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August 28, 2006


Anyone for a nice seaweed bath?

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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"It might look scary, but once you get in there it's beautiful stuff. It's like olive oil all over your body,"

Uhhhhh....I don't think so!!!!!

Nothing like coming home to a bathfull of kelp after a long day.

I'm with bill. um...tempting, but...no

ewwww ...no

Thanks, I'd rather bathe in beer.

Or (thinking way outside of the box now) hot water?

wouldn't it be cheaper just to soak in shower gel if that's the effect you're after?

"It's like olive oil all over your body"

Is that supposed to be appealing?

I find filling my tub with bubbles and a stud to be much more relaxing!

Dermot Devine? and his wife, Claire?
(Thanks to Claire Martin)

*snork* @ kitten

"Once you get used to the feeling of the seaweed against your skin, it's fantastic.

"Once you get used to the feeling of getting so drunk you projectile vomit, it's fantastic."

"Kelp! Kelp! I'm drowning!"


I may just be too used to North American advertising with scantily clad women, but is the picture of that guy really the image they want to use to promote their bath? I'm just saying.

This brings to mind one of Ellen DeGeneres's skits about relaxing in a seaweed bath at a spa, and discussing the process by which they rinse off every nook and cranny (or should I say fanny?). Holy uncomfortable.

Dave, this is your blog so you can most certainly post anything you want. That being said, I'm asking, no, begging that you warn a fella the next time you feel like posting a picture of a fat, bald guy rubbin' himself with giant spinach.

I would consider it a personal favor and if you're ever in Montana I'll wash your car or sumpthin.


My favorite spa experience involved lying in a tiled room on a plastic-draped gurney, drenched in olive oil, scrubbed with "sea salt" (it looked a lot like kosher to me), and then left to "relax", with the suggestion that I "turn over" after half an hour.

Have you ever tried to turn over while lying on a narrow surface covered in olive oil??? Glad they didn't have YouTube then.

(When you're sufficiently "relaxed", they pull down a big ol' shower wand, like they use in the car wash, and sluice as much of the gunk off as they can. Then hot towels, yada yada, and when it's all over you can just FEEL how much cleaner your bank account is after having all that pesky money drained out through its pores.)

And no, I'm not rich; just stupid.

I'll agree, blurk...that looks nasty...the bath too!

Why doesn't he just go nekkid surfing?

I've had the "mud" bath and a sea salt scrub...but they hose you down like a pig (after the mud you LOOK like one)...it's not as relaxing and posh as you may think.

good idea, foggiest!! although it'll still be...ewwwwwwww!!!

I had a seaweed wrap at a spa in Punta Cana. I did have to shower all the green stuff off of my own self however and it took a loooooong time....

Once you get used to the feeling of the seaweed against your skin, it's fantastic.

I keep telling my wife this....

i can only add my: ewww. and a yuck. and snork at Lisa for the kelp comment. hhhha.

What would be enjoyable about looking like Sigmund from Sigmund and the Sea Monsters by the time you get out of the bath?

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