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August 31, 2006


(Thanks to DavCat)


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oh where, oh where has thy little cock gone...?

I would have to change my name too.

The number of people named Cock has plunged 75 per cent in 125 years.

How long have we been blogging?

COCKS are slowly becoming extinct in Britain,...

*feels sorry for the ladies*

"And Willy, once big in Taunton, Somerset, has flopped too."

Now that is scary!

poor wee willie.


Oh, he's flopped over?


Are they changing their surnames or just dying out for lack of action?

But don't make fun of their English treats . . .

There are also fewer Handcocks and Glasscocks.

But Plasticcock and Carbonfibercock have been rising since the early 90s.

Spotted Dick must not be very popular, as there are no bids, lol.

I now have four coworkers staring at me and I had to clean off my monitor, No more drinking anything when reading this blog.
On the brighter side, my screen is spotless and in color now.

Rubbercocks are probably popular with the wimmin'...just sayin'

Too many cocks spoil the Brits.

*snork* at juggler

True story: in the olden, pre-married days -ISIANMTU- my maiden name was Eaton and my roommate's name was Cox. Our mailbox was a bordello advertisement no matter which way we arranged it. I would've married someone named Aardvarkelskump just to get rid of that thing.

*snork, snork, snork*

Avid - now you tell me!

lots of snorking.......but if i had a funny name... it would be gone in a jiffy. of course, i'll stick with hickenlooper.

A shortage of Cocks? Apparently the Brits don't know how to blame it on shrinkage.

I guess the British stiff upper lip does not generalize to other regions.

*snork* at Joe A.!

Too many benders, huh?


Today in Bio 101 we will cover survival of the fittest. It has been theorized that those with silly names have less chance of reproducing. Discuss.

I know the trend nowadays is for women to hyphenate their maiden and married names but Mrs. Smellie-C0ck are you sure about this?

I get a kick out of reading the wedding announcements in our local newspaper and seeing the full married names of the new brides. The best one recently was a young lady named Lisa Balls, who was marrying a young man named James Goode.

*snork* blurk

reminds me of Smelly Cat LOL

Flash-Speaking as a Lisa of the non-(well, you know) persuasion. She should have chosen to drop her maiden name and just take his. If not, she really was stupid.

Either that, or they had a REALLY good time on their honeymoon. ;-)

*snork* Lisa - "Lisa Goode-Balls" doesn't quite do it...

And if Joe Fuqua married Nancy Quick, (both names of people I have known) she would be...

VERY embarassed when she says her name...

AND perhaps very welcome in certain circles...

Looks as if I've missed yet another afternoon of stimulating conversation.

*opens emergency beer, just in case anyone he know's is in Carolina*

When I went there, right next to the article was a link to an article about how "Sex Kills". Seemed kind of fitting and ironic.

I feel left out. I haven't snorked yet. Wait, do you snork when you inhale or exhale?

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