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August 30, 2006


Barbie has changed.

(Thanks to wolfie)


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Everyone still remaining please follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole.

... this... isn't... the rabbit hole?

*bounces through on pogo stick*

NOT the rabbit hole?

I knew we should have taken a left at Albequerquequequesomeonestopme)queque

*Gently steers Sly toward emergency runaway pogostick ramp*

*Hands her new map*

Anyone home?


*waves to Jeff*

Just doing a drive by to see what all the fuss is about... looks to me like a grand time was had by all, and of course, I missed it. :(

Does it count as a field trip if we're on the same blog?

"Was he ... um ... gladiator?"

"I dunno. Did he satiator?"

*turns out the lights*

*turns on the lights*
Guess I'm too late

*turns the lights back off*

*feels around for light switch*
oh, hey...
*scratches furry ears*

Road Trips...

good times, good times

wait, the car broke down

wow. come in late and you miss a road trip with mayo and vinegar. and i thought this would be about a cursing barbie. maybe unhappy because she's a lesbian.


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