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August 29, 2006


This is troubling.


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You're not kidding... I'm all the way in Connecticut and this thing is about to ruin our holiday weekend!

Oh dear...looks like we're doomed now!!

*runs out to get more wine*

You once had a dog named Ernest - now you can have a hurricane named Ernesto!

Uh, Dave......either Florida is screwed, or you're about to be hit with a nasty yeast infection.

... and 'Walter' is on the list for 2010.

One word.....Monistat

"Bread sample"??? WTD???

Ooooohhhhh, yeah, the "seven-grain, toasted" to fool the dumb kids ... yeah!

actually, O:?? that was the only thing left at the Publix I went to yesterday...the 7-grain. So I got that.

Hey, desperate times call for 7-grain bread...

Just walked outside. No hurricane in sight. I'll keep checkin', though.

Ernesto is leaving some side effects here in NJ, even as I type... Ack, my face hurts....



Jeezely, blurk ... no hurricane in sight here in Nodak either ... coincidence? I think not.

(It WUZ 42 degrees Fahrenheit @ Aneta, Nodak this a.m. however ... merely a brisk, refreshin' "nip" in the air ...)

I'm gonna stock up on beer, though.
Just in case.

I hate you....


Oh, I'd better get cheez-wiz, too.
'Cause I'm hungry.

I have plans that involve being outside for most of the holiday weekend - that damn Ernesto better not mess them up!

HA! I got cheez-wiz...neener neener! :P

It'll be LONG gone by the holiday weekend here...YAY!!!


Are the hurricanes in cahoots with Chloe now? How else could Ernesto get plans for a nuclear twinkee?

I'm no doctor (though I play one while watching tv), but I advise you to double your beer intake immediately, if not sooner.

WHEW! For a moment there, after noticing that the leavening process was connected directly to the gluten phase, I thought for sure we were going to see this Atlantic hurricane tropical wheaze all the way out here in Arizona. But it looks like we might actually be safe, because of that whole "d.21 dough procedure" thing. Thank the baker!

But Dave look at the bright side you get to use your generator.

hmmm - perhaps I should buy another case of beer and a couple extra bottles of wine. Blurk, you're preparing for Ernesto, right??

Do you think those very skantily clad ladies in the South Beach Hotels and Residences ads are worried about Ernesto? They certainly don't seem to be, but the woman on top seems a bit on the cold side.

Yes, I'm still being distracted...

Of course, Gypsy. You don't think I'd go buy beer and cheez-wiz just for no reason, do you?

Seriously though Dave stay safe". Tropical Storms are nothing to laugh at.

only Dave?

these are our "snow days"...so lets use them even if it is a false warning

Funny, Ato24, that cone doesn't show Montana. Must be a mistake. I'm still buyin' beer.

Addict - please keep the cone away from Ohio - got a camping trip to prepare for...

Feeder Bands WBAGNFAR concert

Hey I am in Seattle and I am preparing for the cone. Ice Cream cone that is.

It's drizzling lightly here. I guess that counts as weather, just as "beige" counts as a color.

On the other hand, unlike most of you, I can stock up on good beer. :-P

*loves being a beer snob*

*thinks Ernesto will make a severe turn to the west and develop into at least a Cat 2 before it hits Missoula*

*writes note to self-buy more tequila*

Here si something to cheer up all of us in drizzly weather:

Paris Hilton's self-titled debut album, having peddled but 75,000 units during its first week of release — versus, say, the 320,000 of Xtina's new disc — is being deemed a certified flop. "The international outlook is not much better," one industry insider tells the New York Post, if only because the wannabe crooner isn't able to back up the product with a concert tour. "Obviously, she can't sing live," snipes the source

kitten--that IS cheering news.
I kind of wish it would rain here *ducks*


Maybe she could market it as soundtrack music for softcore porn.

Oh, wait. Yeah, I saw the video. (Mrs. H. stumbled across it while channel surfing and forced me to sit through it.)

schadeboy - south beach woman #1 is anxiously scanning the horizon for Ernesto and woman#2 is in training to be a human kite once the winds pick up...

Clean, Mrs. H. stumbled across it, huh?

Is that anything like those ambiguously labled links that you keep talking about?

Clean - you expect us to believe that?

Geezer hotline request. I'm relieved Paris' album is a flop, but who the hell is Xtina?

Christina Aguilera?...

insom - you are correct! you have won a free copy of Paris' new single "If Only My Listeners Were Deaf, I'd Sell More CDs"

i knew we were talking about things that blow...but didnt know we were going to discuss dirty skany whores...wait, I just found a use for wadders...

JUSDT placed a phone call to Mrs Chaz to stop and get more bloody mary mix....

Looks like you might have had a few already, Chaz.
JUSDT sayin'.

And we're mighty glad you found a use for them wadders.

Siouxie--judging by the 2:01 update, you may want to evacuate your young from Sarsota. It's headed right for us (again).

damn. schools are cancelled here for tomorrow. tropical cane or no, it's gonna be a bad day!

bwaaahhhhaaaa punkin.. ttteeeeheeeee

OK..I'm home and got my shutters up (accordion) and patio furniture secured (couldn't toss it in the lake behind my house though)...

I'm on "hunkerin" MODE now!!!

Dave, thank you, as always, for providing such an important public service. Now those poor moms who couldn't find any white bread can make their own.

And we should all note that dough behavior is directly linked to dough fermentation.

and blurk...I still hate you...just sayin'

angene15...it is??? I just spoke to her...the school is still open and they're not too worried

i never hunker, but often hanker. can't we hanker instead? it just so happens that i'm hankerin' for a drink right now.

I'm hankering for a hunk of cheese

According to our update, it's no longer headed towards the West Coast, and now curving to the East. Of course, the update may be skewed due to our overly perky news team. Still, may want to take another look.

oh goody!! watching Channel (we're all gonna die now)7 and their yellow raincoat clad reporter is...uh..WET. He's now pointing at a puddle. Course he's got a British accent so he sounds like he knows what he's talking about!

angene, I thought it wasn't headed to the west coast as well. We're getting it here on the east coast. They'll get a lot of rain, I'm sure but not the brunt of it.

Siouxie, just check outside again. Still no sign. I'm gonna go drink a beer, though.
Just for safety's sake.

Luv ya.

*evil grin™*

"checked" even.
Sorry, kitten's rubbin' off on me.


oh blurk...if I didn't love ya I'd have to hurt ya...

Siouxie, pain just reminds ya that ya ain't dead yet. (movie reference) Besides, sumpthin' tells me I'd enjoy it.

***Mary - throw the kids in the closet***

Oh, blurkie, if I was rubbing, I wouldn't be the only one getting off.

hmm I'll try to remember that, blurk *eg*

don't know the movie though...but I'll try to be gentle...

*takes out whip* *sees blurk run*


Well in case I suddenly go *POOF*...

I blame Ernesto!

blurk?? got any room at the Inn?? I'll bring beer...

Of course, Siouxie. Just leave that d@mn whip in Florida.

And, kitten, um...I wsa taklin' 'bout splelin'.
Just keep rubbin'.

*snork* blurk! Leave ya a little flustered?

Me? Flsutred?


hmmm ..it sounds kinda dirty when they say stuff like - you're gonna get 5 to 10 inches and get extremely wet...

*is it getting hot in here?*

blurk, got it - no whip...whipcream?

kitten, he's all nervous now :)

Whew! Dessert products are welcome.

I almost feel bad setting him up like that

It's a good thing you said "almost", kitten. Otherwise, I would have had to call you a liar.

well, you seem to have recovered just fine!

Yeah, back to my normal, semi-literate self.

yummmm...made myself a yummy sammich...was hungry.

All this hunkerin' gives me an appetite!

Siouxie, you know you're not supposed to make sammiches without me.

What exactly is that link showing me? It looks like a cross between a family tree and a grocery list.

sorry, blurkie...was hungry :)

besides, the sammiches we make are WAY better...and not the food kind.

wanna bite??? *eg*


Mary, please tell me the kids are locked safely away.

poor mary - it must be quite a challenge to keep up with the lewdness of the blog

I meant the sammich, blurk...sheesh (pssst...not too hard...I bruise easily) *runs sharpie through last part*

(keeping it clean, Mary..really)

oh, btw blurk...the Miami City Manager just said we need to "hunker down"!!! I listened to you...yay!

See? Never underestimate the power of hunkerin'.

*sticks tongue out to all those city slickers who won't hunker*

dayam..there's that guy telling me I'm gonna have 5 to 10 inches again...or did he say 'of rain'???



oh my, blurk...

just as I was thinking about all those inches ...of rain, that is.

Rain...new name...but whatever you say, Siouxie.

5 to 10 inches?? - hmmm
You're gonna get wet Siouxie!! - insert wicked grin here

Already am, Gypsy...already am... ;)

oh...uh..that's cuz I went outside to put the shutters...in the rain...and I got wet...


Sure, Siouxie - that's your story and you're stickin' to it, right?

Don't forget the hatches, so you can batten them down.

Mary, please, I'm beggin'... keep those kids locked up!!

MAJOR blowj*b pretty soon too...

*puts on chapstick*

cuz of the wind ...sheesh...

I think I'm gettin' the idea on how to batten down hatches.


Gypsy...didn't find any hatches...but i'm hunkerin' thanks to my dear friend, blurk!

blurk, you're not helping here...

got me again

1. Kitten - Wasn't that "Time for Timer" with the "I hanker for a hunk o' cheese!" rather than Schoolhouse Rock?

2. Ms. Cone of Silence - Where are the 'hockey stick' tracking plots? I miss those from last year.

Out here in Kalifornia, the wind doesn't blow - it sucks.

*hands Siouxie a new tube of Burt's Bees Wax lip balm*

Anything to help

here you go PirateBoy

thanks Gypsy...never too much lip protection!

that damn wind sure does a number on the lips, ya know.

Siouxie - If I was forced to eat 7 grain bread, for even a weekend, I'd gnaw my own leg off. Good luck!!!

Kitten - Thanks! But he looked bigger on TV.... (And what ever happened in "The Country of Uncle Karl"?) <- Geezer Bus Reference

wow, kitten I hadn't seen that in years lol
(the cheese guy)

PB - -don't mind the 7-grain, really ;)

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