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August 29, 2006


As we see in the 5 p.m. satellite-photo update, the situation is deteriorating rapidly.


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Looks yummy to me.

I beg you to erase the prior comment.

uh, is that what I think it is?

yeah... tadpoles

*snork* DAve!

looks like the computer models are disagreeing as usual...

This thread went downhill in record time.

And still no sign of it out here in Sunny Arizona.

The one on the left has an image of the Virgin Mary in it.

I don't know what it is, but I'm pretty sure Paris Hilton wants it buried with her.

Why it's a nest of long tailed computer mice.

I think it's time to get some more wine...

Siouxie-This might call for champagne.

I spose chances of those being mosquito larva are about zero.

This might call for Pepto.

The one on the lower left appears to be the, errrr, stongest swimmer...

I guess the storm petered out.

Lisa, looking better out there actually so I'll take the champagne too!

Dave, did you buy those off the internet?

YAY! We're havin' a party!

*clinks glasses with Siouxie*

is what's left over after the blowj*b Ernesto comes????

I think they are girding.

sends a 'this' up there!


Quick, somebody pass Siouxie another glass so she'll have one in both hands.

YAY Lisa!! Hurricane Tropical Storm Tropical Sneeze Ernesto Party at Dave & Walter's!!

pogo, Ernesto has wimped out BIG TIME and the perky walrus penis reporters are even perkier!

I'll take the other glass...thanks :)

...and ladies and gentlemen, Blurk, uh, comes through again!

DC. Euw.

Dave. Selling these fresh in the UK is illegal now you know.

*passes Siouxie another glass*

The down side is that Ernie is expected to head out in the Atlantic again and may screw up the weather in eastern Georgia for the weekend. We're headed that way for a sheep dog trial this weekend.

pogo, what was the sheep dog accused of?

fivver, I expected that...

We accuse the other teams of not doing it as well as we do, and they try to prove we're wrong.



apparently they tried to put 'em up by themselves...they'll be OK though...

carry on

Guilty! Why are they hiding behind that long hair?

Sucia Siouxie....was there a perky news team reporting this? Seems to be a lot of them in SFla. right now.

I dunno. I took mine in for a summer haircut. It used to be called a "field trim". Urban dog groomers had no idea what I was talking about and I got back a dog that looked like he had joined the Marines.

Jazzzz, those people are eerily perky....

And Stevie...Thay is a REALLY odd place for the Virgin Mary. Beats hamburger grease all to h3ll, which we will probably see when we get there.

Speaking of champagne, isn't caviar a nice side dish

Yes it is.

I'll skip the fish sperm eggs, thankyouverymucho...

Oh Siouxie, I didn't think of it that way.

pogo - r.e. ... I got back a dog that looked like he had joined the Marines.


L!O!L! L!A!L!

TNX muchly ... I needed that ...

Lisa, maybe I'm just warped?? :)

Must have been some good lip balm

Gypsy, I think that BECAME the lip balm.

I can't believe the yellow rain-coated reporters are STILL draggin this thing...

Yo, Betsi's a booger.

YAY Betsi!! and the Booger's grow!

kitten's just about to be.


You could be right Blurk, hadn't gone there, but thanks for showing the way ;-)

growing boogers - oh my!

yeah?? very kewl...now we gotta get Gypsy to share her beauty :)

and the rest of ya's!

OK, Gypsy, your turn.

Come on, Gypsy. Now ain't no time to be skeered.

Elizabeth Shue??? kitten...no fair!! LOL

proud to be a Booger. Thanks Wyo. ;-)

*thinks she would like to be a booger, but is unsure how to apply for coveted position*

great picture, Betsi :)

never been skeered Blurk - of that you can be sure
apprehensive, maybe

Thanks Sioux!
Gypsy--send an email to Wyo.

There's a little saying I live by, Gypsy.

Sometimes ya just gotta jump.

nuffin to be apprehensive about Gypsy...just sent a pic and bio and you're a BOOGER!

there's your sammich, blurk

oh blurk???

k - will do

*straps on parachute*


In between two smokin' hot ladies!!

can I stop hunkerin' now????

just askin'

Sioux, I think it's safe to abort the hunkerin' position.

whewwwww...thanks blurk!

I'm not as flexible as I used to be and my legs were beginning to hurt...

You're still plenty flexible, Siouxie.

*evil grin™*

hmm must be those simuls Pilates classes, huh??

Siouxie-No you're not warped. I was just on my second glass of champagne and my brain got foggy from the bubbles.

Lisa, I love it when the bubbles reach my head...


and then there were nine

O.K., I wanna put my photo on the boogers site; however, I do not know how to do so.

Fer get it! I unnerstand. You want nothing to do with a person recovering from a divorce. I will just observe from now on.

Wo, did I really say that? Sorry.

I am in great need of help. The only "people" I've been talking to lately are my two persian cats and my chocolate lab. Kelp!

Bye bye. Nice to have made your acquaintance! Carry on.

Foggy...you are welcome anytime, anywhere, any topic. We are one big family here and are here for you. Sometimes you may see a couple of us get testy at each other, but rarely. It's more of a brother-sister thing, (bro-bro/sis-sis). The bottom line is that we care for each other. I think I can speak for all when I say our arms are open.

foggy - (sometimes nobuddy gets back to some of these posts fer a while)

click on Wyo's name on his post ... that'll give you the addy for his site, merely do not put the stuff after .com into your search dealy up on top, and click ... should take you to his main site, then there should be an address or somethin' tellin' how to contact him ...

I GOT ROPED INTO DOIN' IT ... SO I WANNA SEE YOUR PIX ... and, stick around ... IMHO, the commiseration from the gang might be somewhut therapeuticalistic ...

Foggiest, I emailed you with my thoughts.

I told you before that I have gone through what you're going through and you need laughs and these people here make you laugh!

come back ...and hugs!!

OtheU - I totally agree!! Jazzzz you nailed it too!

feel the blogerly luv....

(HAR!) Siouxie said "feel" ...

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