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August 11, 2006


Please study something a lot less gross next time. Thank you.

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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Let me be the first to say OOOOOOOW!

In one instance this has exposed the internal anatomy of the mouth and anus of a close relative of the living penis worm

And this is important research because????

That's about as funny as a truck load of fossilized embryos.

Nice band name though---
"The 500 Million Year Old Embyos"

Siouxie, they're scientists. It's important because they say it is. yeah, right.

Dr Phil sure gets around.

(Tip: never shake his hand)

My mind went from penis worm to penis snake to giggling about redundancy. At least it's Friday.

*Endeavours to climb out of the gutter, draggging mind behind her, kicking and screaming*

Next thread for me!!!

Too late for that, KOW. The gutter's right up here today...

That Phil Donoghue sure gets around. Marlo Thomas, when asked, said 'That's just gelatinous balls.'

Siouxie, I'm with you. I knew it had one eye but not all that other stuff.

hmm at least you got a simul out of it, blurk...

*paying off my debt*

tossing my cookies and moving on the next thread

Siouxie, it takes a REALLY long time to pay off a debt if you just make minimum payments.
Besides, you keep racking up new charges.

it also doesn't help when the interest is compounded hourly, huh, Siouxie?

hmm new charges??? what new charges???

and I take offense in you saying that my 'simuls' are MINIMUM payment, blurk!


Dim, knowing blurk...he's making up some of these charges JUST to get the simuls...

Siouxie, you know I was just kiddin'.

About the minimum payment.
Not about the new charges.

See, nuther payment.

hmmm ok, blurk.

and another one on the other thread ...a psychic one even!!! GMTA or DMTA???

Seriously....penis worms?

Siouxie: I figured it was a lost cause. Well, I'm going to grab a drink and savour the gutterness of it all.

*continues to giggle*

Penis worm.

"A close relative of the living penis worm."

I think I may have dated him at one time.

Okay, and see here I thought that these were one of those horrid beasties that might adversely affect (not effect) that proud bit of flesh that we men of the masculine gender like to keep wormless.

But no.

It's just a worm that looks more than vaguely phallic.


all worms look vaguely phallic, Clean Hands.

*Hate worms. Ergk.*

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