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August 31, 2006


...we will not be lInking to this.


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He has a "knowledge of reptiles?" Is that like a flock of geese or a herd of cows?

hear! hear! for the new policy

Will the no-linking-to-snakes policy apply only to snakes with unwittingly hilarious innuendo-laden names?

i took a walk out on the glenn
a book of verse in tow

melancholy - remembering when
there was no serpent below

only a moment, sometimes it seems
has passed since it arrived

the occasional wriggle or gentle nibble
reminds me it's still alive

pennance it seems, must have an end
or else it accomplishes nothing

i would that it were divine - my end
would be one serpent sloughing

but there is to be no respite
no end to nether pain

i'll walk a life of solitude,
of emptiness, and rain.

so i sigh, thumb through my book,
recline upon soft grass

and each verse is smeared by rueful tears
because a snake crawled up my ass

I'm hoping that his "knowledge of reptiles" isn't the Biblical type of "knowledge".

rita-Probably just a snake-in-the-Garden of Eden kind of knowledge.

rita took my line!!

And mud keeps to his new policy as well. Bravo.

*Mulls - with a deep shudder - asking for what reason the penance was bestowed*

hickory dickory dock
a snake crawled a clock

at a quater to one
it went up me bum

hickory dickory dock

i didn't get to the part about any snake.

i was too shocked to find out there is a "Republicn" in Taxachussetts.

The guy had "knowledge of reptiles", and yet did not run the other way upon seeing a 7-foot python?

I'm not calling his knowledge into question, or anything, but was he just thumbing through "Snakes for Dummies" at B & N? (or Borders?)
Whatever education he did have probably included the whole, "They're more afraid of you than you are of them" mantra; but you know what snakes do out of fear?

They kill you.

For an expert he sure doesn't know what kind of snake he had. The ball python comes from Africa, not Burma. One of our zoo keepers responded to a call yesterday that said there was a 15 ft snake in a backyard. He went to check and found an 8 ft boa constrictor. I'm sure that lady's husband was glad she couldn't estimate sizes.

*Snork* @ idya

Good one, mud...keep it up :)

hm, rita and crossgirl, GMTA--that was my line too

Snakes on the sly...

rickh - one does find an occasional Republican in Mass, but they're usually visiting from another state...

dj: ain't seen you in a coon's age! welcome back!

Hey dj!

A good friend of mine is a Boston Republican ... he's a great guy, and I love conversations with him ... intelligent exchange of ideas, and all that ...

Of course, he's lived here in Nodak for the last 35 years or so ... so I dunno if that counts any more, for Massachusetts ... but his accent is still strictly Bahstahn ...

mud - been juggling a new job and an old one, haven't had much time to catch up on the blog, but I blurk now and again... I know I can always count on you and the rest of the peanut gallery for a *snork* when I get too stressed out!

Uncle O - I really don't think that Republicans are native to Massachusetts... they're imported for the most part... ;)

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