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August 29, 2006


Can we please not make a celebrity out of this creep? Please? Now that it's clear that he's just a creep and he had nothing to do with anything? Can we forget him? Do we have to use him as an excuse to wallow?

Yeah, I know. It's too much to ask.


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Stupid is as stupid does. Whatever the media force feeds, the public will read.

Amen, Dave.

I'm with you Dave

I've been wondering since yesterday if Johnny Depp was flattered. not.


Look at how dumb the whole thing was and the money that was spent on this investigation.

Dave, how many threads are you gonna post that make repeat myself?

Totally agree, Dave...

But we all know those perky reporter types...we'll be hearing about this creep for a while, unfortunately.

Um, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I do believe I said on day ONE that he was not the guy. I could've used my Dick Tracy crime set I got with my gumball to get more info on this guy than the Boulder DA did.

However - he IS a pedophile, so I say skin him alive, slowly. Long, painful strips.

Can we get Jack Bauer to shoot him in the thigh?

Am I the only one who thinks they should send him to jail anyway? Now that people know he didn't kill JonBenet, he's going to have to kill somebody else to get the notoriety he obviously wants.

Matt-I think the thigh might be the wrong place to aim for this time.

stick that squirrel in his rectum....squirrels like little nutz

The news media is ready to let him fade, but unfortunately he is being replace with endless Katrina 1 year retrospectives, which aren't news.

With Walter as my witness, we will NOT use him as an excuse.

But we will wallow. Who can pass up a good wallow?

Plus, he is going to be extradited to California to face child porn charges, and I heard from a reliable walrus penis bone that a fallen on hard times Johnny Cochran (new tagline: "If it rhymes with acquit, you must acquit!" is going to represent him, or make out with Greta Van Susteren live on Fox, or something).

Blurk... When you run for president, can I help?

hmm C-bol?? isn't Cochran dead??

just wonderin'...

Artchick...My hope is ..He goes to prison, his playmates dress him up like JBR, and...well, use your imagination.

Jazzzz, I was gonna run but as you know Dave has an ongoing campaign for President. You just can't compete with that.

Chief of Staff, blurk?

Yes, Johnny Cochrane is dead - cancer, I believe

I'm pretty sure Nancy Grace listens to no one. She's quite a character, very different than her cute as a button, quiet(er) sister, who happens to live nearby and have kids the same age as my sibs. I'm always amazed that they're related.

Siouxie ... there's a lawyer joke there, somewhere ... but I think I'll leave it alone ...

blurk ... mebbe you could be on the ticket as Dave's VP?

"Um, not to toot my own horn or anything," Ahh, welcome to the dark side, Punkin.

BTW: why are you guys so mad at Clay Aikin?

I have a theory that the authorities knew all along he didn't kill that child. He didn't want to rot in a Thai prison, so he made a deal with them to help them round up his kiddie porn buddies if they got him back to the states first. I have no proof of course, it's just the only way I can imagine they'd pay any attention to that a44wipe.

I couldnt agree more. Today we should be focusing on New Orleans, the war in Iraq, the upcoming elections etc... not that creep.

OtheU, Dave is still considering his running mate. But I'm pretty sure I'm still right there at the top.

I hear Dave's edging towards a female VP.

Oh, hey, I'm a girl of the female variety. Hiya, Dave :)

Well, if dead doesn't qualify as "fallen on hard times" than I don't know what does!

Somebody TIVO that make-out session for me.

Blurk - I nominate you for Secy of Homeland Security.


Chaz - I nominate you for Press Secretary. You "crack" me up with your nutty jokes. :-)

Punkin' - I nominate you for CIA Director. You can be Chloe. Only better.

Siouxie - I nominate you for Director of FEMA: Make sure we have enough cold brew for any disaster, and maybe we can all have govt issued oosiks.

Wyo - I nominate you for Secretary of the Interior. Not sure what that person does or means, but we'll get you a big ol' paycheck. More horses. More brew. Not bad.

Siouxie, CBol DID say that he had fallen on hard times! I think death qualifies as a hard time.

Speaking of costs...I heard on the radio this morning that Colorado spent 1.1 million to get this idiot to CO.

Dave is ALWAYS leaning toward a female.

I would so vote for a Dave 24 ticket. I know you two would have a platform I can get behind.

look - hard to resist
bad crash, street fight, some things are
too shameful to see

deal with him justly
but under cover of night
we don't need to know

Jon Benet at rest
the monster that injured her
will never. amen

Meditrina: Yay! I get a taser and cool PDA and...oh who am I kidding - I just want the TASER!!!!!!

Lardog88- 1 million? I want my money back! I wondered why they felt that he needed to fly home first class. I hated reading that he had shrimp and champagne on the flight back. And here in my Colorado town they are cutting back on things like the hours that the library is open, because they don't have the money. Priorities screwed up much?


What sucks the MOST about all this??? Whoever REALLY did it is still out there.....

Meditrina, I like that...me in charge of booze & ooziks!

M.anager of

sounds just about right...

artchick - nah, sounds about "normal" ... "Hey, I see a great opportunity here to create a lot of good vibes toward my re-election campaign ..."

Punkin, speaking of tooting your own horn...

I agree, Dave, and please don't let anyone give him a book deal.

Meditrina thanks

I am king of corn ball jokes! Just ask my friends/co-workers

Punkin with a taser?!?! oh boy

Betsi - Speaking of letting things go.....

Betsi- I think I read that his family is already shopping around a book deal, ostensibly to pay his legal bills. (Yeah, right).

Do tasers buzz? I don't think I could take anymore of that...

Punkin - he may still be out there. But it's been 10 years. The kind of low-life who did it is often dead or doing time for something else in that length of time.

Amen, Dave, but alas, I think it's too late.

CH for Secretary of Defense. You have good experience. And clean hands.... that would be a different attribute for the person filling this position.

Christobal for Secretary of State. She does seem to have a crystal ball.

So, where do I send my contribution? Dave........?

Or should I just send the check to you, Judi?

artchick--I heard that they were going to use the money to pay for his younger relatives' college fund or something, either way it's just disgusting.

Sorry Punkin but I couldn't resist!


LOL! (Buzz ... )

Speaking of creeps who we all wish would move to Pluto. Did you know that today is someones birthday.

since Cochrane is dead
then Karr needs another snake
much competition

I wonder if he's going to have to reimburse the feds for that yummy meal he got on the plane. I can't get a meal like that, and I did Hoffa back in '75. Wait, can I get a meal like that now?

Sorry Nebbish but we can offer you a gift certificate.

Med - C-bol's a dude. Really.

My apologies C-bol. You do seem to be in touch with your inner woman intuition.

Jesus H. Christ, Addicted! warning next time pleez??

I did say speaking of creeps 8^)

oh hahah, Siouxie at first I thought you had an aversion to Denny's. Jacko, I understand.

oh no Betsi! love Denny's...

Wacko...not so much!

Actually Denny's sounds good right now. Who wants to get some coffee?

"he IS a pedophile, so I say skin him alive, slowly. Long, painful strips."

Yay for PunkinPoo, who has had the very best idea to date.


Ho - freakin' - hum ...

Been there WAY TOO MANY TIMES, in my life on the road ... quit when I couldn't get waited on, sittin' there at the "seat your ownself" counter, for 25 minutes ... that wuz in SoCal, tho ... mebbe that explains ... somethin' ... ?

I don't find SoCal service to be too much worse than other places, in general. I find Denny's to be pretty mediocre anywhere.

Meditrina, if you have any doubt about C-bol's gender, just click on his name. Yowsah. That is all.

I can go with "pretty mediocre" ... that turd will float, in my (toilet) bowl ... not that I'm implyin' anythin' about the "eats" (I did NOT say "food") @ those type of places ...

Dave, I agree. This guy has already gotten way too much publicity.

that is NOT how I pictured C-bol. And those baby skunks are pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I'm not trying to start anything, honest.

It's just that I landed on Dave's blog from Drudge, and right before I clicked the link to get here, the last thing I saw was "KERRY RE-OPENS 2004 ALLEGATIONS." And then I saw this post, and thought that Dave was actually getting political...

Thank God Nancy Grace is going to "update" us on the last decade of the Jon Bonet murder.


1. She was killed.
2. We don't know anything.
3. 10 years lapsed.
4. Some creep said he did it.
5. DNA didn't match.
6. We don't know anything.

Yesirree, thank God for Nancy Grace and her hour-long update.

*serious post*
*looks around for judi*

is anyone addressing the idea that this piece of slime 'knew details of the crime'? i can think of two explanations...

1) after 10 years, things have leaked out to the point where there aren't any secrets anyway...

2) dumb luck, combined with the idea that this creep probably does have insights (shudder) into the mind of the killer normal folks wouldn't...

3) the media got the story wrong, there weren't any details...

three, there are three explanations!

Ya know the more I think about it, why even waste a good shotgun round on this freak.

Ropes come cheap, don't they?

nancy grace is a scary beeeatch, and about as creepy as the karr guy, who[m]? i hope we dont have to see anymore again. eww.

In addition to all the other reasons why he needs to just go away, he is nearly identical to one of our weather guys up here in the frozen tundra of MN. It's very hard to watch the evening news, now, because you look up and "Eek! Child mol..., oh wait, it's just the weather man." (However, the weatherman's attorney didn't appreciate it when one of the local radio stations brought up the uncanny resemblance--they had to take down a picture on their website.)

Amen - 'nuff sed

Cbol, LOVE the little baby skunklings! They are TOO cute! I hope your little girls didn't get, er, perfumed.

and the number of thy counting shall be three.

It bugs me that when that snake was in a plane last time it was first class . . .

Guin - those aren't actually my daughters (though they look enough like them). My wife sent me the pic and I just liked it. My daughters also would have done the same thing.

Of course y'all know that hydrophobia (rabies) is epidemic in skunks here in North America, and the same disease is pandemic and/or rampant among raccoons as well ...

(One really bad feature of the skunk-carried variety is that the critters have adapted to it, and the incubation period can be as long as several months to over a year, rather than the "traditional" two weeks ... all that time means that the critters can infect a larger number of victims, over a longer period of time ...)

Cute, but deadly ... merely sayin' ...

(/preachy & factoid-ridden comments ... sorry this is not funny)

He wanted
1) a free air ride back;
2) publicity;
3) familial attention.

Dr Doug, Don't forget:

4. an innocent little girl to do unspeakable things to.

Next time he's on a free flight, I say stuff enough shrimp down his throat to choke him half to death and let the crew parachute out and let the perv go down with the plane.

I used to like Nancy Grace when she got started on TV. Now she looks freaky with the plastic surgery--her eyes look like they've been stretched to her temples.

TV women, stop already with the horrendous plastic surgery!

Wait till we allwatchnews in HDTV. That's when Barbra Walters hangs it up and retires...

How about the creep jounalists who have crawled top-to-bottom over this no-news story? What's their excuse?

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