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August 30, 2006


Ohmigod this is SO amazing.


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I'd have been first, but I needed to retch before posting.

woohoo, my first look at the blog today and I won the door prize!

and of course the salmonella comes free!

Am i first?

I'm sorry...all I can say is...


The highest bid for the item currently stands at $51.

I have to have something of Britney's amke me ill? I think I'll just buy K-Turds CD

whoa... quadruple :)



we are a sick society.

I'm calling it. Time of death of civilization: 11:23

Kevin Federline corndog (with a Britney bite taken out near the stick)

Waaaaay too much information!

Dave, do you plan on eating your entire lunch? Just asking....

Up to $102.50........are these people NUTS?

is anyone else hearin their mom's voice in their head sayin:

finish your dinner! there's starvin kids in africa that would love to have the rest of that corndog!


yikes I just saw the pictures...

who knew there were professional vacuum sealers?

My firewall refused to show me the pictures...THERE IS A GOD!!!!!!

(Ok, there really isn't, because if there were a kind, loving God, he would've already smotten Twit & K-Fart)

This is a joke, right?

Somebody PLEASE tell me this is a joke!

TCK - one time when my mom said that I asked her 'oh yeah, name two?' I was grounded until I was 35.

I don't think I can take anymore. work's starting to look appealing. have a nice day. :)

Twitney appears to have a big mouth from those bite marks...

Unfortunately blurk, it's not...

Punkin - be thankful!

next they'll say that the corndog looks like the Virgin Mary...

Punkin, I'm not complainin' in the least, but the next time we simul like that ya gotta let me breathe. Those things are dangerous.

*sigh...sorry, Mary*

KFed and Brit should also buy seats on the space trip with Paris Hilton.

Death of civilization! Cultural decay! Erroding moral values! I am so sick of people ranting about "the good old days" and how today's world sucks in comparison. 11:23? What, today? C'mon, civilization died years ago. People used to go looking for Elvis' pubic hair, for God's sake. Nothing has changed. Remember Olivia Newton-John? Abba? The 1910 Fruitgum company? And how bout the "Stuck on Band-Aids" commercials? O-R-E-O, Oscar Meyer, ring around collar, Ty-D-Bol, "wimpy wimpy wimpy" and the Gong Show. What about Jerry Springer for God's Sake? Nothing has changed because civilization has alread died. Remember that commercial for some brand of cake frosting that was so smooth you could spread it with feather? (A feather!) Civilization died the moment that fat little kid looked at the camera and said "Deluxscious!" (My personal sanity went bye-bye at that same moment, coincidentally).

having been properly vacuum-sealed, i am thinking of purchasing it and sending it to dave in advance of the next tropical disturbance.

it may save his life and that would make me a hero and he would probably come out of retirement to write an article about me and that would make me semi-famous.

Offers mud a Midol...

gumball, mud???

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Egg salad grosses me out a bit already, but used? Ick, ick, ick!

So this was a music awards ceremony in a New York hotel and they served egg salad and corn dogs? Geez the QT up the street from me has a better menu than that.

Can someone help me coax BS and KF over to the vacuum sealer, and then give a gentle push on my signal?

fivver - I'm sure they had to make the blue plate special just for the trailer park guests (NTTAWW trailer park residents, just these 2 in particular)

Does it surprise anyone that K-Fed eats corn dogs?

Actually this gives corn dogs a bad name.

Meanie, that wouldn't do any good...they'd be preserved for years and years???

But we'd have a vacuum inside a vacuum - how cool would that be? And at least we wouldn't have to listen to them.

Give it to Mikey. He'll try it.

Hey Mikey! He likes it!

Ewwwww.......... is there no taste left in this godforsaken world?

Can we send them off to space with Paris?? maybe she'll get hungry. *eg*

Worse case scenario: they harvest the DNA from those things and clones pop up all over the place.
*heads to her bunker*

worse-r case scenario: the clones start popping out babies

worserer case scenario: actually there ISN'T one...unless Paris' DNA gets mixed up...

That's it! we're dooomed!

hey mud, can i stand by you and add the crass overcommercialization of christmas and juvenile delinquency to the list of *recent* developments in our decline? i used to be responsible for a feature in our local paper that looked back over news events over the past forever. back at the turn of the century, they were complaining about the same things.

KOW, that'd be a great reason to oppose funding for cloning project.
Funding should go, therefore, into this.

Best case scenario: They create a targeted virus a la Alias based on their DNA, leaving everyone else unharmed.
*dares to dream*

pepe: I think that started the whole Kfed/Twitney breedfest in the first place. Alas, those funds would be misplaced as well.

Looks like KOW is gonna hunker in the bunker.

Ooh, that was bad.

crossgirl: two words: "Mairzy Doats"


"I work at a fancy schmancy hotel"..... that serves corndogs


up to $102.50 - next minimum bid is 105!!!

Fancy for these two, yes.

"Omigawd, look! They have flush toilets!"

Highest bidder: Woody Allen. ("What's Up, Tiger Lily?")

Hey Dave you got any half eaten sandwiches I can put on.... Oh nevermind none of your fans are that dumb.

i'm glad i dont like egg salad because if i liked it, i'd eat it, and i hate it.


From the plates of clueless trash
A corndog and a sammich taken
Bidders offer sums of cash
Civilization now forsaken

Heiress with no brain was sired
Now seeks thrills in outer space
Fifteen minutes long expired
Take your fame some other place

Germophobic singing leech
Talks of waters' secret powers
Smith & Wesson out of reach
Can't quite end this scourge of ours

outstanding, Meanie!

Wow, Meanie - bravo! That was beautiful!

queensbee you wouldn't be a fan of the Preston and Steve show by any chance?

Well, that just about ruins my lunch. I need to lose a few pounds, anyway.

I already cloned Britney from the DNA on a pieve of chewing gum that was sold on Eb@y several years ago. Blogged about right here on this very blog. I believe the gum came from a public restroom where Twitney disposed of it.

The clones are a nice addition to the lab since I removed the vocal chords.

applause meanie! and i dont know who preston and steve are. but the saying i quoted is an oldie. we used to use it with 'spinach'.

We thought Twit and Ked were the stupidest people in the world, but we haven't yet met the true holder of this honor - the PURCHASER of the egg salad sandwich and corndog.

plus requisite snork to Mud for his rant and Meanie for his poetry

Has anyone considered that this is all scam? The guy works for a "fancy shmancy hotel in NY" and the item is being shipped from Seattle?

Just sayin...


all 'a' scam

Okay, the bid has reached $14,999.00,, and I am officially ready to vomit.

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