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August 30, 2006


Barbie has changed.

(Thanks to wolfie)


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I'm going with Maudite ("The Damned").

He probably got the Seseme Street Bert and Ernie phones.

Since you didn't ask, I'll tell you. :)

I was looking for the news article that showed a picture of him when he peed his pants while drunk at an airport. But then I saw something shiny.

And now I must go shower. I've offended myself.

Wow, I didn't know Barbie was that common a first name. Or maybe it's just a coincidence.

Trillian - Is that all your donnin'? Cuz if so, I can see everything, including but not limited to, your Barbie. (NTTATWWT!)

Leets- nice deposit. Isn't your finger itching?

Meanie thanks!

Please, Leetie. We've all googled for worse stuff. There's no need to be ashamed.

kibby's been past pivo:30 for QUITE some time. He was also supposed to video-connect with F2, but there seems to be communications problems over there.

F2 starts school tomorrow! Gad, she's growing up....

Marie.. it's the nickname form of Barbara as well, so there are a lot of Barbies out there..

F2's not allowed to start school yet! She's only F2!


Why do babies have to grow up?

I think "Barbie" is more a state-of-mind.

Yep, there's allot of them out there...

I feel the same way about my little sister, Kibby. She's 15 and already has a boyfriend.

I'm gonna wring his scrawny little neck if he hurts her.

If you think the Barbie phone was bad, you should hear what that little foul-mouthed b@stard Sponge Bob had coming out of his 'Talking Squarepants' junior sex toy kit (tm thingie).

Oh, and reporting for duty!

YEA! What kaf said! WHY!?

You're (not urine) welcome.

Round 2.

For MiK ("Devil")

I wonder if Toys-R-Us sells 900-Line Barbie???

I see that the calendar says today is Toasted Marshmallow Day.

Anyone up for some s'mores?

Wow Brian, where'd you get one of those???

*is proud to see so many made the leap*

Marie - my second grader has informed me that she now only has 2 boyfreinds instead of 3 - she dumped the 3rd one when he told her that girls are too stupid to do math

15 years old with a boyfreind ain't so bad

*swallows the last of the marshmallows she had in her mouth*

But I have other ideas for the chocolate bars ;)

Er, for MiK ("Devil").

*Goes off to punish self*

*Downs another stein before proceeding*

I'll have my marshmallows pure and untainted by chocolate and crackers please... I have other things I can do with those...

*awards Wolfie a shiny sparkly gold star for Most Disturbing Innuendo of the Year So Far*

Tippi, the problem is that I have never dated, so I have no idea what to expect.

But she better not do anything stupid.

Ooooooooh! Shiny shiny beer, Blue! Thanks.


Well Boss is back so I'll have to skip out of the fieldtrip a little early my friends. See you all on the flipside.

*vanishes into cloud of barbie pink smoke*

Yea, wolfie gets cash and a posting.... let's see, that's -

...... a good reason for a beer!!!!

YEA, that's what it is!

I too...have to skip out of the field trip for a bit...I hope to return.

All this talk of chocolate and marshmallows has me hungry...

(Ok, errands await...but there will be chocolate and/or marshmallows involved, I think.)

I just checked what's on at the cinema here this week, and it's terribly depressing.

Did I tell you guys about the birds that roost inside the theater? We can see them flying around during films.

Fish- i've opted to start pants free friday a bit early

*curtsies and leaps upon the stack o'cash*

Shooeeeesssss!! I can buy more shoessssss!!!

What the f#@! is going on here?

Kibby, you need a reason for a beer? around here it's always beer-thirty!

My fifteen year old recently had a boy ask her to "go steady" (or words to that effect in today's cool hippity-hop street/hood lingo) and she came to ask my thoughts. I told her to go back to him and say that she would if he would come and meet her parents. He declined. I told her that any boy that was unwilling to look me in the eye and shake my hand was unworthy of my daughter. She liked that.

So, I've escaped round 1.

The usual.

aaah, but you can always go and ogle Harrison Ford, Marie.

Trillian.. have you ever considered the pants-free lifestyle?

my first comment on the barbie thread, and i simul with...barbie.


What's the jello flavor for the slip & slide? Does it go well with butt butter and smores?

... anyone bring the twister? And who's got the industrial sized blender for the 'ritas?

Eadn was the last with the zombie controller and I've lost track of the twister spinner - Brian?

Darn, I'm late for the cruise.

"urine hassle!" - too funny!

Have any of you guys ever met someone named Barbie?

No, but I know a Barb if that helps. Oh heck, kibby knows TWO. You win, kibster.

I lost track of a twister spinner once. You wouldn't believe where the thing ended up.

*waves* Hiya Barbie *giggles*

Mud, my sister's boyfriend Made His Move during her fifteenth birthday party, which was held a few days ago. They were slow dancing, and then he kissed her in front of my father, all our relatives and all the guests.


and a turkey sammich would go good about now, Leets.

MiK: well, that was pretty gutsy of him.

Did he survive to fight another day?

southerngirl, technically I'm running 6 hrs. ahead of Blog Time (EST? Why? There's no other time zone that counts!) so my pivo:30 is quite early.... and to answer your question - no. But it sounds better.

Rehabs for quiters.


Now you're (not your) talking.

Harrison Ford is still lookin' good, but I prefer him during the Indiana Jones days... yum!

I just read through these posts and I still have no idea in hell what anyone is talking about.

Except wolfie got posted...and apparently some cash.

Wolfie - Richard Gere?

kaf- i would but michigan winters are a bit too harsh for that lifestyle

Darn, I sent the Penis Pump Shoplifter (via Kaf) and the Sydney Discount Gas & Brothel in to Dave but lost out on credit for both.


*goes to google "turkey sammwich" - well, because*

wolfie not richard gere.
wolfie is a girl wolfie of the female gender. :-)

*flashes Barbie to prove it*

Jeff, all the guests were staring at my Dad, wondering if he was going to kill the kid. Being sweet old Dad, he didn't, so the boy is still alive and presumably will ask my sister out soon.

I have a picture of my sister with him and several of her friends during the party. She looks radiant, and is wearing his tie loosely around her neck. Apparently it's the cool thing to do these days in Argieland, trophy ties for the girls.

Aw, how sweet. Finished the sammich, pass the parfaits.

Hey, I arrive just in time for a Barbie flash!

WOOT! Time to break out the GI Joes!

No, no, no, Wolfie. We know you're (not... nevermind) all girl. I meant where the twister spinner ended up. (NTTAWWT. Sort of)

Butt, thanks for the flash.


I did as you requested, Kathy.
(code talk)

blurk, it's a reunion of longtime bloggers. move along, move along. nothing to see here.

a trillian thanks for pantless Humpday

Lab will most likely not be happy about this, good thing he's busy sucking.

Blurk, buddy, looks like you picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

*sniffs and loves it to him*

Nice flash, Barbie.

Marie: You gotta admire his moxie (whatever that means).

Related true thought: I actually asked my wife's father for permission before I proposed. I'm a little (lot) old fashioned about such things. He is somewhat hearing impaired so the coversation quickly degraded to something like this:



"NO, I SAID ..."

and so forth.

Jeff.. I just posted it for laughs over at WX. I've kinda given up on emailing stuff to here. With time diffs, I think everyone's sending stuff in while I'm asleep.

Yw Barbie. :-)

*dive tackles El*
Hiya sugar! Wanna come play in my shadows with me? I've got the hammocks set up and everything.

Shameless self promotion.


Oh, a turkey sammwich... *rolls eyes*. Posted by: kibby F5™ | 11:29 AM on April 21, 2006

... and somoeone's

*puts back his "It's Steak & BJ Day ... and all I got was a Turkey Sammwich!" t-shirt. Well! Today's "Everything You Think is Wrong Day"!!! ...

we're havin' two pantless days this week?

all right, then!

*nictitates at Kibby*


Roger, Roger.

Mud.. my (now) brother-in-law asked my father for my sister's hand IN FRONT OF ALL OF US at the dinner table one evening. Then he didn't propose for a couple of months (he timed it so that he proposed on her birthday).

Don't call me Shirley.

*passes wolfie the mayo*

Poor Mud. It's hilarious now, of course, but it must have not have been at the time.

I'll be back soon... Gotta go make the crêpe mix now (yes, hours early), or I'll never make it in time.

*dives into shadows with wolfie*

Can I bring Roger in too???

I did bring some parfaits and a


Kafeleni: Good plan. It's unlikely that your dad would shoot him at the dinner table.

It would have been hysterical if you're dad pretended to be hearing impaired, and made him say it, oh three or four times.

Oh, last one's mine too....

Posted by: kibby F5™ | 04:13 AM on March 15, 2006

Who knew my fame and fortune would be linked to turkey sammwiches....

blurk, crossgirl, it's not a reunion, it's a FIELD TRIP! We've been up to this for the last couple years....continous.

El, can I play with your playmate you?

Sweet! Now I can have a turkey sammich. Anyone wanna help me get spread.. erm.. spread this?

*tries to look sexy and lascivious*

*ends up lookin kinda like she's choking on a fur ball*

I never really got the whole "ask Dad for permission to marry daughter" thing, at least not in this century. I mean, if she's of age and thinks it's a good idea, surely that's what matters, right? If Dad doesn't like it for good reason he can take it up with his daughter, but otherwise...get over it.

Reminds me of Greek Wedding when the father tells him he should ask permission to date his daughter and when he does, Dad says "NO!"

*whoops - sorry he called Mud "Shirley"*

OMG! The Pest Control Guy just showed up. Do I have to put on a bra???

He's not cute, if that matters...

Is this the Amish-Looking Guy, El? (NTTAWWT)

Okay, I only heinzed about halfway b/c I have calculus homework that's due in an hour and a half ( :-( ), but I'm thinking and thinking and I still don't get urine hassle. Somebody want to do the half letters half #%!* thing and clue me in?

El ~ yes. Unless it can nab a discount.

bumble - you are an a$$****.....got it?

Whoa! Kibby got winked at!

... last time THAT happened, something happened ....

*goes off to figure out what it was*

Sure kitten! ;)

Turns on jukebox (do they still have those?) and plays Willie singing,

On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again...

Bumble, think of "Urine" as "You're an", and think of "hassle" anatomically.

Yeah, mud.. he keeps his gun with his breakfast cereal. He's usually too mellow to use it by dinnertime..

Every time I kibby n see the "breaking barbie update" headline, I think of this or this (speaking of having your legs up around your ears...)

Hey El, it's over:

Yankees 2, Tigers 0

Wang wins #16.

okay peoples.. I'm off to the concert. Thank you all for playing with me.

*vanishes inna puff of shed hairs and wiggle of her tail*

Nice, Kaf.

The Dismembered Barbies WBAGNFARB

Blurk, buddy, looks like you picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.


What's our vector, victor?

Bumble, my 2:44 pm post should help you with your calc homework.

Hey, Wolfie, make sure you know which way the wind blows....


kitten~ I am not an a$$!

He is. (See Much Ado about Nothing if you don't get it.)

Ich verstehe jetzt. Danke. :-)

*wanders off to do calculus*

Geez, kitten. You didn't have to call bumble names.

Random comment

Why would "they" think we want to see Monfils who is in a very close 5 setter, rather than Roger who is cruising to victory?


*snork* @ my simul with blurk

Great minds, etc. :-)

Do we have clearance, Clarence?

Meanie, and here I thought 'urine hassle' was representing what rhymes with 'kiss cough.' My bad!

I get this image.

My vote, as always is: NO BRA.

Jeff- Imagine a father's reaction when gay marriages become legal.


Blurk, you ever...... been to Turkish prison?

bumble....bumble....I wasn't calling you names....forgive me?

*laughing at the thought of everyone mumbling "urine hassle" to themselves"

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