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August 30, 2006


(Thanks to 24-aholic)


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How times change. Back in the 1980s, firms who needed to sack hundreds of workers by the end of the day had to use the public address system.


and YAY 24...again!!!!

2 in one day?!?! Dave likes my posts, he really likes my posts *glowing*

...And as a lovely parting gift, every terminated employee gets a cheapass remote control car and a box of old Tandy parts.

"Last month, the company hired a former Kmart executive, Julian Day, as chief executive, replacing an interim leader who stepped in when the previous CEO quit after admitting lying on his resume."

Where do they find their CEO's? Discount CEO's 'R' Us?

...it's better than getting text messaged on a sick day, which happened to some poor woman a couple weeks ago

True Story:

I came into work one day, (and was the first one there) and found my entire box of business cards in my trash can.

I had to wait over hour till the boss came in to explain that she had received a new box (with updated logo)for me.

I guess it is better than going in to work and finding that your voicemail and email had been disabled and the keys changed on the stores safe. Of course they were unable to disable the worm and virus that was planted on the network.

Hey, judi...be careful if Dave sent you any emails! Don't read 'em! Keep werkin'! ;)

This just makes me not want to do anymore business with radio shack.

It could have been worse.

RS could have had 400 cell phones to hand out to increase sales, charge the employee paychecks for the phones, and then used a text message to notify the employee.

Intel used to have a security guard at the door each day. If your ID flashed red, he would escort you to your cube and box your stuff before escorting the employee out the door.

who actually DOES do business with Radio shack anymore?

maybe if I need a remote controlled car....they barely sell those cool radio diodes and stuf fthey used to sell to I dont know who...

Jugg - some years ago a fellow software engineer smelled a similar action at the company where he was working on the payroll system. Sure enough, they let him and a number of others go as soon as the system went into production, so there was nobody there to make the paychecks happen when the "time bomb" went off in the system a month later.

"You've got questions, we've got answers...but not in person, you have to e-mail your questions to us."

"You've got dole!"

Its been a loooooong time since I've been in a Radio Shack and talked to anyone with a clue about the parts on their racks.

Hmm, we're having financial trouble, and our CEO lied on his resume . . . I know, let's hire a new CEO from a company that went BANKRUPT!

In semi-related news today,Acne medicine sales are down.also down: clip-on tie futures.

On the bright side, the very next email promised vast Nigerian riches and increased male performance.

Payroll was done third party. It was not an option. the only part of the system that was not affected was the animal care server. There are times I dont care what happens to us, but the animals, they need our help. or atleast the ones in the zoo. leave the ones in the wild alone, Even the snakes.

Oh there's a crazy little shack beyond the tracks
And everybody calls it the Radio Shack
Well they fired lots a workers in a nasty old way
Gave them just a little bit of severance pay
You can understand why I'm stayin' away
From that Radio Shack.

(apologies to Jimmy Gilmer and the_____________s.)

Ten years ago, I worked at Radio Shack for a month because they were one of the few companies that would hire me knowing I would be leaving after a month. I left for summer school, but was still scheduled for the meetings at 8:30 on Saturday morning. I received a check for $0.16 for two minutes of work (18¢, but FICA took something out) for the first two-week period. The next period, it was only $0.08; the computer had terminated me before the second meeting.

stevie w - (if you are still around) that was a definite geezer giveaway.

Wonder if the background was pink?

lol, that's the name of my "band." Weezer was taken.

Sad. Last time we went to Radio Shack, paid $6.00 for a 39 cent part, only because we were in a hurry.

Open up with a new name and advertising firm? How about "Pay For Less?" Oops, that's taken. The Pay-More Store?


To Whom It May Concern,

G0d, here.

Regretfully, I am writing to inform you of your death.

Your loved ones may wish to check out www.funerals.com for all your final needs. All visitors receive a FREE packet of daisy seeds, just for checking out our site!

I bet you could make a great book out of the replies.

But we think this is just the first step in Radio Shack's efficiency plan. We anticipate the next step...


Leave them a comment.


talk about your snakes!

radio shack has invertabrates for management.

well, and i thought i was clever, after each time you would go in there, they ask for your zip code. i used to make one up. but i wont be shopping there anymore. sheesh. as bad as which airline last week? that fired a bunch of folks.........and then sent them tips for saving money, including dumpster diving.... they 'apologized' for being insensitive. uh, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.

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