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August 31, 2006


South Florida continues to reel from the devastating devastation left behind by Former Potential Hurricane Ernesto, which was actually far worse than we thought, as can be seen in this actual photograph:
Please do not forget us.


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For a minute I thought you moved to Australia.

All things considered, I like that crapcam. what model is it.

We're suuuuufferrring!

Hat trick?

You can't fool me Dave. That's Australia.


I have $72 dollars in my checking account after paying rent - I hope that will be enough.

.erutcip siht htiw gnorw gnihtyna ees t'nod I

I had a very similar view of So. Carolina shortly after graduating from AIT. I was havin' a nice time, downin' a coupla beers, when I felt somthing on my shoulder. I looked up, and it was the ground.

Sorry, Juggler! I didn't know you were going for the hat trick, or I would have stepped aside.

Have compassion, folks. Their world has obviously been turned upside down.

the bot got me, Suze, but no worries.

Hakuna Matata

Dave, I think you've been indulging in a little too much federal assistance.

Couldn't you weakling Floridians have deported this stupid thing? After all, his name is Ernesto. Now, we Virginians will have our Labor Day weekend ruined because y'all did nothing. Thanks a lot!

Gee, Dave, it must've been hard to stand on your head to take that picture...

just spreading our illegal immigrants around...

I did do something, I boarded up my house.

If I didn't I just know it would've been a Cat 6.

*snork* @ Wyo.

it was horrible! there was drizzle everywhere, puddles to be navigated, downed leaves and pine needles across the roads, intermittent sunshine.

*happily sits in ATL watching Ernesto well to the east, sending us only a little drizzle and overcast*

Good morning good people!!

Dave, I'm glad you're showing the total destruction to our fair city. The chaos is indescrbi indiscrabable words cannot describe! Just this morning I had to run out for more Post Hurricane therapy...it was a madhouse at the liquour friendly neighborhood supermarket.

Dave, try this

Calvin's worst nightmare! We're falling up!

I have survived Hurricane .. Tropical Storm … Tropical Depression …. er, um, Tropical Drizzle Ernesto.

We won't . . .

Yes..good luck to the folks up in the Carolinas...

In the words of my dear friend, blurk...HUNKER DOWN!!! oh and have plenty of hurricane therapy.

Let's see now, considering I still have hurricane therapy left, I... *glug glug glug .. hic* feel a lot better after therapy. :)

clearly you didn't buy enough duct tape.....


I emailed you back with those hmtl codes...let me know how it goes :)

*sends an 'e' up there...

Use the bleach!

We'll send you Brownie to help out. He'll get that photo turned right side forward.

Thanks siouxie!!



yay! LOL

that's how I was when I first learned...thanks to fud :)


"The National Hurricane Center has issued a hurricane watch for South Carolina and North Carolina as Tropical Storm Ernesto’s winds strengthen to 60 mph."

Good luck!

☎ BR.549 for supplies.

Jr. Samples moves into the 21st century.

lol I meant to preview that and posted instead.

Dave, where are you, btw, the smoke's so thick here today, that the sun is read. Another fire somewhere.

*goes back to rereading Revelation*

Wyo, I knew you were a good guy before but you have cemented it. Anybody who remembes Junior Samples from Hee Haw is all right in my book.

I once painted BR-549 on the side of that old '46 Chevy Wrecker. Lotsa old people grinned at me.

Blurk, not only are there those of us who remember Junior Samples, some folks named a band after the phone number

LOL I liked Junior too Wyo, and I'm in Tampa, FL.

When I was a kid (4 or 5 years ago) I actually tried to call that number. My dad had to 'splain that maybe I might not reach anybody.

hey where's Annie WBH? anybody seen her?

*goes off to the losted corner*

*remembers Minnie Pearl & Buckk Owens*

a few others....but I watched it!

Oh it looks bad. Yes. It. Do.

Betsi-Last time I heard Annie was working long hours. She promised she'd be back though, when she has more time.

There were two television shows that were never missed in my house way back when:
Hee Haw and The Porter Wagner Show.
I don't think my dad watched TV any other time.

well, in keeping with support for people in Ernesto's FUTURE path, and those in its PREVIOUS path who all still discombooulated over it...

I am gonna drink some more blood mary's tonight....

I kolled th4t numb3r, 4nd gut a gr4t3 de4l un a ewesed kev, bo4rd!

"Hey Grandpa - what's for dinner?"

used to make my mouth water

I'm with ya, Chaz!

All for the sake of support, of course.

oh OK thanks Lisa.

Blurk - I lived w/my grandparents for a while - other than Hee Haw, I watched the Lawrence Welk Show, 60 Minutes (are those guys ever gonna die??) and The Wonderful World of Disney - no wonder I'm so weird!!

blurk, at my house it was hee haw, benny hill and dance fever. my dad was a perv.

not lookin good for the carolinas.......... whoooosh.... or not. ernesto's been a big ole drag.

Porter and Dolly used to sing "Fight 'n scratch, fight 'n scratch, that's all we ever do..."

I was forced to watch the Lawrence Welk Show. It's amazing I'm even semi-normal

I feel your pain Kitten

I don't recall ever seeing the Porter Wagner show, but when a trivia questioned started with "This singer got her start on the PW show..." I yelled out "Dolly" so maybe there's something stuck in my memory...

Ernesto has already caused damage. It messed with my tee times. Although, I guess if I was a real golfer a hurricane wouldn't stop me.

Gypsy, I forgot about the Wonderful World of Disney! Sunday night, 7 o'clock.

crossgirl...um...sounds like me and your dad might get along. Ya know, Hee Haw and all.

anda 1 anda 2 anda 3...

To quote one of my favorite movies...
The Horror The Horroe.

Lawrence Welk was a good show with the sound turned down. Fun to look at, from a guy of the male persuasion's point of view. As was Petticoat Junction.

yep - Tinkerbell smacking the castle with fairy dust - immediately after Andy Rooney on CBS - ah, what a combo!!

Ok take 2

The Horror The Horror

hey - let's not forget Green Acres!!
Gotta say, Arnold was my favorite character...LOL

Red Skelton was on after Disney. If they'da moved Carol Burnet to Sunday night, the cows never woulda got fed.

I too, was forced to watch the Lawrence Welk Show, but I did like Hee Haw.

Startin' to look like I'm not the only hick on this here blog.
For the young man with hormones ragin' I only have two words:
Petticoat. Junction.

*raises her hand*
I too am very much qualified as a hick

I have two more Blurk, nurse goodbody.

Goodbody was good, but (even though they never showed it), just couldn't compete with Bobby Jo and her sisters bathin' in the water tower.

anyone admit to liking the bobby vinton show?

great movie there, addicted to 24.

DavetR, Nurse Goodbody was the source of many, many fantasies medical lessons.

*snork* at blurk and wyo, seems like we watched a lot of the same shows.

we only got one station, and it had CBS and NBC. Had to hold the coat hanger just right, even at that.

I think we need a Congressional investigation into this hurricane's criminal failure to slam into New Orleans, thus depriving the news media a good juicy story. You can tell how upset they all are.

*not a hick*

*watched hick-type tv shows* :P

Okay this goes into the 70's, but my crushes were on the dark haired guy in Emergency and PMG in Starsky and Hutch. Then of course, there was David Cassidy (due to the RS cover...yum)

DavetR, When you grow up in the middle of West Virginia you don't really get exposed to a lot of culture. When I tell people where I'm from I describe it as "drive until you get to the boondocks...and go about 10 more miles." Those shows were the pinnacle of class and sophistication.

Wyo, you forgot the aluminum foil.

Still no sign of Huricane Tropical storm breeze turn-your-head-and-cough Ernesto out here in Sunny Arizona.

But we do have Hurricane John to deal with now.

Gypsy, same here and that guy from Mod Squad??

Although my crush was always Donny Osmond. (gag)

my first crush was Emma Peel from "the Avengers". Then Susan Dey from "the Partridge Family" Later Mariette Hartley from "the Rockford Files".

Ah yes, Hee Haw. "I'm a pickin', and I'm a grinnin!"

Not to mention the other greats, Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction, Disney...

They don't, I say, they don't make 'em like they used to.

y'all have a good one, gotta go do a little work.

blurk, even as a city girl...(and a cuban one at that)I watched every one of those shows back then. Carol Burnett was the best, IMHO.

(except Lawrence Welk) *shudder*

Fortunately, Foghorn, you keep your feathers numbered...faw just such an emergency.

Oh, lordy - Paul Michael Glazer - dreamy!!! I even found I still had the hots for him when he did a cameo on the Owen Wilson / Ben Stiller re-make


never was a Donny fan...too d@mn cheery for me, I always liked the brooding (sp?) type

Siouxie, here's a little trivia question for ya then. Why did Carol tug on her ear at the end of every show?

1,000 blog points are at stake.

mud, I wanted to grow up and be like Emma Pee or agent 99 (a cool female spy-type).

Speaking of hicks, what about Gomer Pyle? Do you suppose he ever came out?

Hey Wyo... the floor is a good place to be. You can't fall off.

mud, I wanted to grow up and be like Emma Peel or agent 99 (a cool female spy-type).

*snork* I did correct it to PEEL!!!

a secret way to say HI to her grannie

Med, that's exactly how a lot of people measure drunk.
You're not too drunk if you can still hold on to the floor.

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