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August 10, 2006


If this video is real, the professor deserves, at minimum, the Nobel Prize.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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And a Humane Society medal.

As a college student who has often wanted to do that (particularly during my finite math final last semester), I nominate him for teacher of the year.

He didn't stomp on it. I'd've stomped on it.

Just to be on the safe side.

Incidentally, did you know the founder of the Humane Society was a Chaplain to King George III? and theat he was hanged at Tyburn for passing a dud cheque?

*kicks the ground*

Stupid firewall.

....and his method included in the USGA Official Rules of Golf.

I applauded! I want to be like him when I grow up ;-)

blurk~ A cell phone rings in a classroom where a teacher is lecturing. The owner of the phone takes the call, the teacher takes the phone out of his hand without a word, throws it on the floor with all his might, and returns to his lecture. Can I get an amen?


I LOVE IT! Can we clone this guy and put him in theaters and restaurants?

That video makes me wonder if the guy had done that before and the student with the video camera was just waiting for his chance to get to film it. A lawsuit and movie will probably follow.

But...what was the guy lecturing about?

anger management

Clean - I was waiting for him to stomp on it, too.

Which is why it's probably a fake.

I mean why the hell is anyone filming this lecture? He's just telling them to take advance classes.

and out on the streets..

Cell Phone Patrol

Hey, all. That's enough work for one day, while I've got your attention I'd like... huh? Oh, hang on a sec. gotta get my phone...

Seems he was lecturing about cell phone etiquette.

geez...where's that teacher when you need him???

Howdy Wyo!

Sung to the tune of the "Cops" theme song.

"Cell boys, Cell boys
Watcha gonna do,
Watcha gonna do
when they come for you?"

Cops was filmed in the classrooms of America.... by a kid.....using another cell phone.

It was probably a telemarketer or Paris Hilton giving phone sex.

Either one was worth stomping.

*Snork* @ Betis

Beppie-I agree. This Prof must have been known for this reaction, otherwise, why the camera?

Would it have been funny if after he smashed the cell phone, the Prof. grabbed the camera and did the same thing??

some people do record lectures for studying purposes...

Just a thought here -- maybe the videographer arranged for the phone call to come in at just the right time...?

Pranks 101

Maybe it Samuel Jackson inviting the dolt to see SOAA. Whatever the call was about, the prof, in my opinion was amazingly restrained.
And, Amen, Siouxie, but add airports, grocery stores, traffic lights, and the entire road system, side walks and remote right of ways within the continental US.

Betis-That's a point. I've audio taped them, but never video.


We're still on high alert. Now they're debating on the news whether or not people will be able to take even baby food on the plane.


LOL! Lisa Bisa Fo Fisa (love that screenname by the way!), I was waiting for him to notice the camera too, and smash it as well. Maybe the student had it hidden in something like a fake notebook.

Beppie-Probably hidden. It would have been funny as a point-of-view shot though, the Prof's hand closing over the lens, the tile floor approaching. ;-)

I have a friend who is a professional clown. He's part of a troupe in Chicago called 500 Clown, known across the country for their production of MacBeth. They get right into the audience. And one night, someone's cell rang during a performance. The nearest performer grabbed the phone and ripped it apart and then stomped on it. It was completely destroyed.

I have a friend who is a professional clown. He's part of a troupe in Chicago called 500 Clown, known across the country for their production of MacBeth. They get right into the audience. And one night, someone's cell rang during a performance. The nearest performer grabbed the phone and ripped it apart and then stomped on it. It was completely destroyed.

Sorry. That post was not actually interesting enough for y'all to have to read it twice.

Justifiable phone rage.

57 minutes to go!

I guess I would only consider the phone rage justifiable if the audience member answered the call.

Then, not only should his phone have been destroyed, the destruction should have taken place with the owner still attached to it.

I bet it was a plant, to prey upon the audience's secret desire to do this themselves, thus getting great applause and more tickets sold.

I'm such a cynic!

wish I could do that to my students when they do blatant-messaging, but the PTA would be flaying me alive if i did that. No fair.
*pouts in a corner*

That guy is my hero and role model!

As a new semester approaches, I think I will show this video on the first day of class, so my students will be forewarned...

Bumble- Amen

Most Advanced level classes, especially computer courses are filmed. This is so that students can make better notes. A cell phone for a video that may last a few years would be quite irking. Most especially since the teacher only teaches this class once a year.

On the other hand, the teacher is pretty young.

Lisa~ If they decide against allowing baby food, formula, etc., the airlines better start stocking it with their snacks. People already cringe when they get on airplanes and see people with babies; they'll be crying a whole lot more if they don't get fed. All this stuff about no liquids strikes me as being a little ludicrous. I figure if reasonably intelligent criminals want to get something on a plane, they're going to manage it somehow. Don't deny me my eye drops, contact solution and hand lotion in a lame effort to keep me safe; I’ll take my chances with my saline.

Alfred~ Thank you.

Bumble - to respectfully disagree, I think that the flying public can shut up and sit for three hours without bringing their nail polish and saline solution on board the aircraft. They are not banning baby food/formula. I prefer the option of purchasing sunscreen at my vacation destination when I arrive in one piece vs. being potentially incinerated. And I do fly quite frequently.

*we now return you to your regularly-scheduled humor blog*

To add fuel (fool?) to the flames ... we're gonna be in the air for about nine hours, from Chicago to Dublin and Shannon ... my eyes are gonna get a little itchy in that amount of time ... merely ... sufferin' from some allergies ... but not wantin' to get blo ... um ... incinerated ...

Have a great trip, UO. Having been to Eire, I can confirm that they do in fact sell Visine there, at the chemist's shop (i.e., Walgreens.)

Make friends with the flight attendants and maybe they'll give you an extra bottle of water, in exchange for one of your kidneys.

Bumble-I had a similar thought that the airlines would have to begin stocking more things on board if the restrictions are long-term.

However, I am glad that (if this was a real and serious threat) it was discovered and prevented.

Tnx, Guin, fer tryin' to be helpful ... I can put my PRESCRIPTION eye drops in my checked luggage ... but I won't have access to it for prolly about 12-13 hours, whut with pre-boarding and waitin' at the carousel and all ... merely whinin' a bit ... but I'd rather itch than not be able to feel anything after a 6-mile plunge into the ocean ...

Visine™? Nope. Never used it. Never will. Havin' tooken all them anatomy and physiology and microbiology courses, I'm not too keen on the way that stuff werks ... personally (IMHO), I doubt that any responsible eye-care professional would recommend a vasoconstrictor ... there's a reason one's eyes are bloodshot ... usually it's a symptom of a potentially much more serious health problem (not makin' jokes about hangovers, here) ... one should treat the problem, not the symptoms ...

end health class ... this question may be on the final, however ...

... and ... I wuz kinda hopin' to make friends with some of the Irish Colleens on the flight staff ... mebbe they'd settle fer somethin' less than a kidney? Like ... mebbe a fingernail segment? Or a booger?

I don't mind picking up contact solution at my destination, and I can do without lotion, and certainly without nail polish (I'm not a girly-girl, but even if I were, I wouldn't be so rude as to subject the other occupants of a plane to the smell of nail polish on a flight) but I'm with O. the U; I wouldn't want to do without eye drops on long flights, and I'm not convinced keeping them from me will keep me safe. I may have told this story before, but one time (I think it was just after 9/11) I went through a security checkpoint with two identical pairs of small, stainless-steel collapsible sewing scissors; one pair in my purse, the other in my cross-stitch bag (I don't bother trying to take sewing projects on long flights anymore; enough of my stuff has been deemed highly dangerous that I can't do the work anymore without it). Anyway, both bags went through the scanner and both were deemed safe, but the security guy at the end of the line picked my purse for a random bag check. He took everything out of it and completely ransacked it, and after blushing over my tampons, he found and confiscated the scissors. I reached my final destination with the other pair still tucked away in my other bag after going through at least two other checkpoints with it. I'm sure a lot of the security measures are worthwhile and do some good, but I'm equally certain that a lot of them don't.

Hey OtheU and LBFF, and all,
no time to stay, gotta fly
(pun kinda intended)

Please take me to Ireland on your next trip. (Scotland too, I'll bring my fly rod and whiskey glass.)

Missed you all today, work sometimes gets in the way.

UO, if you have a prescription and the name on the bottle matches the name on the ticket, you are allowed to bring it on the plane with you. I'd bring a copy of the dr's prescription also, along with the original bottle.

Hi Wyo.

More info from the TSA:
-- Liquids are banned from carry-on luggage and cannot be taken through security checkpoints. That includes drinks, toothpaste, perfume, shampoo, hair gel, suntan lotion and similar items. Drinks purchased in the airport cannot be carried onto flights.

-- Baby formula and medications will be allow but must be presented for inspection at security checkpoints.

-- All shoes must be removed and placed on an X-ray belt for screening.

-- Passengers are also asked to arrive at least two hours early to allow for additional screening.

-- Passengers traveling to the United Kingdom should contact their airline for information about any extra security measures or precautions that might be required. Laptop computers, mobile phones and iPods were among items banned on British flights.*

*Note: bring a book. A LONG book.

Can someone please direct me to a good news article about the busting of the terrorist plot? I've only heard about it via word of mouth (my sister's mouth) and I want to read the details, but google is not so very helpful so far.

Bumble, go to the London Times


Bumble there are several articles here

Guin~ Thank you.

Please don't misunderstand me; I'm not trying to say security: bad, terrorism: good. I applaud the people who averted this latest attempt at creating such a large-scale disaster. I'm just saying flying has become such a hassle it's almost not worth it anymore, and I can't be happy about additional security measures unless I have a great deal of confidence in them. As yet, I don't.

Wyo~ Thanks. I'll check those out too.

Wyo - y'all can ride along, but ya gotta pay fer yer own ticket ... and, how ya gonna take fish hooks on ... oh, checked luggage ...

Guin, yeah, I think I heard MB(RH?) say that when she wuz tellin' me about it, or else I heard it from TV ... might hafta do the prescription dealy ... that's manageable, at least ...

The other stuff ... contact solution is about the only "liquid" item I'll be takin' along, and I can put that in checked bags (or, plaid bags, or Navy Blue bags, whutever ...) and if the luggage is lost or delayed, I can find a Chemist's Shop or ... um ... Ireland has Walgreen's? How about Waldo's?

Back to the original intent of your comments, yeah, we're anticipatin' with increasin' excitement, the adventure and the scenery and all ...

Both of us have forebears who were born in Ireland, so that's merely a small part of our planned itinerary ... see the house where Grandma grew up, and the church where she was baptised, confirmed and married ... and, I'm sure, visit the cemetaries where some kin were buried ... doubt if we'll do "tomb rubbings" ... pix will suffice ...

I dunno if I mentioned it prior to now, but I'm sorta plannin' to post pix daily (a few, not the whole memory card) so if NEbuddy here wants to look @ whut scenes we've seen, they can click ... I'll post that link later ... gonna be busy doin' tourist stuff, and concentratin' on drivin' on the left without mishap, so won't have much time to blog and stuff, so I'll likely only have time to (perhaps) check the email and put up the pix ... and mebbe not even that, on a daily basis ...

We depart on 21 September, return on 3 October ... tnx for all the suggestions ...

Groovy, OtheU, Wish I could go.

Always love to see pictures.

My family's from County Cork


(Your post wuzn't there when I wrote that last one ...)

Well, we're not goin' to the UK, except by auto ... Fargo/Chicago/Dublin/Shannon (then drive around the whole island, includin' into the North) ... I'm gonna hafta check on that ... not puttin' my Mac thru checked luggage ... Heck, I wouldn't even put a PC thru checked luggage!

(HAR! -- A little Mac Superiority Smugness there ... )

AND -- please do NOT yawp at me about this subject! I spent the last several days -- when not at home -- at a place that had "Free Highspeed Internet" ...

Well ... it wuz free ... HOWever, the server or whutever would NOT recognize Safari ... hadda go thru IE, which requires startin' up OS 9 ... and the copyright date on that page ENDED with the year 2000 ... that's how far behind MS is behind Mac ... about six years ...

AND ... it wuz r e a l l y S L O W ...

and sometimes I had to restart the computer once or twice, to merely get to the security/username code/password dealy ... before I could finally dump IE and go back to Safari, which wuz then slower than usual, 'cuz it wuz still routed thru OS 9, and MS crapola ...

so ... do NOT try to tell me that PC/MS is "better" than Mac ... I've seen differently -- includin' usin' the cable @ home, with the PC, or with the Mac ... same cable, same ISP ... the speed differnce is OBVIOUS ...

/end Mac praises rant ...

Wyo -

Our kinfolk came over from Antrim and Tyrone ... I also have one cousin [Second? Third? I'd hafta look it up.] who lives in Lisburn (suburb of Belfast) and we'll visit them, I hope ... the rest of the island is merely for enjoyin' for its ownself ...

CNN just reported that baby food is allowed, but you have to open it and taste it before they allow it on the plane. Now what about that bottle of breast-milk?





hmm I believe baby food/formula/breast milk is allowed IF there is an actual BABY traveling with you.

Actually, Earth's Best organic babyfood is quite tasty, unlike that overprocessed, bland Gerber slop. I'll pass on the breastmilk, though.

Supposedly it tastes like cantaloupe juice, but in all the times I gave my darling nephew his bottle, I was never tempted to find out. Ick.

breast milk??

I breastfed my two girls for 5 months...never really had the urge to know what it tasted like...to me it kinda looked like coconut milk.

Must be a Catholic school.

I'm just looking forward to Jon Stewarts take on it, never mind the clips of idiot news casters.

Ranting doesn't do any good, no matter what we think, we're all going to have to bend over and take it up the rear, literally and randomly.


Wyo - my mom's from Dublin, dad's family from Galway. In college, I won a free trip to Erin, and while over there, happened to literally stumble onto the staigue fort of King Milesius, who invaded the southwest tip of Ireland (near the skelligs) in 472 BC. I'm a direct descendant of his. So, yes, I'm a princess, but you knew that.

O the U - the troubles have settled a bit, but stay away from Ballymena. Really. And be on your best behavior - there are people over there who can rattle on longer than you can. :)

Wait a second - shouldn't it be the "No-Cell Prize?"

Awbh - almost a requirement that we go thru Ballymena ... lookin fer the little church @ Killymurris and the house in/near Glarryford ... and ... speakin'
(!HAR!) of rattlin' on ... where'd you think I got the capability to do so ... Waldo's? ... It's genetic -- a blessing -- and a curse -- merely ... loquacious ...

... also ... as to the stuff about King Milesius, who invaded the southwest tip of Ireland (near the skelligs) in 472 BC ... when we get there, I'll wave hello for you ... well, we've got the skelligs on our list, NEway ...

A Princess, eh? Why am I not surprised?

(Have you read the book How the Irish Saved Civilization ... (that's perty close to the title ... I think)?

As a professor myself, I have developed a method of handling this. When a student accepts a cell call in class, I insist that they go out into the hall. Then I give an exam question and corresponding answer to all of the other students. It only happens once in each semester.

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