go to 22News Uncut.

Sure, just rub it in to that poor guy.

*reads about guy*

Here, use my salt.

I hope this stands as a lesson to all wife beaters. They can hurt you back 20 times more

"...she stabbed him in the winkie at which point he decided to leave"

I appreciate good common sense.

she's a better woman than me - shotguns do a bit more damage....

Usually you read about this sort of thing happening far away, such as Thaibodia or Swazigeria or Molvania.

But this is just a short drive down the road!

*searches ebay for cast iron jockey shorts*

I agree with you, Kitten - any man lays a hand on me is gonna be leaving, ah, empty handed, that's for sure!

kitten...agreed! He'd have a misterwinkynomore if it were me...and btw...my sister's name is LORENA (IANMTU)!

I am constantly bemused by the euphemisms we have for standard anatomical parts.
I recall a scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit where a small baby with an adult voice (a Bronx accent and attitude) exclaims, "I have a turdy-year-old-lust and a tree-year-old dinky."

The sword is mightier than the pen is.

I couldn't resist. It must have been the word "winky."

A fellow from Holyoke, Mass
Got into a fight with his lass.
It may make you hinky;
She punctured his winky
Which is worse than a pain in the a$$.

*snork* @ stevie

and I'll take the Penis Mightier for $400, Alex!

as Foghorn said, for future reference: the best time to leave is before someone stabs your winky.

*SNORK* @ Ford79!!!!!!

Betsi - maybe if he would have used his winky instead of his fist, they'd be in a happier place

maybe he should have left her alone and painted a nice therapeutic picture with his winky

another *snork* @ Ford79!!!

Dr. Doug, I seem to recall a time when someone linked to a site that had alternative names for genitalia. It was hilarious. Anyone?

Dave once posted this link to Penis Land.

Dave once posted this link to Penis Land.

so, el, you're trying to outdo Dave by posting it twice? ;-)

First evil co-pilots, now winky stabbers. What *doesn't* Holyoke have to offer?

Sorry to disappoint, but a "winky" is an eye.

At least that is what teacher told me when I asked her.

one eye'd snake is what she meant

Did anyone else watch the video? According to the police chief, the moral of the story is this:

"I don't think that you should be beating up on your domestic partner and let them have an access to a knife."

Way to go there, Captain Obvious.

Also, I can't believe he said "winky" -- twice -- on camera without so much as a smirk. I would have totally lost it.


Whut's that old nursery rhyme about Winken and Blinken and Nod ... ?

(That's enuf. I've already gone too far ... but I wuz led there by the rest of y'all!)

... mebbe not ...

How about the adage, "A Wink is as good as a Nod" ... ?

Chris, yeah, the reporter seemed to have trouble keeping from laughing. And I'm not sure about the press-conference-worthiness of the event, unless the chief just really wanted a chance to say "winky"

...and when he said "winky," a bird puppet on a string dropped from the ceiling and he won a hundred dollars, as strains of "Hooray for Captain Spalding" could be heard over the applause of the audience.

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