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August 31, 2006


Consider Meat Science.

(Thanks to Schadeboy)


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Q What is electrical stimulation?

You have to go to meat school to get the answer to this?

ooh - FIRST to find the raunchy material on the site!

and simul with yerself!

*signing up for 'Beef 101'*


electrical stimulation?

I thought it was...nevermind

I still say meat science is more or less just throwing a steak on the barbie and knowing how to cook it right.

But I suppose people have to go to college for something.

Oooohhhh... I just found my next career: Meat judging. I have died and gone to aggie heaven.

Is it any coincidence that this is taught at a Texas university? Aren't they (Texas) famous for their steaks?

They have one of those places here (not Texas), and believe it or not, they have a butcher shop on campus that's open to the general public.

They have the BEST steaks too.

I went there, class of 04. They have an "Animal Science Complex" or something like that which is referred to by everyone as the Beef Center. It was a pretty fun school. And yes, there are plenty of steak restaurants.

Meaty goodness!

If any of you blog beauties wanna study meat science, I'm available.
Just sayin'.

Please forgive me, Mary.

*hangs head in shame*

Actually meat cutting and meat processing were really good classes at Johnson and Wales. My instructor (who looked like Norman Bates) said I showed real promise if I chose that field. The rooms were kinda cold though.

*bats eyelashes @ blurkie, then remembers she's happily married*

*hangs head in shame*

beef. its what's for coursework.

my cousin is a math professor at A/M.... he shoulda thought about meat science, because i bet they get free stuff. nothin free in the math department...

Technical Topics:

Meat Tenderness
Warner-Bratzler Shear Force Measurement

oh..sorry, Mary

*hangs head in shame too*

*still in the shame corner*

How's it goin' Lisa? How long we gotta stay here?

And now we got Siouxie comin' over with simuls.
I guess we're gonna be here AWHILE.

Siouxie - there is so much that can be done with that Warner-Bratzler measurement comment. I'm not the guy to say them, but I'm definitely thinking them.

Hey blurk-Just till the mojitos and 'ritas are gone.


"...my cousin is a math professor at A/M..."

Bet he's familiar with Flank's Constant.

ppppppffft! blurk! takes two to simul OK????


I know, Shadeboy - that's why i'm in the "hanging head in shame corner drinking mojitos"

thanks, stevie *eg*

I was an innocent bystander, Siouxie. You were on top.

Sorry again, Mary.

*gettin' used to this corner*


besides, you said I could be on top next! should switch uh..oh geez, nevermind!

*runs to corner*

Just give me another mojito.

You guys! I'm not paying any attention to your antics...too busy singing "We're all in this together" with my 9-year-old blog daughter. (See earlier thread.)

Also, I grew up in a farm town. So I know all about cow butchering and have, for reasons I can't disclose, written extensively on pigs. But I'm more of a poultry girl, myself. Not to brag, but I have a cousin who personally raised the nation's National Thanksgiving Turkey and attended the Rose Garden Ceremony where the president pardoned it a year or so back.

Gaggie---er Aggie Meat, it's what's for dinner

Am I the only one who noticed meat lipservice?

Oops that's what happens when one scans instead of reads.

Here ya go blurk.

Just look at your future girl friend when you graduate.

That Alice knew how to handle Sam's her meat!

Thanks, Lisa. I needed that.

Crap. I knew that was going to end up being A&M. I get all of my degrees there [fightin' class of 92 for my undergrad]. I believe they do have a meat market in one of the ag science buildings. I know they had a dairy market when I was there - with GREAT ice cream. Going back Saturday for the game against The Citadel. We might even win this one!

back :)

mojito time....

*waves at mary*

I did a little meat judging when I was there (class of '85). I'm just saying, there was a nice bit of walking around prime rib, if you gig my drift ;-)

Meat judging? How hard can THAT be?

"This is meat. First prize to you!
Wait, this is ALSO meat. A tie for First!
Wait, this is ALSO meat...."

*assumes there has to be some type of taste test involve, no?*

I wanna be judge - can I? huh? huh? Puuuuleeeze?

inserts "a" before judge

*slinks off to typing class*

I can't believe I do this for a living - perhaps I was just overly excited??

"meat judging - how hard can that be?"


Hey Gypsy!

Hey Siouxie - work is soooo boring compared to the knowledge I gain here at the blog - I just had to peek in and saw this thread...LOL

we've had some doozies today...between the meat classes and c*ck shortage...

I sense a theme... LOL

appropriately (or not) followed by the shortage of C0cks in England - it's all I can do to force myself back to work and not let loose with all the ribald comments now floating around in my noggin

I'm home already..YAY! just chillin' here watching the REAL news...

great minds, Siouxie - I'm gonna get back to the grind. Can't wait to check in after work and see where the blog has taken us to by then. Later!!

Later! back to the news here...

Gypsy, Siouxie...judge away!!

I am SO goin' to hell.

*takes out yardstick & chapstick*

*jumps on the express train to hell*

*gettin' mighty hot in here*

ice-cube, blurk??? or would that interfere with the results?

I'm sure you were an innocent bystander yet again...

Whew! Gettin' even hotter!

At least Siouxie's doin' the work.

HEY! getting a little tired here...sheesh

Just skimmed through the posts here... Divorced, etc., could use a little meat action here!

My personal apologies. Better get on the wagon.

Hey Foggiest!

blurk's got enuff meat to go around :)

*shows measuring stick* SEE??

I can only imagine the parties these students would have. Must be real meat markets!

Meat science is likely much more interesting than meat history or meat literature.

Even better, there's an official scholarly journal of the American Meat Science Association, in which I'm sure plenty of Aggie research appears:

Journal of Meat Science

We used to laugh about that in the lab, wondering what we could do in an organic synthesis lab to get published in that journal...


Ah, yes. Meat Literature:

The Brothers Stroganoff
Moby Wiener
For Whom The Bull Toils
Emeril's Travels
The Cook Who Fell From Grace With The Kitchen
A Modest Proposal

Nice...don't forget

Oxtail of Two Cities
The Backfat of Notre Dame
A Tree Grows in Brisket
...and my favorite...
Pastrami on the Rye

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