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August 29, 2006


A man has to stand up for his lawn-mowing skills.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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gosh, and I don't even have a lawn. missin' all the fun.

In my capacity as a supervisor at work I have frequently threatened to take a sledgehammer to the computers. However, I never thought about taking the bat to the employees. Somehow I was never taught this important negotiation skill.

There's a lawn, lawn trail a windin'.....

He broke up the scuffle with a hammer? Yeah, I guess that could work.

Well just think about it...these are boys fighting with boy toys...

If it were women, we'd be swinging our purses at each other and whacking each other with our stilletos...

same thing...different weapons

Bat, trimmer, and a hammer. In Fruit Cove. Sounds like a typical story from the Brothers Grimm.

I was going to say that I'm surprised that this made the papers in South Florida...

No lawyer info?

Mebbe he could call up the ghost of that famous old-west lawman, Bartholemew (Bat) Masterson ...

Nah ... I got nothin' ...

This is precisely why I never lend neighbors any of my tools. I need them on hand in case some sort of altercation breaks out.

I am trying to picture in my mind, someone defending himself with a weed eater. I wonder if it is the kind that feeds the string automatically?

Didn't one of Carl Hiaasen's books have a weed trimming whack job as a character?

Maybe it's a Florida thing that I just can't understand?

Siouxie, you left out the hair-pulling.

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