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August 11, 2006


From headline writers uniquely skilled at stating the obvious.

(Thanks to Collins69S)


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boobies....and first

It's cold up there!

if blurk gets in here, his...um...head is going to explode! block the door, quick!

heh...back door blurk...heh

Locals come to the foot of the mountain during weddings believing it will bring them goodness and fortune

I'm sure that's not why the groom is there

Mount Punkin??

The mountain is used as a place of worship by the community. and guy type bloggers.


My dream has finally come true. But when did Punkin move to China?

too late...he's here...

Mount Punkin? Well, okay, but Mr. Punkin will prolly get pi$$ed.

I never thought I'd see blatant topography on this blog.

I want to sculpt a bas-relief of a giant lady around 'em.

O'er the Ramparts we watch....

Mount Silicon and Mount Salene in the Aeriola Range.

Until the STRIP miners take out the one on the right.

Then......Mount Lefty or....

Mount Mastectomy

Very rarely do I have such a perfect opportunity to use the word "nippular" as a descriptive.

What's Mandarin for 'Grand Tetons'?

Um........blurk....left a good story back on the last thread for ya.....Judi - please apologize to the FCC for me.

Lairbo, I think it's "Bazoomage", but don't quote me on that.

"Brokeback Bazoomage"(?)

What a day, what a day.

My co-workers used to think that I was in here dilligently working... now they know better.

...She'll be comin' round Bazoomage when she comes, she'll be....

>leaves blog and heads to Cold Stone Creamery<

Mint choco chip please, russell

Mountains shaped like breasts....

.....and breasts like mountains.....

Why do I suspect that russell's going to pull a "Close Encounters" move, only using ice cream, instead of mashed potatoes?

Cleavage Valley?

And your Sherpa today will be Nipsy Russell..

Then there's a certain beers motto: 'If you like my mountains, you'll love my Busch.'

And they kept me out of the lobster thread for "comment spam"....

♬ on top of ol' Punkin'

I wonder if Dual Breast Mountain has the same effect on women as Brokeback Mountain had on men.

no, vanity, not on this woman...

damn work, again...

I've seen the Himalayas before. But I didn't know there were HERmalayas also.

Vanity: If it does...I'm there to watch! 8)

Arthur...that was funny

TropicHunt: down in front. I cant see....

Himalayn' who?

Himalayanher. That's who.

Unless they really are the Brokeback Mountains... then it'd be Himalayanhim, no? NTTAWWT...

Clean, that's an image I seriously don't want. NTTAWWT

back @ home..yay!!

whosalayin who?

Siouxie, you dont wanna find out....

Siouxie, don't make a drink just yet - you'll just be snorking it all over your screen. These people have been off the hook today!

I'm trying to catch up again, 24! I see...too bad I missed most of it...

course nothing can top Punkin's vibrator story.

Problem is the right one is DD and the left looks like a C.

ahhhh... the place where it all began for baby Budah. No wonder he's always smiling.

From the movie Amadeus: The Nipples of Venus!

two big rock candy mountains!

Grand Nippons?

The mountain is used a place of worship ... BY EVERY MALE ON THE PLANET!

Those look oddly fmailiar to me.

Do you know if the mountian has ever been through Tulsa?

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