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August 11, 2006



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WOW! My best friend lives in Kirkwood and always whines because his life is so dull....CLEARLY he has been lying to me.

Punkin? Did you give Dave a gift while he was on tour?

Simul-first, AND I was addressing my partner in crime. Wow.

No, Clean.....but, coincidentally, one was stolen from my clothesline.

(I noticed because I can only dry one at a time)

I thought your bra was your clothesline

a) that was hilarious, i can't believe how good they are at off the cuff humor
2) my first thought was: that is one bizarre pic of Dave.

9. Dave, what has this book tour taught you about the devoted followers of your blog? (Read it at davebarry.com!)

DAVE: It has taught me the importance of not revealing my home address.

As if we don't have it already...

you'd think he was escared of us or somethin' huh??

Webster must be one wild and crazy place if Dave can be a beauty contestant.

Can anyone tell me about "Escape from the Carnivale: A Never Land Adventure"? Is it a full-length novel? A chapter book for little kids? I can't find any info on it anywhere except on Amazon's pre-order page.

Come on Dave, give up the address. It's not as if we'd all show up nekkid, drunk and makin' silly jokes or anything.

Oh wait.....

why do I suddenly feel Dave is ashamed of us stalkers bloggers? After all we really, really, really, really love him.

oh. mebbe that's why.

We're totally harmless I tell ya!

guin: it's a chapter book for maybe 2nd or 3rd grade-ish level. you could check peterandtheshadowthieves.com or the davebarry.com books page, or the news page. (why go to amazon for dave barry news, hmmmmm?)

The author of this column is ME.

I'm going to round up the children now so they can read it. So please, avoid all "Sharpie-related" comments for the next few minutes.

Thank you and Yippee!!!!

blurk?? shaddup now ok?? the children are here...

Congratulations Mary!!!!!! Wonderful article.
It may, however, be too late for the Sharpie thing.
Besides, Siouxie's here. You know how SHE is.

Hey, is this our own "Mary the blogkids mom"? If so, YAY Mary!

Dave and Ridley--You guys were great! Very funny on the spot. And I, for one, want to see Dave dressed up as a contestant. (picture please, thankyou)

And WoosterGirl -- a few years ago, in an effort to make the Miss Webster pagaent more politically correct, they renamed it and opened it to boys. None entered, so it quietly went back to being just plain old Miss Webster a year or so later.

It was you! YAY Mary!!!

I did look at dave.com but must've missed it - it showed up in my Amazon recommendations. Thanks, judi! :)

Congratulations, Mary!!! Great article!

Blurk?? AGAIN?? that's one more payment k???

they have a whole little plot summary in the "kids corner" at peterandtheshadowthieves.com but i haven't figured out how to cut and paste it yet ;)

Just checked dave.com again - it only has a "coming soon" sentence about the book - doesn't really explain what it *is* if you get my drift. Thanks!

Mmmmfff mm mmff mmfff.

*Glares around over the duct tape.*


MMMF! Mfff mmff mfff *RIP* OW! with judi!

you ok, CH???

ch: huh?

Yeah, just basking in the afterglow now. :-D

Congrats Mary. Great article.
You got to interview both Ridley and Dave and you got blogged too.

Just observing that I had the privilege and honor of simultaneously posting with both Guin AND you.

But someone had put duct tape over my mouth for the benefit of Mary & the kids...

In the interest of allowing Mary's kids to be proud(er) of their Mom, I will respectfully slip off this thread and go, um, knit, yeah, knit a rosary or something....

*now where are those AA's????*

*tosses a couple of her extra AA's over to Punkin*

for the remote control right???

Too late, Dave! I already know your address. (heh, heh)

Unless you moved.

Suzy Q - Two days ago I saw a Maine license plate that said "CUSUZYQ"....it was parked next to a plate that said "KLT"....I think that was Judi's car.

Mary, I have inspected this thread and except for the post by some guy named blurk @ 5:17 there is no need for the Sharpie.

Mary, I think if you could convince Dave to enter the beauty contest, the male participation ratio would go up real quick.

BTW, great Q&A. Congratulations!

WoosterGirl -- Maybe if he knew that the winner gets to ride in the big 4th of July parade through town! It is big. There are still letters to the editor coming in to the paper about a "water balloon" incident that occurred two houses down from where I was watching this year.

Superb interview, Mary! Thanks for getting us a mention.

*Waves politely to grandma and the kids*

Yay, Mary! Great interview and very cute pic of you!

Congrats to everyone for keeping things Blogkid Approved®.

*zips in*

Congrats Mary! How cool is that? Wow! You got to meet Dave and Ridley, have a conversation with them where you asked sharp and pointed questions, to which you got fabulous answers and then judi posted it! That would be the Trifecta if you counted the QandA's as one. Otherwise it would be the Fourfecta, a little known but well-respected something.

So - can you tell us something we don't know about Dave, please, that you learned; i.e., how does Dave smell?
Please don't answer "with his nose". I meant, does he wear cologne, aftershave, balm, etc?

Or any other little tidbit.

*sits down and waits*

*waves hi to Mary's kids*

Punkin: Yep, that was me!

Eleanor: Dave smells like...Dave. No cologne that can be detected, even up close.

Eleanor...hope you haven't fallen asleep there at the computer by now.

Well, let's see. I recall no particular odors.

Okay, here's something. The guitar Dave is holding on the cover of his Book of Bad Songs is NOT really his guitar. The photographer wanted everything on the set to be red, and his personal guitar wasn't. My oldest son gleamed this tidbit as he and my other son grilled him on guitars/music.

Okay, that's kind of lame. Let me think a minute.

Or how's this:

I really don't think he eats as many Cheezits as he lets on. There was a nice assortment of foodstuff at the little gathering we attended, and not ONCE did we see him sneek a cookie. My nine-year-old daughter Jane was watching, and she would have told.

Mary, those are great tidbits!! And I had 2 phone calls and answered 2 e-mails while I was waiting, so it all worked out quite well!

Thanks, SuzyQ as well!

In other news, the Yankees lost and Boston won, so I'm *zipping out* to go to my room and pout!

Toodles! :)

He seems to have a phenomenal memory of everything he's ever written. My son told him that he memorized and presented a column of his about dating at a speech meet (and got a blue ribbon, I might add)and Dave immediately cited the letter-writer who posed the question addressed in the column. I can hardly remember my own kids names some days.

And, finally, in all deference to Frank the Blog Kids Dad, Dave is just plain cute. He could certainly pass as someone at least 10 years younger than he apparently is.

But, just so you don't think I'm totally sucking up: I think he forgot to iron his shirt that night.

The end.

Hey Mary, ignore this post, okay? :)

Am I the only one momentarily puzzled that Dave was looking really, really feminine? I caught the mug out of the corner of my eye and it caught me off-guard for a moment.

Not sure why I was expecting Dave's mug, but I'm pretty sure it was the blue shirt that threw me off. :)

Hey! Speaking of me being clueless, I just now noticed that's Webster Groves, where my fiance grew up and still has family. Woo for Web Groves!

This one is actually written by Sam the blog kid in the BLUE (get it?) Polo. I thought you'd be interested to know that Mr. Barry has met Neil Diamond. That's pretty sweet. We (the blogkids) asked Mr. Barry about his Book Of Bad Songs' cover. Did you know he has a Fender Stratocaster? It's just not in that color, so they used a different one.

Angie, first I am honored (?) to have my photo confused with Dave. Actually, I don't know who is in that photo...I don't recall ever looking like that in my life.

Second -- whose your finance's family? Maybe we're neighbors.

Oops forgive grammar errors and that I forgot who I was a minute ago. It's late.

Mary - It happens. A lot, especially here.

Kirkwood ... cool ... my uncle used to be a pediatrician there, and one of his sons still lives there ... been there, once or twice ...

Nice piece of work, Mary ...

Thanks to all for your nice words.
Yes, Kirkwood is cool. But, as anyone from these parts knows, Webster is better.

PS slyeyes the blogger also lives in Kirkwood, I'm pretty sure.

HEY!!!! Kirkwood Rules!

A little LTTG here, I've been busy and am just getting caught up.

Enjoyed the article, Mary. Congrats on the interview AND getting posted.

And..... who has the Frisco Bell this year? Once my kids graduated, I lost track of it.

*exits with the Kirkwood Honk*:

Kirkwood Have No Fear
We Are the Pioneers!!!

Sam the super blog kid--Thanks for the interesting facts about Dave. Very cool about Neil Diamond and the Stratocaster. Great job Sam!!!

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