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August 21, 2006


Now they want to take away a judge's sacred right to consult imaginary mystic dwarves, which by the way would be a good name for a rock band.

(Thanks to Dan Coulter, who may or may not exist)


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I KNEW those frikkin dwarves were CHEATING ON ME!!!!!!


"Dalliance with Dwarves" may not BAGNFARB, but it sure as heck would make a great album title.

Oh, and yeah...it's the Dwarf Dalliances that bring ridicule to the judicial system......yeah.....dwarves......

"From obscurity, my name and the three mystic dwarves became immortal."

Somehow, I doubt that Disney will be calling Florentino about a sequel deal.

From a completely unrelated story that is linked on the same page comes the very disconcerting phrase, "ball tampering".

This judge is certifiable, but the only reason he was not considered for the Supreme Court was that he is a Phillipine judge...

*certainly wants NOTHING to do with tampered balls*

so if this guy convicted you based on his mind melds with the dwarves, are you now free to go?

Judge Floro reportedly changed from blue court robes to black each Friday "to recharge his psychic powers".

may I suggest a little white jacket to go with his blue robes??

Attention patrons. Today's matinee performance will feature the following substitutions:

Sleepy Armand
Sneezy Luis
Bashful Angel

Snow White Jessica Rabbit

there once was a mystical magistrate
who'd repair to chambers to cogitate
with a clerk in his pocket
he'd consider his docket
and with his three dwarves he'd deliberate

*wonders if U.S. Supreme Court has dallied with dwarves*

*wonders if the acceptance of the judiciary as the guardian of the law is eroded*

Bravo, mudstuffin!

*snork* @ meanie

"no place in the judiciary"... My guess is that in a month, he will have an afternoon TV show in the US trying only cases brought forth by Dog™ the Bounty Hunter, and make kazillions.

Jazzz, you should send that in to TNT... they'd go for it in a New York minute.

Why is Ann Coulter contributing to this blog. Doesn't she already have enough face time pretending to be "hot" on Fox News Channel? She is soooo shrill she makes me sick every time she's on TV. And I probably agree with her on 90% of her issues. Dave, please make this blog an Ann Coulter free zone. Pretty please.

Luis, Angel and Armand are also rumored to be on Howard Dean's staff.

there once was a judge fond of fairies
and elves and creatures imaginary
he kept it under wraps
till he wore a wizard's cap
to the bench, and made counsel wary

seriously can we go one day without mentioning Ann Coulter?

"Is that a pointy gnome hat sticking up under your robes, or are you just happy to see me?"

"No, I'm just litigating"

Who brought up the stick witch?

No, no, Brad, it was Dan Coulter. I'm sure he's considering changing his name now.

"Your Honor, I object!" said the lawyer
"this testimony is libel, it'll destroy her!"
"I'll consider your plea,
with my counselors three,
Spongebob, Peter Pan and Tom Sawyer"

I can't help but imagine that this is what Saddam does during recess at his trial. Maybe with sock puppets.

If anyone wants to see a picture. No, wait, that's one of the shoemaker's elves, not the judge's dwarves.

and it took three years to investigate him... that's (gets out calculator) a year per dwarf!

Now that Luis, Armand y Angel
Have been outed, they've something to tell
"Judges who are mystic
Are a small statistic
We also wrote 'Saved By The Bell'."

enogh guy's...lets not get into that again. I've already increased my therapy sessions to three times a day.

"However, the Supreme Court said dalliance with dwarves would gradually erode the public's acceptance of the judiciary as the guardian of the law, if not make it an object of ridicule."

Punkin nailed it - I'm sure it's the Dwarf dalliances that have been eroding the public's acceptance of the judiciary as the guardian of the law and making it an object of ridicule.


nice, insom!

ummmm, Aldo...

Given Howard Dean's, errrrr, vertical challenges, word has it that he actually IS Armand...

Part of the proof being, can anyone, anywhere, claim to have seen Dean and Armand in the same place, at the same time???

I rest my case.

That is all.

Phillipino Supreme Court Tosses Dwarves.

*snork* @ fivver.

"Nobody tosses a dwarf!!"

If the judge sees a mystic
You must go ballistic

*snork at mud, the limericks are great. man I'd be bored at work if not for this. lol

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off the court he goes....

Does the Court of Dwarves exist in Gnome-man's land?
Coo-coo for CocoaPuffs.

Hey, maybe we can get Judge Floro together with the pen!s pump judge for a new courtroom drama on cable. Of course the dwarves names will have to be changed to Winkie, Peter & Rod.

ive had worse judges when ive gone to court :-)

Our U.S. Supreme Court sports
a few members who, by all reports,
consult dwarves (when it's handy)
named George, Dick and Condi
who's advice objectivity thwarts.

Did anyone else notice that the names of these dwarfs are also the names of famous tv/movie vampires?

Nice one, Patti!

mud, you're brilliant.
*goes back to the beach after checking on the WATD (World According to Dave.)

*snork* @ Patti

...and the irony is he was just about to settle this case:


(I guess you'll have to cut and paste it into your browser's address bar. Can anybody tell me how to post a link?)

Why won't judges allow the public a view of the methods they use?Some flip coins,some rely upon the music of the spheres,some use the arguments of the smarter lawyers,some smoke some dope and look at the mirror and say:
Mirror,mirror on the wall,who is the smartest of
them all.

Props to the limerickers. Also fivver.

Sam Chambers, celebrated Kent, UK and Hong Kong journalist/writer/columnist wrote an article on Philippine Psyhic Judge Floro which has just been published:

Florentino and the three dwarves

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Filipino judge who was dismissed from the bench because of his ongoing relationship with invisible mystics meets with Sam Chambers to explain his side of the story.

The Philippine judiciary has oft been the butt of a joke but never before has one of its members caused so much mirth as Judge Floro Florentino and his three invisible dwarves.

Judge Florentino and the dwarves - Luis, Armand and Angel - might sound like a good name for a band but they are in fact the main characters in a surreal tale from a nation famous for its superstitions.

Last month, the trial judge lost his final appeal to keep his job, with the Supreme Court's 72-page ruling stating that Florentino's "dalliance" with Luis, Armand and Angel showed he had a "medically disabling condition of the mind" that rendered him "unfit to discharge the functions of his office" which in turn could "erode the public's esteem of the judiciary" and make it an "object of ridicule."

Florentino and I arrange to meet at what seems the most apt of places to discuss such matters - the Hobbit Bar on Mabene St in the Manila district of Malate. Charitably offering employment for the vertically challenged, it has been a tourist attraction for more than 10 years.

Florentino's three sidekicks, or "spiritual guides" as he prefers them to be called, take many different forms. Luis is the "king of kings" or "God's angel," while Armand is a beautiful boy who, like Luis, has wings. Angel is their sister. Florentino has on
ly seen Luis once - on a rock in the middle of the Philippine archipelago. Luis communicates and uses his powers via violet and white lights.

Florentino peers over the bar and orders a bottle of Australian shiraz but shows no sign of recognition - it seems that Luis, Armand and Angel are not among the diminutive presences to serve us. Moments later a pudgy hand holding a 2003 vintage appears out of nowhere; two glasses follow, as if by levitation, from beneath the bar.

Looking 10 years younger than his 53 years, Florentino comes across as remarkably lucid. For sure he rambles in a high-pitched tone, often going off on tangents, yet the psychosis the Supreme Court claims he has is not immediately apparent.

Fame, or infamy, clearly is something this otherwise shy man seems to enjoy. He comes to the interview armed with 300 pages of clippings and court appeals. He says, with no small relish, that he and his three cohorts have appeared in more than 66 media titles and 1,000 blogs.

One such blogger described Florentino as a Filipino X-Man for his efforts to rid the country's judiciary of corruption. In 1995 a Supreme Court commission found that more than 50 percent of judges received bribes, something Florentino has been determined to wipe out. His area of jurisdiction in Manila was Malabon, a coveted location in which to work, he says, because within a month a judge could become a millionaire, the starting price for any judicial decision being 50,000 pesos (HK$7,640).

"Court starts at 11am; at 11.05am (the judges) go for golf," he quips. He shows even less mercy in his judgment of the Court of Appeals: "They say it is 85 percent corrupt," he muses, "It is 100 percent corrupt."

Florentino initially trained to become a priest and was just a young teenager when he joined a seminary in 1965. He transferred to a Jesuit institution a few years later but then left to enter the legal profession. His life changed forever, he says, on June 2, 1983 - the day his father died. It was on that day that Luis, Armand and Angel made themselves known to Robert, Florentino's mentally disabled youngest brother.

"My brother, because of his innocence, can see them," he says. Floro Florentino recounts how the dwarves had revealed his healing and psychic powers. At first, he says he was sceptical. An avid gambler - horse racing coupons are mixed in with his press clippings - the dwarves told him to get involved in cockfighting. He bought 13 cockerels, made 21,000 pesos and "suddenly believed them."

Since then he claims to have healed many people, explaining that his hands are golden and impart heat to the afflicted. "I am not a faith healer," he says, "I am gifted."

Though at times in the conversation he bristles at the term psychic, Florentino rates himself as as the country's number five seer. Number one? Ferdinand Marcos, apparently.

Florentino says he predicted Joseph "Erap" Estrada's presidential downfall and prayed that present incumbent Gloria Macapagal Arroyo would survive her endless political battles. Looking ahead, he reckons Arroyo's power will end soon and the nation will suffer as a result.

He'll also have you believe he is a bilocator - someone who can be seen in two different places at the same time, which he acknowledges is also a trick for which the devil is known.

Florentino says such powers do not come without sacrifices and that he has had to remain single or lose his gift of healing: "That's in the Book of Revelations," he adds.

He glances over his shoulder at a child laughing nearby. "You know it's painful for me not to have a kid. That's why I am the Filipino martyr."

Florentino was appointed on November 5, 1998, as the country's youngest judge. It was not the first time he'd tried to become one. Three years earlier the state had failed him for psychological reasons but he was allowed an independent, private mental assessment that cleared him.

His reign as a judge was as bizarre as it was short. Sessions would start with readings from the Book of Revelations; on Fridays he would change from blue robes to black to recharge his powers, and in between hearings he'd provide healing sessions, even for other judges, as well as consulting his trio of "advisers."

Such unorthodoxy brought a swift end to his career and he was suspended in July 1999. So began his seven-year battle to be reinstated, with more than 100 motions tabled, finally ending with the Supreme Court decision. He was paid 1.1 million pesos in back pay, over half of which has already been used to pay debts.

He lists the names of senior judges who have in the past come to him for healing and says these are the same people who turned on him for political reasons, using his paranormal "gifts" as the excuse to get rid of him.

"This is a first in our judicial history - the Philippines Supreme Court has never dismissed or removed a judge because of their belief in the paranormal or religion. Other country's constitutions provide for dismissal or removal of judges, jurists and magistrates because of graft, corruption or misconduct," he insists.

However, Florentino admits to having a darker mission, avenging those who corrupt the legal system. This has led him to be dubbed an angel of death, a description he does not dispute.

At this point I am reminded of the fact that to be a dwarf in the Philippines, or duende as they are known, is not to possess the lovable qualities often attributed to them in fairytales. Rather they are regarded as figures full of malice and violent intent.

Eight judges who Florentino has deemed corrupt have all been struck with serious illnesses, three of them dying. He has, he confesses, been psychically "inflicting illnesses" upon his tormentors, even going so far as to ensure one of them gave birth to a child with epilepsy.

"Armand, Luis and Angel's role is a never-ending fight against `black' or evil; a spiritual battle - the angels versus Lucifer. Right now Satan is winning, God is losing. All our leaders have 666 on their heads from the president down, the Supreme Court, everywhere," he says in his mild, yet animated, manner. "My mission is healing the wounds of the judiciary."

His more immediate goal is to appeal the Supreme Court decision as early as next week. He intends to file a disbarment case against Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jnr for delaying his case for so long. "I am asking for a job. I am asking for justice," says the spiritual crusader.

Is this just a tall tale of short people? Or is that Luis reaching up to take my credit card? Filipino judges, you have been warned.

Another The STANDARD article published:


Creature features of the Philippines

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Judge Floro Florentino is not too pleased with his three spiritual guides being referred to as dwarves or duende, as superstitious Filipinos call these elf-like beings. His brother, who first saw them, called them duende, a Spanish word of ambiguous definition.

To Filipinos, they are something like tiny magical goblins who live in forested areas. There are, according to folklore, two types: black, denoting evil which can harm, and red, who are good and can heal. On the island of Mindoro, the Mangyan tribe claim to trade with the few remaining duende for forest products. They are said to be extremely shy because of the violence that has been done to them in the past.

Then there are the nocturnal Agta, tall black men who also hang out in the forests, while the Batibat, found in Ilocos, look like fat women who live inside posts, and suffocate people by sitting on top of them.

The bovine-like Mantahungal have fearsome teeth, the Pugot are self-beheading multi-formed creatures, and the Tikbalang are centaurs in reverse. These and many more magical creatures - some invisible, some half-human, half- animal - are all said to inhabit the Philippine countryside.

Also, the Canada NATIONAL POST, part of the Canada.com Network, published: http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/financialpost/story.html?id=1d208029-1d1d-4c01-9e12-ce032d13c7ab

Judge who consulted with invisible 'dwarf friends' removed from bench

Financial Post

Published: Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Usually, in criminal court, it's the defendant who may be a few bolts shy. In one particular courtroom in the Philippines it was the judge, who claimed supernatural abilities and the ability to foretell the future. Judge Florentino Floro also claimed to have "dwarf friends" who provided him with guidance. He was removed from the bench on administrative grounds after failing a psychiatric test and, more recently, losing an appeal to keep his job. The court said Judge Floro's "insistence on the existence of [invisible] dwarves among other beliefs, conflicts with the prevailing expectations concerning judicial behaviour." At the very least, it lends the term "friends of the court" a whole new meaning.

© National Post 2006
I am known worldwide as the Philippine Psychic and Healing Judge (due to 100+ world reports, headlines - New York Times, UK The Times, etc. & 1,000 blogs / forum discussions, 5,000 replies - www.youtube.com type judge floro

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