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August 11, 2006


(Thanks first to david tarvin)

¹Assuming this was not blogged already


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I think God put Britney here, to make the rest of us feel more normal

Ahhhh, beauty, class AND brains.

This is exactly how I thought she would sound - like an uneducated, needy, co-dependant hussy

/Brit rant

Am I the first not to mention being first?

The squirrels stole my first!!! ><

AHAHAHH i can't wait to get home and watch this!

It almost sounds like Farrah's Letterman moment... has Britney been altering her mind?

Oh well...

"Co-dependent Hussy" WBAGNFA Britney/Courtney Love RB.

Good afternoon peoples!! looks like I came at the right time...Twitney Bashing!! yay!!

actually I feel sorry for the poor hussy...

I understand that there was a time in which celebrities were carefully groomed on what to say, how to dress, and what to do at all times, and if they made a huge gaffe they might be dropped. I think many of their personal lives were fabricated and sometimes the studio got to nix proposed marriages. But that was then.

K-fed's revenge?

Lordy, I just wasted several minutes of my life watching that clip. Observations:

1. Wardrobe! Her "wife-beater" t-shirt's gone all see-through and stuff again.
2. Language! Good heavens. Grandma and kids, do NOT view this clip with the speakers on.
3. Partying! Isn't it considered to be a poor practice to drink while pregnant?
4. Whining! Arrrrrrgh!

Where's our Britney booster to tell us that it's all our fault that her life is sooooooo hard?

CH-Yeah, this is a Farrah momment for sure.

why does she keep twitching and slapping the table?

ooops "moment"

CH - is she pregnant in this video? I thought it was outtakes from their video prior to baby making times?

slapping the table
Kfed's out of reach?

judi - she looks like she's ON something...huh?

Once again the gubment says I can't watch the video.
I'm kinda thankful for that.

I dunno, 24; you can't really see her belly past her rampant ramparts.

Possible she was not preggers when this was shot, yes.

In this one case, blurk, the gubmint's done a Good Thing.

Love the twitch! Hilarious!

I don't know. I think she's kinda cute, in a "Single White Female," Nascar fan, government cheese kind of way....

So, is she dating anyone? I should call her...

Leetie, you've gone schwa since I've been out! Looks good!


This video should be played to all 5th graders as an example of what NEVER to be when you grow up!

Something tells me she ticked off hubby. Notice how she's high (thus the itchiness and lack of mental acuity) and having a conversation with someone on the other side of a camera who she calls Kevin. Then it was "leaked". Could this be to create 'cause' for the divorce?

fed, lately man, you know what I been thinkin'?
we could go out and strap into the frontseat of my lincoln
and drive so fast we'd alter time, what? no I ain't been drinkin'
and go back before we married, man what was I thinkin?
when you were just a dancer and my part time boy and I could well afford you, you were in my employ
shoulda fired you then and parted as friends
but I guess them good times (burp) had to end
the press they thought me pure and sweet, didn't know I was fed-K meat, and then I wed you and the sweetheart of the world
became just another hooters girl
you trashed my rep and spent my money and I'm preggers again, no this ain't funny
dude you gotta go, I gotta get back
be nineteen again, my life is wack.

*bows in mud's general direction*

Sustained applause everyone...

"I understand that there was a time in which celebrities were carefully groomed on what to say, how to dress..."

There was a time when they simply had the good sense and class to do what they did well on stage, and then go home and shut up.

mud, I am in awe

bravo mud!!!

Yay, mud.

Their trailer looks pretty nice, though.

It takes a special kind of skank to make the Fedster look like a Rhodes scolar. Bravo Britney!

It takes a special kind of skank to make the Fedster look like a Rhodes scholar. Bravo Britney!

I schwa'd out last night and can't seem to shake it. But glad ya like it, Jemmy! *hairflip*

she is one night vision camcorder short of an internet porn

Britney in internet porn? Ugh, please no.

Maybe we should sing Beautiful to her by James Blunt. I know it would be a lie but we need to pick up her spirits.

she feels like she is behind...yeah, Forrest Gump behind

anyone read the comments under the video?

check this one out:

That poor little girl.

She looks like she was just shooting the breeze and talking rubbish like we all do when we are tired and fed up and trust the person we are with.

Wouldn't you want to just take her home and mind her!

- Mary, Dublin, Ireland


I predict that Mary from Dublin will someday be nominated for sainthood

I believe this is the stupidest conversation ever in the history of mankind. Cavemen probably had way more intelligent conversations!

I hung in there and watched for 1:09 and then I couldn't take it anymore.

The itching done me in!

Take a Benadryl™!

But then she'd fall asleep, El. Of course, then she'd shut up, so that would be two birds with one stone.

But it probably woulnd't be good to mix Benadryl™ with whatever she was high on.

So refined!

Take her home and MIND her?!
More like take her home and beat some sense into her!

Another thing with that video: she made Jessica Simpson look like she is a descendant of Einstein!

"Huh?" "What?" *slaps table*

There - now I can be a Britney imitator in Vegas...

Put me in the "feel sorry for her" camp. I agree with those who speculate that she's probably on something.

Also, observation: Hubby shot video. Video got leaked. Hmmm, who leaked it? Keep hubby away from camera.

Get Britney a publicist and a handler, stat. Oh- and a divorce.

I think she and Kevin are the new Whitney and Bobby. Everyone's all, "he's so bad for you! dump him!" but she stays with him anyway and they are more alike than the public ever sees.... and eventually she becomes worse than him... I can see it already.

After having read through some of the comments, allow me to correct a couple mistakes (to the best of MY knowledge anyway...). Evidently, this was an Extra on her "Chaotic" DVD. Therefore this is very much dated footage and the partying she is referring to was done before she got knocked up.

....am I the only one who thinks it's obvious this was filmed prior to Brit's pregnancies??.... if so, that's sad

Anyway, just thought I'd throw that thought out there. If anyone wants to waste money on that DVD set to verify, go ahead. I won't do it.

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