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August 30, 2006


Lesbian Barbie

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Go Barbie! Get your groove on!

Barbie's had a lot of work done for 46, that's all I'm saying.

...even has a boyfriend

Even as a girl, I knew Barbie was just a front for gay Ken. NTTAWWT

wow - triple with Siouxie and Nora! Girls, should we just open the closet now?

The headline read "7 Brazillian soldiers killed in plane crash"

The blonde reading it said "OMG, how many is a brazillian?"

Man, I wish this were a video interview. I'd love to see someone say "Barbie should be respected" with a straight face.

- Steve (lazycomic.blogspot.com)

The Mattel spokesperson apparently spoke with Barbie. NTTATWWT.

Kitten, Although I would have LOVED a triple with you and nora (Nothing wrong with that, of course), I must disappoint you - Suzy is not me...but a perfectly fine blog babe herself! and a fella Miamian!!

Geeez.....what's the big deal with presenting Barbie as a lesbian? Mattel has been presenting her as a woman for 46 years....

And if Ken is her only other choice, who can blame her?

A Mattel spokesdoll reported that a squadron of GI Joes is on the way to Brazil to end this standoff.

I personally think she had no choice BUT to become a lesbian. Ken has no d*ck!!

oh come on, i've never seen flannel clad barbie. she's just experimenting.

So Barbie is Ken's beard? That's hardly a surprise.

Lesbian Barbie & The Amazing Girls WBAGNFARB, and (help me here, guys) a real turn-on.

The lesbian show is a hit
But Mattel is in a real snit
Barbie without men?
What’s next, a gay Ken?
Get rid of it! Lickity split!

Well the show was in a bar, so no little kiddies would have seen it if it hadn't been in the newspaper due to Mattel. Clever!

yep, slow's back!

My daughter had about forty Barbies. They were, for some reason, always nude, and they were kept in a toybox together, just thrown in higglety-pigglety. It looked to me like an enormous lesbian orgy (of course I'm twisted that way). My point is, being in a "compromising position" is nothing new for the old gal.

This is news?!! Hasn't anyone seen the montage of Barbie pics that floated around the net... I have a whole collection of Sorority Sl*t Barbie, Gangsta Barbie, Transgender, etc..... *sighs*


Maybe the Brazilian should do a Paris show.

my sister is still finding barbie shoes in the couch, etc., even tho my niece is now 15. but she never found those mini little work boots. hmmm.

I still have nightmares of trying to find those little shoes and matching them! That would frustrate the heck out of me. Of course, my girls didn't CARE as long as the clothes were purty!


Stepping on those shoes with barefeet HURTS!!!!

I think GLAAD should get right on this.

Mattel ™ has a bad attitude.

Also, am I the only one who noticed this story is from Ananova??

For those who missed what Meditrina was talking about:

Sorority Slut Barbie.

lickity split? oh my!

What??? No pictures?

Lesbian Barbie is just fine. Hell, I'd even buy a couple of 'em.

Gay Ken, notsomuch.

sly, I was always stepping on those things!

Message to Barbie: you think you've got identity problems!

Thx, Jeff M..

I haven't mastered the linkity link thing like you all. Thanks for sharing.

Cue the Boom Schwackets!

(it all happened so fast, but, slowlayne?)

My sister collects Barbies. For a while she referred to herself as Migraine Barbie and her errant son GI Jesse. Now he's Pizza Delivery Boy Who Wishes He'd Gone to College but Has No Motivation Jesse. Perfect Daughter Barbie is a senior in college and her husband, Clumsy Ken, has broken his arm. Again.


John Mark Karr has confessed to being with Barbie when she came out of the closet.

All media outlets now claiming they broke the story.

Lesbian Barbie = lean bi babe, sir

brasilian bebe

come on...Barb has had the tendancy for years now

So mattel is homophobic. Should lesbians not be considered respectable? Wait until the Gay police hear of this

"Barbie is exploited by Mattel. She wears a bikini, she shows off her belly, has big bre@sts, and even has a boyfriend," she said.

These are the qualifications to make one a lesbi@n? Then I guess all those gals in the music videos are all lesbi@ns too! As well as most American teenage girls!

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