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August 07, 2006


You will never be free of them. Never.

(Thanks to many alert disgruntled bloglits)


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AOL needs to be put out to pasture.

I am SO glad I never opened up an AOL account...ever. Only used the free month ...once.

"But it has bled customers in recent years"

Truer words have never been written.

I don't know if anyone's mentioned it or not but...JUDI'S BACK!!!
We had search parties organized and helicopters flyin' and all sorts of other stuff and we were scared.
Don't do that anymore, judi.

and yet people still sign up for this service. PT Barnum would be so proud

I even searched the local Miami happy-hour joints...just in case :)

blurk - I did mention to her that we behaved...

Have those search parties returned from their respective pubs, saloons and male strip clubs?

Yeah...AOL refuses to cancel my dead father's account until they hear it "directly from the customer himself". Good luck with that.

AOL = annoyance online

here's what I think of AOL...

This contains curse words

Hi...this is Chaz coming to you from the Pink Pussycat...still from the Pink Pussycat to report that Judi is STILL not here....that is all

I can vouch that she wasn't at LeBare either...

or so I heard...

I did not go to any male strip clubs.

That is all.

Another acronym

"ALWAYS online, LOSERS!"

Siouxie, did you check under the kilts?

Ashamed and afraid
inescapable giant
see I.D. below

I guess I should have added "NTTAWWT". I mean, if a guy of the male variety is so inclined or...whatever.

uh...24 - they weren't wearing kilts *grin*

or so I heard...

Just thought I'd get my haiku in- I missed most of the blogfest- Whew! All he!! done broke loose while I was gone! And truly some masterful poetry, mud, stan - no, wait that was the crab, right? I get so confused!


OOOHHH! Blurk! My first simul!! wow- it was better than I imagined!

doc, not only was it a simul, but it was a simul with haiku involved. I think that may be illegal in some states. Makes ya feel kinda dirty, huh?

yeah- but in a GOOD way.

in a related, but not funny story, about AOL

*snork* @ for those who don't know any better on Chaz' link.

blurk, diverdowndoc
simulpost with no kleenex
the poem besmirched

now blurk must endure
interview with blog rat squad
- too many cop shows

the question is raised
and not a moment too soon
what is the topic?

i have to confess: i have aol, i don't watch 24, i don't know how to pronounce mojito, my low flow toilet works pretty good, i listen to barry manilow and have a david hasselhoff poster over my bed. i'm so ashamed......
(joking about the manilow and hoff parts)

Wyo - linky no worky ...

OTOH, this lady's story sounds similar to my experience with a company that rhymes with MirthStink ... I am -- even at the very time which I post this entry -- involved in what, one may only hope, will be the end of the three-ring-circus ... and if all goes well, I'll get my $500 back ... (that part is a long story, don't ask, unless you REALLY wanna know) ...

I have made it into mud's haiku. Life is complete. For all of those who aren't fortunate enough to have such an honor bestowed on them I will say...neener and/or booger.

I think AOL is linked to terrorists. They hit my bank account for all it had in it right before Christmas, and I did not have an account with AOL???!! I went right to a bank officer with the evidence, and she had the same thing happen to her son the week before, so she knew what to do. Closed the account immediately and blocked any more charges. Still a mystery how they got my account number. Got my money back, because the bank itself went after them for fraud.

I have also been told by a computer tech that their software qualifies as a virus, because if you try to delete it, it duplicates itself and makes a new file in another place on your computer. That is one reason it is so hard to get rid of once your computer is infected. When I got my new laptop, we cleaned it right away.

I apologize in advance if there are any AOL lovers offended by these comments. Sort of.

As luck may have it, we are getting rid of our AOL today. Thank goodness. Their customer service is the worst. Rude, greedy, and outsourced.. what a combo.

Bobbi, you will need a special tool to clean it off your computer. I have not had to use it, but a friend did. It took her weeks.

OK - here's more of the story ... except for a few minor factors (I'm not dead, for example ... at least, last time I looked ...) y'all can merely substitute the name of OtU for the deceased gentleman in the main thread story, and change the name from AOL to Earthlink ...

Last thing I wuz told wuz that since it had gone to a collection agency, the "billing supervisor" could not touch the account or do anything to help me ... that's when I told her that my lawsuit would begin at this point ...

Other factoids that surfaced in the conversation:

They "do not accept" email cancellations of accounts.

I could never even access the account to find that out, let alone find out about tech support (which I seem to recall trying, once -- did not work) or their 888 number, let alone try to find out their secret traps to keep stealin' my money ...

I wuz told that I had to call the collection agency -- where, in a conversation (?) earlier today, I wuz treated in a more unpolite than merely "rude" manner, and told that they would keep callin' me until I paid the bill ... the language wuz just short of actual cursing and/or swearing (directed at me) ... and so I asked the "billing supervisor" if I wuz supposed to pay my money and spend my time to be insulted and cursed at ... ?

Her response?

I can't touch this account, or do anything with it ...

Now, all I gotta do is die, apparently, to get away from them ... fortunately, I've got ISPs who are a bit more helpful, as my servers now ...

what blurk said

I sympathize with the woman, but she should've just cancelled the credit card after her dad died. WAY easier to get the credit people to understand that someone is dead.

O. the U, Sorry to hear about your Earthlink problems. I have been with them since day one and never had anything but exceptional customer service.

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