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August 31, 2006


No, we don't know what it means. We just like the sound of it.


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A Springbok sounds pretty interesting right now.

"Every person out there wants the Boks to win every weekend whether we are playing the best side in the world or not," Smit said.

perhaps this person needs to get out more.

Is kicking the monkey like spanking the monkey?

Suzy, ya hadda bring that up, didn't ya. Couldn't take the High Road. NOOOOO!

good girl.

No Suzy, kicking implies, I think, that you're using your feet.

Hey Wyo, glad you opened the beer. I'm in Carolina, so you're covered.

Phokeng in Bafokeng sounds kinda dirty...hehehe

*snork* I said...phoken

Avid, Good luck with Ernesto!!! hunker!!!

fud, we really dodged one huh??

Wyo, I got your emai...EWWWWWWWWWWw LOL

sends an 'l' up there too...

*bops head...PREVIEW PREVIEW!!!*

Sioux, yeah, I guess my "We're [edited for content]" comment a few days ago was a little too early.

Avid, does that mean I gotta quit drinkin'?

Siouxie, wasn't that special?


No, Wyo, I meant you actually know someone in SC so drink up. And I want whatever Siouxie got!!

Avid, you don't, I'm sure, but... is the sc.rr address the one?

Siouxie, you dodged Ernesto, too, right? He's pretty much passed us by now. But I'm all for hunkering anyway.

Maybe I don't....

Okay, I give up! Yes! I want to see what you two are making faces about! And sc.rr. it is!

Too late, Avid.

good music too, eh Siouxie?

OK, if it actually does mean something (as opposed to being nonsense anyway), that makes the whole posting funnier. So here's my theory.

The South Africa Springboks (national rugby team) have a monkey on their back (a losing streak long enough to disgust a lot of fans to the point of lacking interest in the team). So they've got to kick the monkey off by beating the New Zealand All-Blacks (that one, I can't explain) on Saturday at the Phokeng field outside Rustenburg, which is a city with an airport 50 miles west of Johannesburg.

Now if that's not Phokeng interesting, I don't know what is.

somebody hand Avid the puke bucket.

Lol, Wyo! Where do you guys find this stuff? [whipping out lecture to give young women regarding self-respect]

good Phokeng point, Avon

I'll continue to be a fan of any woman who can, uhhhm, "kick the monkey".

Gotta have sexy (or at least clean) feet, though.

And old women too, Avid, look at the older one in the background in white.

fud, good thing it did!

Avid, yeah we sure dodged Ernie!

I'm so tired of these mothaphokeng Hurricanes!!

Did someone say
Spank the Monkey

LOL Wyo that picture was phokeng phugly!!!

and no I haven't heard the song yet...I will in a min

Yeah, Avon, it makes a lot more sense after the translation.

Wyo, I survived 10 years in southern California. No puke bucket needed; I built up an immunity you wouldn't believe.

so as not to appear exclusive, This is the disgussed (ing) picture

Be cautious.

She wouldn't have to kick the monkey. That little critter'd be long gone.

*snork* @ "mothaphokeng"!

And yeah, the older woman's thinking "Gee, I wish *I* looked like that.."

I think the sharply dressed older lady in the background must be related...apple doesn't fall too far from the tree...


I hit 155 mph on the "Spank the Monkey". Is that a Catergory 5 spanking?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! *Category

I made it to 697 but I cheated

fud, you are the man!!

*sings, Nobody does it better...*

does that mean that I hafta spank da monkey too??

ok...sheesh hang on now

I should mention that was done with a touchpad.

*needs to add a ":" or another "that" above, but can't decide*

429, with just the mouse, and a big desk.

pfffffffff I did 189 with a touchpad!!!


*goes back to spanking the monkey*

LOL and a record 233!!

Oh great, I'm lost again....

ah, 416, that's better.

geez..it's hard on a laptop...

this should be one of Dave's Productivity Enhancers LOL

320 now...I'm getting better!

laser mouse=cooler music and a sore monkey

I thought it was at one time

Avid, click on the link up there...JofG

we're spanking the monkey

Thanks for your efforts for us Carolinians, Wyo...keep up the good work.

Tropical Hiccup "I Wanna Grow Up and Be a Carolina Hurricane If I Can Learn to Skate" Ernesto is bearing down on me, but we have plenty of beer, wine and spirits, though I don't have any Cheez-Its.

Oh it could have been, JofG ...probably before MY time..I'm pretty new here still

I just sent it to Dave just in case

Hello, everyone, my name is Wyo, and I'm a monkey spanker. I've been a monkey spanker for 4 1/2 minutes.

just say no.

And 405 mph Spanking the Monkey when I was just trying to grab the hand.

*sends bookworm a box of cheez-Its*

I have plenty from our run with Tropical Brain Fart Ernesto

No Cheez-Its? What 's a hurricane without
Cheez-Its? Wait! I know! It's Ernesto!

Addicting, isnt it?

yes it is JofG!! LOL

Phokeng addicting!

I had a box of Better Cheddars which I left at work, and I'm off until Sunday. I hope no one eats them before then unless it's a matter of survival.

Sorry, I just kept overlooking that link [note to self: get some *sleep*]. Hit 224 on the 4th pass with a mouse. Y'all with the touchpads must be smoking that poor baby.

I made 208 mph. The congratulations sign would not go away, so I guess 208 is my limit.

*cleans up after spanking the monkey*

What? I knocked some stuff off my desk!

I prefer the term Pharking

Sure, fud. We believe you.

Pharking Ice Holes?

personal best so far...442!

I learned a little trick last year. Click on the hand and pull it straight down, as if you were pulling it off the picture. Move the mouse over to just under the monkey and then back on to the brown part. It shoule make the hand move really fast. that is how I did in the high 600's.

429 here.

sounds like a car club.

hehehe I didn't know spankin' the monkey could be so much fun!! no wonder you guys do it ALL the time!

*hands restrictor plate to JoG*

Actually, I spank the "great Ape"

Braggin' again, Jazzzz????

*snork* @ Jazzzz!

Jazzzz, perhaps you should see a doctor for that swelling.

I love the funky music! Good Times!!!

Too much snorkage, gotta get some sleep. Y'all have a good evening - tomorrow's a spankin' new day.

I don't do it all the time!

nite Avid!

Have a spankin' good night, Avid.

*cleans up name again*

OK ...I'm done spankin'

Hand gets tired huh??

And that's how you hijack a thread.

Well done, JoG.

See y'all tomorrow, and Sioux, I Ain't Goin' Down on Brokeback Mountain.

nite Wyo!

LOL I'll listen !

Sioux: Yeah, but once you get the hang of it, you can do it all day.

Yep...Me and "Smilin' Bob". (what would this country be if a guy couldn't lie about , you know.) And Wyo, it only swells if I see a woman. Or think of a woman, or dream, smell, hear, touch, am in the general vacinity of...well, just like a NORMAL guy.

I'll let you boys handle the monkey from now on..it's too addicting!

Wyo - that song is TOO funny LOL

Tthe Bean-shaped Royal Bafokeng wbagnfarb ...

and ...

... geez..it's hard on a laptop...

(Posted by: Siouxie | 09:08 PM on August 31, 2006)

... um ...


(Merely sayin' ...)

It takes two hands to handle a Whopper
Handle a Whopper


ha ha ha ha or did somebody say that already?

*SNORK* stevie

that was phokeng phunny!!!

OtheU, it WAS hard to spank that thing on this laptop!!

Laptop lap dance?


no lapdancing! :)

Don't know if this was said already, I did a turbo skim and didn't see it but----

I've yet to read anything about rugby that I understand.

(umm.....was that about rugby?)

In the midst of the one of the worst losing runs in Springbok rugby

Apparently it is, sly

"Bafokeng". That is my new favortie euphemism. Gosh dang it, bafokeng remote control won't work!

Wish I could stay longer, been limited blogging lately. ( lot's of "on call" days this week) Will catch ya off and on this weekend.. Have a happy holiday all, and remember to be careful.

Siouxie -

... um ... nevermind ...

Hey, bep -

"Gosh dang it, bafokeng remote control won't work!"

Ya sure? Cos...

If it ain't bafokeng, don't fix it.

"...the bean-shaped Royal Bafokeng Sport Palace stadium."

Rejected shapes for the Royal Bafokeng Sport Palace stadium:

-trapezoidal (irregular)

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