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August 30, 2006


Classical music

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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I'll be the FIRST to buy that cd!

Class, yep, we got yer class right here.
(is it so wrong for me to admit I kinda liked it?)

Cool! It's like a day for all "guy" posts!

Thanks, Dave! Thanks, Claire! Brilliant!

wonder if they also play Copa Cabana.

AWESOME!! I love it!

uh...Lab?? There ARE a lot of women of the female gender that happen to love The Simpsons...just sayin'


Bite yer tongue!!

*sigh* no speakers....

I was waiting for one of them to say "d'oh!" or scream when Marge runs Homer off the driveway.

Peter Schickele would have done it.

Even classical musicians are slacking these days.

DOH! No speakers at work.... will listen when I get home.

Favorite Homer Simpson quote:

(Homer goes into a gun shop to buy a gun and is told there is a 3 day waiting period)

"But I'm angry now!"

tee hee

Also loved it when Homer set up a home office and used a stick of butter as a pencil holder....and kept licking the pencils...mmmmmmm.....


And then there's the whole "Anyone for pen!s" thing

Beer, the cause of and solution to all of life's problems....

Next up: Fifty Cent does a medley from Annie!

did someone stretch the margins, or is my peyote breakfast wearing off?

Fish - the blog margins are physically unstretched, but psychically ..... they were stretched and snapped long ago.

And, um..... are you planning on finishing that breakfast?

Meanie?? hungry?

I wonder if they followed that with the theme from King of the Hill?

*waiting for kazu version to be released*

I could always go for a little pey..... snack, Siouxie.

i'Ll S ha re

b l


i wo n't E a T it alll





Anyone else here ever heard the Doors Concerto? Fabulous music! No, really!

I LOVE that! It reminds me of an Italian restaurant I used to go to where the violinist played It’s a Small World.

CH?? how's the Mrs?? any news??

    T       k
h       n
  a         s
  F       h
   i   s

peyote mescaline mescalito fire burning hot sweat taste strong stiff stuff fire smell hot a burning in the belly and barf and wretch and wring the guts like a sock and your brains come out your mouth and squirm on the ground and wriggle under rock and hide there and peek out at you staring with blank eye holes cause the eyes are the window to the soul and yours just lept into the fire and went up in sparks

*Checks Mud's ointment label*

No wonder!

*plays the fiddle*

Makes ya wanna play basketball don't it?

Well Spun MUD, but I saw no lower intestinal play.

*ignites gases*

Nothing definitive yet... still hanging in there.

*SNORK!* @ CH's unintended (right?) pun.

(((((((((((CH & Mrs H))))))))))

hangin' in here with ya's!!

This must have been a very dirty website. Will have to view later. My work filtered it for adult content.

baggins -

Hall of the Mountain King of the Hill Suite

You folks having firewall problems are invited to try viewing it via embedded player on my blog -- just click on my name below.

Thank you, Dave. Thank you, Claire. Bravo, Aranjuez Quartet!

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