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August 28, 2006


Now they want to ban one of mankind's most fundamental human rights.


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Well, there goes that business idea.

Sorry 'bout that, blurk.

First to say that I had no idea there was a market for that type of thing.

or not.


just don't get the kind with the pulp

(Lord, i apologize...)


And exactly how did they deliver this?

Through Her Majesty's post service, of course, pogo. :-)

yeah, (looking at the back of his computer) which port do you use?

*snork* @ mud! I just swallowed my gum! GUM, people!!!!!

For some reason it seems the serial port would be the correct one. USB, parallel, and Cat5 just don't sound right.

mud, I'd try for the biggest...erm...holey thing and work my way down, if I were you.

Good luck with that!

mud self-censoring.
thoughts impure and foul swirl down
mental bowl. good boy.

could you do something with a picture of katie couric? thanks in advance. of your doing it I mean.

there is a foot pursuit near here. i believe a transient has invaded a taco bell dumpster. no. his buddy was dining in.

Does it have to "come" (no jokes please!) out frozen? That would be *shudders* never mind. "Please insert all blue balls jokes Here. _________________

monkey - go away


judi and/or dave - the maid is needed to clear out a phony blogger

yeah, (looking at the back of his computer) which port do you use?

Posted by: mudstuffin | 04:34 PM on August 28, 2006

Any port in a storm, mud. Just any port in a storm.

blurk - we already knew you weren't picky but geez, man, have some discretion

blurk - I always wondered if that old saying was a double entendre. If it wasn't before, it is now.

Wandering way off topic. Has everyone heard the weird little guy won't be charged in the Ramsey case? DNA didn't match. We will soon get real news again, maybe.

Wyo told us - I still say her brother did it

I had a friend whose son was sired via United Parcel Service (no, NOT the deliveryman). It involved styrofoam containers delivered by overnight express. Labeled "medical specimen" and "dry ice", telltale packages would appear in the front hallway of the building from time to time.

The enterprise was successful; I believe the son must be in college by now. I always thought it would be a great testimonial for "when it absolutely positively has to be there overnight."

Pogo: Wandering way off topic is what we do best here. I still say they fry the bas^&%d. Just for good measure. An Ounce of prevention......

I think the maid did i.

More off topic: Don\'t look here

Is there a kitten around?

hm, who can think of 91,999,999 better ways to get attention than falsely confessing to a murderous (excuse me, accidental death) sex crime with a minor? I can!

If he DNA does not fit, you must acquit!!

So I am suppose to freeze it now?..... Man, they sure know how to kill a SMALL business.

Back to the weird little guy - he didn't do anything (as far as we know) so we don't fry him, but I think we need to get him off the streets. He's got potential.

That's the, not he. And I spelled my name right this time; I think:)

Pogo: Potential, For??????????????

Is there a kitten around?

who's asking?

or "If he DNA do not fit, you must acquit!!"

i'm going to hell

that weird little guy is still facing charges for possession of child p0rn0graphy in California, so with any luck they'll be able to get him for something. And just for good measure, I say he gets thrown into gen pop until trial. his life expectancy would be about 37 and a half seconds, maybe.

PeeJay - he's got future freaky sex crime perpetrator written all over him!

he also wanted a book deal, that is so disgusting.

Potential for doing something pretty evil and with little girls if he does.

(I have always done my evil things with big girls who had some evil of their own, if ya know what I mean.)

Maybe he should go in the business of froz . . .
Okay so maybe I can't sew this thread back together.

kitten: What the hell are "prattling" on about. (notice British lingo keeping with the thread of this blog, I guess?!?)

what are you talking about, PeeJay?

MJK - I think it's too late to mend this thread, and I'll take some of the responsibility for that. It feels so good!

Oops, MKJ, sorry. My fingers are lysdexic.

24: That's why we fry him! I'm on your side. We don't study him. We kill him. I don't want to sound like a facist, but he says he did it, well lets treat him like it. Or bettert yet let Bubba in the gen pop "accidentally" strangle him in the act. Then Bubba can tell us how he was there when it happened. Poetic Justice.

"that such samples will remain frozen by female customers until self-insemination."

Self-insemination??? we gotta do that too?? how's that done?with an eyedropper? it's a SCAM I tell ya!

That would be "better yet" *slinks off to typing school*

If you can't sell it fresh, will they be forced to sell it canned?

To quote Paul Harvey: Eat what you can, and can what you can't!


SLITCOD: Never mind, that acronym just didn't sound right:(

Siouxie - Then you can tell the little tyke, "Your father was a turkey baster!

I didn't notice that, PeeJay.

Siouxie, please change that name.

That is all.

Maybe frozen "slitcod" would get this blog back on track???

Kid's have enough trouble forming an identity without being told they came in the mail.

OH MY GOD! I was always told they found me under a rock! Maybe it was true after all...

*snork* pogo!

and oops on the name LOL

PeeJay, you've got a sick and perturbed mind!!!!

I think these lil' guys might be going into the business . . .

better, blurk????

And yes, SLITCOD: you have a very appropriate acronym for this thread. Thanks. Also, define perturbed:) I kinda like it, but I wanna make sure.

sbitcod doesn't look as bad :P

I was thinking "Siouxie Could Really Outrun This Ugly Monster"

Wait, that won't work either.

*snork* nope! no ballsy name for me! sheesh

MKJ: Should we spank these monkeys? Sbitcod looks much better, but your just an "H" away from trouble. Be careful.
Sbitchod will not look pretty:)

hmmmm yeah ...sbitchod

but if I change it to:

Souxie Hunkerin' in the Cone of Death.....???


PJ: I wouldn't, those little rotters can BITE. A friend of mine had one as a pet when I was a kid and dinosaurs roamed the Earth . . .

I Like it! Or Siouxie plays in nice cars to everyones rejoice?

Well Siouxie, there's a FL prededent for the "hunkering" acronym.

I once knew a guy who was a Miami detective. In the mid-eighties, when they were experiencing a rash of murders from the cocaine cowboys. They established a task force, named the Special Homicide Investigation Team...he claims the name, and acronym: SH!T Squad, was deliberate...

siouxie, have you gone to the store and stocked up yet?
I'm starting to worry about you...:)

NASA at first named the tower on the moon rockets launch pad the Saturn Launch Umbilical Tower. They quickly dropped the 'Saturn'.

MJK: I remember you! Remember me, I had that unicorn named "Tim" and pterdacyl(sic) {hell I don't know how to spell it} [ and don't care] named Roger.

and i'm sure it was very appropriate,AFKAT. Dealing with all the scum...

and NO, PeeJay....NOT gonna be named after an @sshole!!!

MKJ - Oh, yeah? Well when I was a kid, trilobites roamed the earth! And they were fast trilobites.

hm, Peejay that must have been some pretty good stuff you were smoking back then.

El, I am ALL set! got gas, money, food, batteries, cheez-whiz,water, wine, vodka, rum,...

oh...and bleach!

People must do a lot of laundry during hurricanes to need all that bleach.

Off topic alert--(there's a topic?)

Boulder Co. Sheriff just announced that the weird little guy WILL be extradited to Sonoma County, California for five counts of child p0rn.

How about just renting it for the weekend?

That's good news, Dim. Keep the weirdo off the streets.

LOL it's funny...I'm watching the news and the mayor of Miami is telling everyone not to panic - did he just get off the raft??? we ALWAYS panic.

Betsi: Ask MKJ. I got it from her. You ever smoke T-rex dung. Good buzz. No after effect. Thanks MKJ.

I was reading up on that little weird man...they should make him PAY for all that getting his sorry @ss flewn back here COST the taxpayers!

Crap! Now I'm a wimmens again! It's all Judi's fault!
(akshuly I'm a guy peej)

MKJ, it just reads like Mahatma "Jane" to me...I thoughts you was a gurl too!

thank for clearing that up :)

Thailand deported him. I thought they bought his ticket. Either way, good move on the Thai's part.

Of course assorted US jurisdictions provided escorts.

Siouxie: click on link on my name for pic of ugly mug . . .

Thailand did not deport him. He confessed to this high profile killing to escape charges there. Not exactly sure what those charges were, prolly something "inappropriate" with a kid--seems to be his M.O. Far as I can tell, he figgered he'd get better treatment in an American jail than in Thailand. Unfortunately, the authorities fell for it.

uh...hopefully you're the one with the crown? :)

good mug though!

I agree, Dim. I believe he was in jail for possession of child pornography.

MKJ - I wasn't invited, but I followed your link. Always figured you'd be an Indian (dot, not feather) Is the appelation "Mahatma" self-awarded?

Sioux, if you look closely, you'll notice that the Mayor of Miami is not panicking, 'cause he's in LA.

and I see we didn't get far this afternoon.

pogo: Mahatma Kane Jeeves was a pen name of W.C. Fields (as in 'my hat, my cane etc. . . ), which I shamelessly cribbed as an online name a few years ago . . .

Wyo, HE IS??? no wonder!


MKJ, another mystery solved. thanks. took me a while to figure out where Clean Hands got his moniker too, then I found it.

That's pretty clever, MKJ...I had never heard of it...

Wyo, I thought CH's handle was a veiled reference to Pontius Pilate, but wasn't sure. Enlighten me?

where, Wyo?? I keep forgetting to ask him.

*sigh* Dating just keeps getting more and more complicated.

wow, a simul with Siouxie! where's blurk?

I just thought he was obsessive compulsive about cleanliness...like Monk??

It's from a joke, let me find the link.

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