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August 11, 2006


We admit to having blogged this page before, but this time, it's more for the guys.

(Thanks to Leetie of the large cardboard fluctuating-size strumpethead)


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Assumes target position.....

hmmm that would be an easier way to insert...

Is judi trying to say that our comments have been of lower quality than usual somehow?

(Yeah, I'm building myself one of those. Tonight.)

Siouxie - Yeah, uless your "shooter" is a lousy shot - then you end up woth bruises all over your butt before he finally hits the spot.

Ok....even I grossed myself out with that visual image.....

UNless........ so grossed out I can't type.... better go do something to unwind....

they must be crazy. when i need tampons, i prefer my weapons to be loaded with buck shot.

Blogkids: "Hey mom, what's this one about?"

Blogmom: "No, kids, I don't think we're going to look at any of these other funny posts today. How about we go bake cookies instead."


Or it ends up "stuck" like your unfortunate accident. YIKES!

Can "blurk" be a verb. 'Cause I think that might be what I just did on the floor over here.

With a question mark, even. <Sigh>

CH - you blurked???

Yeah, Siouxie... the idea of someone using one of these for *normal* tampon application caused me to do so.... or did I mean "hurked?"

Anyway, it's a mess.

cleanup in the feminine hygiene aisle

*SNORK* @ Betsi.

Instead of "Rambo" is he "Tampo"?

yeah...even the visual is pretty disturbing.

*snork* Betsi

snork at punkin

Yay! I have an acronym! :)

It's a real snorkfest around here, ain't it?

Sick. Sick, sick, sick. The red paint... just sick.

Notice the guys in the photos positively, absolutely did NOT want their faces shown?

YAY for you, Leetie!

And this is a blowgun? (Practicing major restraint here...)

blurk can indeed be a verb. To lurk on the blog without posting.

It is more commonly known here as a proper noun. The person on the Dave Barry blog who tries to steer the discussion back on topic and is as pure as the wind driven snow.

Or that other guy.

*hack, cough* at blurk

Ah, see, I did have it confused with "hurk." My bad; sorry.

*SNORK* @ blurk (spitting all over the screen!!!

THAT was funny...

So... this wind-driven snow got driven through a sewage plant, I take it?


AHEM - There is NOTHING proper about Blurk....

Punkin, you keep your two boo...uh...cents out of it.

blurk, that would be nearly impossible...

Have you seen the size of those uh..Tetons???? (see previous thread/pic)

psst...I was only kiddin' about the boobs. Put 'em back in with us.



Snow in the form of a tripod.

Snow lying over an October 2004 calendar page.

Snow around a freshly-trimmed hedge.

Need I dredge up more?

another payment...should be almost paid up by now, geez..

Now, now people! We were discussing re-blogging. Focus please!

See. :P

Heavens, Siouxie. You don't even owe me anything.

CH - I think you've about "dug-up" all the virginal snow already.

That was a triple. Siouxie you are now all paid up.

Oh, heavens, Siouxie - this is just the past 24 hours!


Re-blogging....is that like multiple, um, ah, blogging???

Maybe it's a euphemism for "device retrieval?"

Geeeez....ya share ONE little, tiny secret among FRIENDS and they make a big deal out of it....

Well folks, gotta go drive my daughter to a friend's...see ya's later!

Have a good weekend those of you that aren't weekend bloggers!!!


What the he!! is that noise?

This must be cross-linked to the estrogen blog today! Guys, let's all head for the hills, burp, and scratch ourselves....Wait. We do that anyway.


psttt...not blurk...I think it's Punkin's a$$

*vows never to reveal story behind tittoo.... yes, TITtoo... 'night all!"

bye now!!! :)

bye Siouxie

See y'all later.

You know we only bring it up because we love you, Punkin. (And it makes us snork all over again every time we think of it.)

I wuv yowse guys too, CH....and I know you will never let what you have read today spread beyond these, ah, walls....

Nobody else would even understand how the topic ever came up, Punkin, so your secret is probably relatively safe.

I mean, how could I explain to Mrs. Hands that I was sitting there innocently minding my own business, and somebody just happened to tell me this story?

ch: i axed you a queschun.

Is that the answer you were looking for, judi?

(Got this "called to the principal's office" feeling here...) *Ulp*

Did I come home to an alternate universe? Blurk has reformed? Well, miracles do happen!

I think that it's blurk's evil twin. He's been posting under "not blurk" and he has a moustache, which makes me suspicious.

he seems to have slunk off...where do you suppose the real blurk is?

WriterGuy: Any relation to WriterDude?

Chasing down a stolen donut truck?

I thought blurk was the evil twin?

Siouxie is also quiet - perhaps they are canoodling in a corner?

No, Siouxie said that she had to drive her kid somewhere, I think.

Maybe she's driving the getaway minivan for a great donut heist?

as long as I get a jelly donut, I won't rat them out

Toasted Coconut is my poison of choice.

I don't cotton to this.... Nope, not at all.

No, no relation. Nothing to see here. You can go about your business. These aren't the droids you're looking for.

So I rushed home to see what I had missed today.

Yet another mistake.

It's been a particularly fun-filled day, Wyo.

Just for the record, while we're on the

that was weird, what happened to...

I can't seem to post a link.



Did I miss a rule change or something??


Great pic, Wyo. LOL

thanks, CH, system's acting funky. It is a great picture, though.

Hey, heading out now - have a good weekend. Lots of fun planned at the Hands Haus... Finish cleaning the garage. Clean the fridge out. Clean out the kitchen cabinets. Straighten out the living room. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Wyo...I think what has gone on today on this blog may have short circuited half of the main frames in north America. Be VERY careful while blogging, and if you hear a BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. RUN!

G'day Hands....Have a good one

Hah! The real blurk is back!!!

24, reformed? Me??!!

Not a chance.

blurk, where are you right now?

Now, where's all the bazoomage?

Just in case anyone wondered if it really was me.

move on, imposter

back ya'll!! what are you guys doing here this late??

24, I'm home all by my lonesome. My son finally fixed the computer!!

imposter blurk is here

24 - we were NOT cannoodling...were we, blurk??

I just had some...uh...payments to make..yeah..that's it!

here's your jelly donut :)

that's not our blurk

Uh...24...I own not one, but two Fords and I'm comin' to WP. Believe me now?

hmmm I dunno...I've never seen him here this late, 24

how old is your son?

wooo hoooo sammich!! is that really you??

23. Any further questions?

what are you doing here so late?

I asked both of you that!

Like I said, my son finally fixed my computer.

Mr. 24 is working Mopar until super late - waiting to put the kids to bed

ohhhh so we get to bug blurk all night!! wooo hoo!!

watch out for Mrs. Blurk

And before all the bloglits get too excited, my son is actually my stepson. I really am only 35, well, 36 next month. Mrs. Blurk is 43.

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