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August 29, 2006


This is troubling.


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yummy - I'll send you white bread in exchange for 7 grain!!!!

Oh yes, I'm all to familiar. Blurk lives in the "windy city" here in Montana, so I'm sure he has plenty of lip protectant as well.

*tries to imagine blurk slathering on lip gloss and just can't seem to do it*

nah...he's such a macho man that he prolly uses sandpaper to roughen up the lips...sorta weather 'em.

He probably uses carmax (tm thingy) - more manly than strawberry lip gloss

Sorry I missed all of that - was in transit. (Believe it or not, they actually have wireless Internet here at the hospital.)

Nothing to report, but it looks as though I will be able to report (and post pictures) from here. Yay technology!

well good thing I don't live in Key Largo...they're only getting two inches there...


YAY Daddy Hands!!!!

*keeping those good thoughs and prayers going as I hunker and wait for those inches...*

What's this 'bout me puttin' on lip gloss?
Ladies there are few guarantees in life but here's one of 'em.
That'll NEVER happen.

*waves @ blurk*

oh Hi blurk! I said you were ROUGH and TOUGH!

^look up^

happy thoughts, Clean! Hope the Mrs. is doing well.....looking forward to hearing about Baby Clean

psst Gypsy..Carmex is the lip stuff...Carmax is where you go to look up VIN numbers

Thanks, guys! I conveyed your well wishes to Mrs. Hands, who appreciates it, even though she thinks I'm silly for hanging out on a blog at a time like this. :-)

well duh, CH!

what the fuff are you doing here and not with her during this intense time when she needs you right there next to her in case she wants to strangle you or squeeze your b@lls soooo hard you'll never EVER get her pregnant EVER EVER again or else?????

*taking deep breath and swig of wine now*

uh...that's nice, CH

*Serious time* And a language warning.

Clean put that damn computer down and get your ass in with Mrs. Hands!!!

Clean, if Mr. 24 had been blogging while I was birthing his children, he would not have needed the vasectomy!

ok....maybe blurk was a bit more blunt... :)

my point exactly, 24...

the bastid better BE right there next to me to watch me SCREECH in PAIN...dangit!

looks like he took your advice, all!


think we all scared him??? LOL

Thanks Betsi - I'm so glad someone knows what I'm thinking :-)

I'm sure Blurk is talented enough to use his lips to look up VINs, but that's not what I meant.

Gypsy, it's a good thing this blog is semi G rated. I may have to break my own fingers to keep from responding to that.

need the duck tape, blurk??

Siouxle, if 5 inches...of rain.. makes you swoon, we need to talk.

Siouxle, if 5 inches...of rain.. makes you swoon, we need to talk.

ok 5+5 = 12

Need more than duct tape this time, Siouxie. That is just too much to resist.

well Jazz...I said 5 to 10

either way it looks like Ernesto's a typical guy..get ya all excited about the inches and then *POOF* a total dud...not even a good blow gust of wind around here.

blurk - welcome back ....missed you sooooo

Missed you too, Siouxie. Now, move over. And get out the cheez-wiz.

it may not be long, but it's skinny!

We're gonna need a bigger appetite

lots of cheez-wiz left over

*makes room for blurk*


Jazzzz, sorry to hear that :P

Why Blurk - how can looking up VINs be in the least provocative?...LOL

Mary, ease the kids away from the monitor. I don't know how much longer I can stand this.

*thinks blurk's gonna blowwwww*

hopefully it'll be better than Ernesto *eg*

... not ... touchin' ... NEthing ... on ... this ... thread ...

Wowser! Hurricanes (& their forecasters) sure do bring out the best in y'all ...

*snork* OtheU

we just try to entertain ourselves sometimes...

OK ... I gotta renege ... I can't resist ...

... 5 to 10 inches (of rain) ... ?

Sounds like a pretty big wet spot, to me ...


how does a hurricane get named and why the name they are put???

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