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August 31, 2006


Here is a golden opportunity.

Key Quote: Store in a freezer, salt the tail butt liberally and keep the flies away, the company says.


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Sounds squirrely to me.

At least the last time i checked there are no shortage of squirrels.

"Store in a freezer, salt the tail butt liberally and keep the flies away, the company says."

I saw that and thought it was another Paris Hilton story.

hair-covered spinners with that enticing throbbing action in water

*off to take cold shower*

Finally, something I can do with all those squirrel tails! Oh, wait, they only want ones that have been hunted for food. Never mind.

Is that a hair-covered spinner with enticing throbbing action in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Mr. 24 went hunting once and brought home a squirrel. He skinned the nasty bugger and put it in the freezer as if it was going to be eaten by anyone in my house. I took one look at the thing and said "no ****ing way amd I eating THAT". It soon disappeared from the freezer.

I never seem to have a problem with flies in my freezer.

24 - squirrel tastes much like rabbit. In Europe rabbit farms raise them for the table. But they don't taste like chicken.

growing up in rural Iowa i did a bit of squirrel hunting. we traditionally hung a squirrel tail from a car antenna. like most traditions we had no idea why we did this. by spring it was way past time to take the thing off the aerial and replace it with an orange styrofoam (we didn't even know what ozone was back then) ball.

pogo, they're raising squirrel on rabbit farms?

I smell a part time job in this......

Great! now If I could just find a buyer for all these wolf tails.

"hair-covered spinners with that enticing throbbing action" - and destined to take the place of the mud shark in your mythology....

crossgirl - They probably can't avoid raising squirrel on the rabbit farms. This isn't even a farm but I have a great crop of squirrel every year.

We had the same tradition in Penn. when i lived there as a kid, never did figure out why we hung them from the antenna.

Things have been pretty darned slow for me lately. I could use an extra 20 cents just now.

paging Jed Clampett

Take it from me, it ain't easy eating 1,000 squirrels.

Tail. Best lure known to man fish.

*sorry-this is another one of those I'm ashamed I thought of*

*and, of course, it's all in context*

I didn't really need an excuse to blow a squirrel away with a shotgun...but it's nice to know I now have one.

only one, blurk?

One at a time, Wyo. Unless I can get a double. That would be cool.

awwwww poor widdle squirrels...

Siouxie - you won't be saying that when they chew through your power lines and all of your hurricane supplies get warm.

kitten, sounds like your hurricane supplies bear a striking resemblence to my huntin' supplies.

kitten, then I'll shoot the little bastids!!

wyo - love the tractor pull...

Siouxie - glad you have your priorities right

always, kitten...always :)

***Dancing the Mudshark with mudstuffin****

Have shotgun, will travel.

Hmmm, wonder if they take roadkill squirrel tails or if the butt has to come with the aforementioned tail? BTW, although nobody will care, my great-grandfather, grandfather and a great-uncle all worked as typesetters for the paper breaking this story - back when they had to have someone to set type.

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