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August 30, 2006


How Carly Simon deals with stage fright.

(Thanks to 24-aholic)


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For some reason I doubt this is about stage fright... Own your fetish, Carly!

I'm speachless, and first.

Ooohh... and First! Somebody give me a spank!

Nope, only speachless.

"During the spanking, the curtain went up."

Is that a euphamism?

Carly, we hardly know ye.

Yeah, Sly. That, plus "invited the entire horn section to let her have it" had me wondering too.

I once tested Carly Simon's pee in a pee lab.

>spanks for everyone<

and of course it was the horn section...

hmm whatever wets yer whistle....

I'm doing the "I got posted! I got posted!" dance....see, guys, for every 300 items you send in, you just may get 1 posted...

Leetie - Yeah, but she was supposed to give the sample willingly.....the way you forced her to pee at knifepoint was just uncalled for...

She finally gave it up when we spanked her. Made it tough to catch the pee though.

BTW I was working in a drug lab at the time. ;)

They only tested her because she ran around screaming she was seeing a giant floating head of a woman outside her window at night, Leetie....

YAY 24!!!

I thought she didn't have time for the pain?

Michael Jackson started it.

Clinton celebration huh? She should have been not just spanked but beaten.

Maybe Slick Bill did a little spankin' himself????

(to the horn section...)
nobody does it better
when i get scared at the show
nobody spanks me half as good as you
make my buttocks glow!

when i get nervous, i require a service
and i'm not picky who does the deed
or else i get cranky, bring on the spanking!
give me what i need!

but nobody does it better
sometimes i wish james taylor had
put down your trumpets , make me your strumpet
tonight i feel so bad!

following smokey, i started to choke, he
is just such a legend to me
when clinton turned fifty, he thought it was nifty
if he bent me cross his knee!

(repeat chorus)

Let's all just bow our heads (yours especially, Leetie) in thanks that this was Carly Simon, and not any one of a number of blog bulletinettes.

wow! way to get excited about a performance, carly.

usually when I'm getting spanked, I prefer not to have an audience

This article puts a new twist to Carly's "Haven't got time for the pain" tune. HMmmmmmmm.....

But she does have time for spanking, Clinton, uh celebrations (!!!!), and drug testing. Cool chick.

I nominate Carly for Prison Wardon at Guatanomo when Dave is Prez.

I thought she didn't have time for the pain?

apparently she has the time (and the room)

*Holds up paddle cigarette lighter for poor Carly. Encore!*

Um...kitten...whatsa matter? Stagefright?

well, good morning, blurk! I'm more of a closet spankee....

*passes on the spankin...thankyouverymucho*

I love that song, insom! Great version!

But I also heard that she's Coming Around Again! :)

when i read the header, i assumed the link would be about picturing someone in their undies. eminem would be ewwwwwwwwww.

Also, Congrats to 24!!!

Great story, even though I don't believe one word of it - but still fun! :)

Sure, Siouixe. Whatever you say.

Carly's face was the prototype for the planet of the apes make-up.

Quite a change from her 'Leave Me Alone' days.

no blurk, really :)

Refer to above post.

*wonders why blurk doesn't believe her*

"Bongo, Bongo, Bongo" - Preston Epps

is she anywhere near good looking or did she hit the wall pretty hard?

Did no-one else notice this was NOT in tne news of the weird?

uh-oh. Here's guy who needs swift kick in the ass.

She is so hot!

Well, she is hot on the best-of record of King Wingbipeekaboo's mother's, at least.

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