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August 31, 2006


For $139.99 -- Less than $140! -- you can buy this thing, which will turn your TV off if you don't exercise hard enough.

(Via Gizmodo)


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first to admit I am becoming one of those people

except for the money part....I got stupid and getting out of shape down pat!

"any fitness activity can power your tv"

what if you're...or doing..or in the middle of...


Siouxie - great minds! does it increase in volume as I, er, um, increase in my "involvement"

But if I don't exercise at all, I can have full complete control of my television using the remote that came with it.

Assuming, of course, that it's within arm's reach of my couch.

That thing'd d@mn sure better not shut off durin' Hee Haw!!

Heck, for $140 I can get lipo from the neighbor kid. And have enough left over for a malt and a large fries.

uh huh, kitten....was wonderin' that too!

we're gonna need bigger speakers :)

whoa, whoa! what's with the personal attack?

Personal attack?

Does it make me a total geek if I looked at that and said, "Hey! Cool idea!"

awwww, mud, it wasn't aimed at you! It's aimed at STUPID OUT-OF-SHAPE PEOPLE WITH TOO MUCH MONEY...HEY! what's with the personal attack?

I resemble that...without the money though!

davethered: there are photos of me out and about - check one of those. you'll have to trust me on the money part. stupid is as stupid does.

Siouxie- What about that speaker from yesterday?

Does that thing just come in flat screen or can you get the Punkin version?

almne, I don't think I'd be THAT loud :)

Siouxie - better safe than sorry! what if it's a REALLY hot date?

hmmmm...we're still talking about 'exercising' right, kitten??

kitten, can I come watch TV at your house?

Siouxie - yeah, that's exercise, too!

Blurk - sure, if you can handle the workout

definitely a great way to burn up some calories...great cardio too.

Kitten, I'm in really good shape.

that's what I like to hear, blurk! come on over

*slinks off to the outta-shape corner*

That TV is about to become high-definition!!!

blurk, you're a little out of breath - whatsamatter?

Well I did run all the way over here!

He'll be okay as long as you keep it tuned to "Petticoat Junction."

sorry, I got confused, I thought I was supposed to wear petticoats!

sorry, I got confused, I didn't think I was supposed to wear anything!

My bad.

Seriously, I am going back to the gym next week!! I can't exercise at home (well..ya know). It's been weeks!

that works, too, blurk! All's well that ends nekkid

Siouxie, my job sorta requires that I stay in shape. And what I mean by that is that I'm REQUIRED to haul my @ss to the gym 4 times a week. We don't have a choice.

I figured as much, blurk. I'm used to going to the gym 3-4 times a week too. Just been preoccupied with getting my kid off to college...etc. I'm ready to go back :)

psst...blurk, put your clothes back on

I haven't been to the gym since my last high school sock hop, 150 yrs ago...

Oh! Did I say that out loud?

I don't wanna. And you can't make me.

I think you did, nannie.

it's ok blurk...it's not like we're not used to you runnin' around nekkid...

btw, did you get that "wedding" email?? LOL

I guess these simuls will have to do for exercise...

Siouxie, I haven't received any email. Did you send it to my home account?

Well they say you can never be too rich or too thin. So...all-in-all...this would work.

blurk, I can't remember now. I sent it to you and Wyo - he got it. It was just a funny pic.

My job requires I go to the gym 5 times a week. (I'm a sauna cleaner.)

blurk,ok..I resent it to your work

Lisa, I totally agree! it's what I strive for!

*snork* stevie you poor man...

Ooh, do ya get to clean the women's sauna??!!

I wanna be a sauna cleaner.

Yeah, there's so much steam they don't even see me. And there's always a place to hang the bucket.


Poor Mary. She's gonna be busy with the Sharpies today.

LOL no sh!t...

check the email!

I'm outta here - HOME sweet home!

Maybe they gave her ColonBlow? Just sayin....

This totally misses the point of TV.

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