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August 13, 2006


Be creative. Try to find special activities you and your children can share.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Favorite quote: "...and she told him to be careful". Thanks, Mom! Hey, can I borrow your pantyhose as a mask? You're the best!

I wonder if this is how *Son of Sam* got started?

"........and if we get away clean, we'll go for ice cream! You pay."

Two Mom's in the nursing home:

Mom 1: "My son is a Doctor!"

Mom 2: "Oh! My son ROBBED your son!"

Mom 1: *pushing button furiously with her widdle arthritic hands* "Nurse! Nurse!"

Mom 2, to visiting son: "Son, make her be quiet"

Son: "Can I borrow your pillow, Mom?"

It's gotta be all that cheese in Wisconsin ... they've done a brainectomy, and filled her skull with cottage fromage ...

Key line: She later acknowledged she helped her son commit the robbery, saying she told him it was something they could do together, according to the complaint.

Ah yes, fun times with mom.

LOL, Punkin.

Makes the TPing parents look downright responsible. Upstanding even.

My mom would say she would help, but then rat me out. She does it everytime.

SnagglePuss, where have you been?

Madison, Wisconsin? Madison, Wisconsin? Madison, Wisconsin? Are you sure? I...I...uh...I...Madison, Wisconsin?

The family that robs together.......

But not in this case, as they took her son away from her.

Who wrote this crap?

1) his mother, Janine C. Lewis,

2) A woman later identified as Lewis asked the boy as he was being arrested, "What were you doing?

3)Officers tracked down Lewis at her home

All all *I* did was play Barbies with my girls...

THIS mom is WAY cooler!!!

btw...Good morming Bloglits!!

Mornin' Siouxie - Maybe if you had a Ken doll, HE could do the robbin'. Gotta keep Barbie in those pretty dresses and all.

Hmmm shoulda thought of that. Our Ken doll was always trying to hump Barbie...but with no penis and all...

Barbie had needs too, ya know??

You gals are makin' me nervous. My real name is Ken.

When you're done laughing, I'll go on.

Ok, when I was young there was a little neighbor girl who knew my name was a doll's, but couldn't remember which one. To her I was always GI Joe.

And don't make me dig out the "Barbie" pictures again.

Compared to her, I should win mother of the year. My ex's family is scandalized that I let my 15 year old hang out at the mall with her friends on Friday nights without supervision. Maybe I should send them this article. 0_o

Wyo, course you never corrected her cuz G.I. Joe was the a$$kickin' manly macho doll, huh?? Ken was just a penisless suntanned metrosexual doll...

Sioux, you seem to have some unresolved issues...

I blame Mattel™

I hear that Siouxie!
They are responsible for many of the problems in the world today, including global warming, which probably comes from all those little boys fondling their sisters' Barbies and getting all hot and bothered! ;)

Hmm. She might be taking "supportive" just a bit too far, yes?

my crime spree ended
at eleven-thirty, mom
(wheelman) likes Jay.

maybe she got the idea from the supportive t.p.ing mom.

Just gotta love those family values.

yeah, huh? didn't say where dad is. I'm guessin' Oxford Prison Camp. *sigh*

Reverse evolution in action. Ye gods...

Boy, I used to think it was bad that my mom told me to pretend I was under 8 (even though I was 9) so I could get the kid's price at restaurants and movies! I now nominate my mom for sainthood.

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